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  1. Valentines Day presents from your other half.
  2. the great Thaw
  3. muffin and her puppies
  4. Finally...something good
  5. a face behind the screen
  6. Neat video from within the cockpit of approach and landing
  7. Another funny snow story (really funny)
  8. Can you beleive it......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Anyone heard from Sulabug? Fires up in her area.
  10. The winter blues
  11. How far away is your fabric store?
  12. Anyone want a new kitty?
  13. Rapid refund loans from tax refunds
  14. I-Phone
  15. I'm from the Government....
  16. Funny post office story
  17. innovative store opening
  18. mittens
  19. Did some one lose a cat?
  20. Happy and Sad
  21. its time to eat some breakfast where shall we go
  22. Today's Birthdays
  23. I am tired and
  24. coffee or tea
  25. Windows Worries
  26. NoNo
  27. too cold-tired of winter
  28. Do you plant your own seedlings?
  29. Hypoalergic hair products
  30. What is your pet peeve?
  31. My best Birthday prezzie ever!!!
  32. Amazing 12 year old artist!!
  33. Smartphone Pictures
  34. Who do you miss???
  35. TV actors that quilt
  36. Does anyone "spring clean"
  37. country music
  38. good nite all
  39. Today was my anniversary!
  40. He asked what I did today !
  41. The Birds
  42. Natalie "dancing" link fixed
  43. Silly Question but want to know
  44. 65 tomorrow!!
  45. do you have
  46. my grandkids
  47. Bachelors Guide to knowing when your food has expired.
  48. Momma's send good things in the mail
  49. Oh no will be spending more time here!
  50. Wrong email address!
  51. Look at this Stitch & Sew magazine from 1972
  52. Info/advice for buying a camera
  53. No comment on a change- is that the same as I don't like?
  54. How old is your "oldest" quilting magazine?
  55. American Girl Doll Outfit
  56. Hi New Here
  57. cows
  58. In Four Words or less....
  59. would you change her name?
  60. What I found at GoodWill!!
  61. Brother Embrodery
  62. Human Planet...a must see
  63. Meet Bailey, our new family member
  64. MIL's Gotta love 'em
  65. Kinetec Energy
  66. Just wondering.......
  67. What will keep neighbors cats from using bathroom in your flower pots
  68. Meniscal Tear Surgery
  69. Wii Fitness anyone?
  70. Twinkies and Root Beer - very sweet story
  71. ATTN: VFarrell-Kenosha
  72. Mom nature and her "hormones?"
  73. Just had to share :-)
  74. Something to think about!
  75. Found a Toe
  76. Help - TB Horses To Be Rescued in Ohio
  77. I took a cake class
  78. Valentine Day Memories
  79. For Riversong--- dance and sing!
  80. quiltin grannie?
  81. Today's birthdays
  82. quilting is murder?
  83. My plans changed tonight
  84. Sorry for the coffee misunderstanding -- Not eligible
  85. Suits - $5.00
  86. Woman language translator....funny!
  87. NYC is ready for spring
  88. To any of you who take and post pictures from your phones...warning!!
  89. To Thank You All For Being Such Neat People
  90. What I did today
  91. Amusing DH story
  92. Jump Start Your Heart This Morning!
  93. Flat Rate Envelopes Denied!
  94. Good gifts wrapped in a lousy package
  95. Eeek! My Valentine's Day project
  96. Help, I am going crazy
  97. New Storm Headed for Australia
  98. Wife's awesome love....funny
  99. website that showed personal info
  100. I have a problem I need your "wise counselling" y'all.
  101. Can fabric save a life?
  102. Moberly MO
  103. have the gout
  104. A hungry sqirrel
  105. Cyclone Yasi Photos of destructive wind damage
  106. Ohio Weather...A Taste of Spring
  107. A very kind and generous board member....
  108. after cataract surgery?
  109. Sylvia Browne
  110. Can someone tell me why my posts never have the little green new post
  111. Christmas snow
  112. Can't sleep
  113. Goodwill find.
  114. My "Be My Valentine" display 2011
  115. Tips of Fingers
  116. Nostalgia...the apron
  117. Winter in Ontario
  118. Help! Cat(s) keeps urinating on bed
  119. Remember the kits to make down jackets and comforters?
  120. seeing in 3D and having cataract surgery
  121. I Love N.J.....funny!!!
  122. A special visitor to my front yard!
  123. Remember Buddy? Here are some pix.
  124. popcorn
  125. Hotmail concern!!!
  126. Anyone here in So. Indiana - around Medora, Jackson Co?
  127. Hand embroidered quilt squares
  128. dogs .....funny
  129. Have you ever done anything completely shocking
  130. So how cold is where you live??????????
  131. A little too close for comfort!
  132. Finally
  134. Some of the ads on here just crack me up!
  135. Snow funnies
  136. Where did this come from?
  137. New Job
  138. The Coyote
  139. What to do with IPad?
  140. Did you watch NCIS last night?
  141. Sunset at the North Pole
  142. Snowy Out My Window....
  143. Me oh my,and only 2 yards
  144. are you snowed in???
  145. Furbabies- The new & improved Gus...& Heidi
  146. This is so neat....check it out!
  147. Suggestions on Laptops
  148. Wicked Good Lunch
  149. Today in Dallas
  150. It is not a cat, new machine nor a quilt
  151. Funny dog video
  152. usa
  153. Mail squishy
  154. I think you might like to watch this....
  155. Betsy McCall
  156. Diary of a Snow Shoveler
  157. What's for dinner? ****joke****
  158. DH took away my laptop!!
  159. Oh, how weird...
  160. I need someone to...
  161. Post Office and FLAT envelopes
  162. Central Arkansas Snow
  163. a pun game
  164. Computer Question- My tower is clicking at me!
  165. Clothes stains help
  166. Have you ever made a basket?
  167. $1.95 per yard fabric
  168. Will it ever get finish!!!!!
  169. Another Harbor freight topic on blades
  170. what is your town like
  171. Bad day at Hallmark.....funny
  172. On the subject of Post offices...
  173. Tin foil to block credit card scanners?
  174. My least favorite job--mending
  175. Deer in the snow
  176. Looking for a lost pattern
  177. This is the way to do it
  178. Older women are so reasonable!!!! funny
  179. Cardinals in the snow
  180. Forwarding
  181. Do you have any purple in your house?
  183. Nerve pain
  184. Baby burp cloths
  185. What a Woman wants in a Man
  186. Super Bowl Food...
  187. What is Your Favorite Way to Tease your Grandchild?
  188. Have to do this!
  189. When Sh** flies - FUNNY!
  190. wv fabric
  191. Is this a good deal?
  192. dolls
  193. Planning a Bachelorette Party
  194. ISO NYC area older quilters & male quilters
  195. Ole Fills In....funny!!!
  196. Do you Fondue??
  197. Spotted Quilt Inspector
  198. We have begun.
  199. snowman feb
  200. more snow!
  201. There comes a time in life.....
  202. 2000 lbs of clutter 2-21
  203. Can you find the man in the beans?
  204. do you fall asleep at the computer
  205. For All You Cat Lovers
  206. MailBox Found!
  207. Way Too Cute
  208. Darn
  209. Who's Flying??
  210. this cracked me up - funny cat video
  211. Are you watching the Super Bowl today? Anyone sewing or quilting today? If so what are you working on?
  212. My hubby ROCKS! :)
  213. e-mail notifications
  214. Yep, she's doing it right
  215. more my dolls
  216. Tragedy in Youngstown Ohio
  217. Super Bowl - who would YOU choose?
  218. honestly do you like football?
  219. HELP!!!! reducing a crochet pattern
  220. Bringing a bit of a smile your way
  221. Canadian members
  222. we didn't start the fire
  223. Texting for the Oprah Show
  224. steroids for arthritis
  225. The Broken Zipper.....funny!!!!!!
  226. PO BOX
  227. Mouse traps (Not the board game)
  228. sum up your life 6 words or less
  229. Do you care about package tracking?
  230. GREAT JOB Greenbay
  231. Namenda & Autism
  232. Son getting Married!
  233. We have a new baby in the family!!
  234. The two letter word.....funny.....
  235. Amazon
  236. Am I OTD (Older than Dirt) or is this country going to hell in a hand basket?
  237. Grand Daughter just born!
  238. Super Bowl: guess who we're cheering for!
  239. Pictures of my new Baby Girl!
  240. In a little box - unbelievable
  241. inspiration
  242. what's a good remedy for sore throat/cold
  243. Sharing computer time
  244. American girl sweater set
  245. The recipient of my latest projects...
  246. A Good Deed
  247. Sweetest hubby in the world???
  248. I scored at the Super Bowl quilting party!
  249. Freecycle
  250. fur babys