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  1. Personal Computer question
  2. Gnomeo and Juliet
  3. anyone have pps?
  4. Getting rid of smoke odor on iron??
  5. taggies for DGD
  6. Just in case
  7. Glad you guys are keeping me company
  8. Dress for Great Granddaughter
  9. I think this may be a record
  10. Why I'm called the Dragon Lady...
  11. Blue Day
  12. Is anyone familiar with Hwy 24 in Colorado?
  13. Marital Test from the 1930's
  14. 2011 Great Backyard Bird Count
  15. Blondes year in review....funny!!!!
  16. More Tech. support...funny!!!
  17. Laundered Money
  18. Need advice re: baby quilt
  19. What do you splurge on...?
  20. Bulldog Owners?
  21. Senior Moments--funny
  22. Valentine Gift
  23. Can you tell me what this thing is???
  24. Checking in from New Zealand
  25. OUCH!!! Our snow has turned to ice
  26. Kind of Excited
  27. Today's Birthdays
  28. Glass top stove tips
  29. Fons and porter magazine bonus quilts
  30. Calligraphy anyone?
  31. Anyone have a pattern for sewing machine cover?
  32. think spring
  33. Micro fiber wool
  34. newbie from NW Arkansas and others there
  35. I have a PDA!
  36. view out my window
  37. The new Bride and Groom!
  38. Happy Valentine's Day To all Quilting Board Members, Admin and Moderators
  39. DB Infusion Chocolates
  40. magazines
  41. YOUR SISTERS' SO POOR (a funny)
  42. YOUR SISTERS' SO POOR (a funny)
  43. Positive Waves
  44. HELP ME! I forgot to save the bubble gum picture!
  45. Other Crafts/Arts Besides Quilting?
  46. If you were a color...?
  47. Incredible...the beauty of nature and friendship!!!
  48. Do you have champagne taste on a beer pocketbook?
  49. Any Doberman owners out there?
  50. Baby Shower
  51. frosty tree tops
  52. Hillbillies........
  53. Going grey gracefully
  54. Best View in the Country
  55. I bought a Kindle 3
  56. Fun fun blogsite
  57. e-readers
  58. Westminster kennel Club!
  59. squirrels
  60. Web Site.
  61. Looking for life size.......
  62. My youngest som is getting married tomorrow!
  63. Someone gets happy bout new fabric!
  64. I'm Back!!!!!!
  65. Where did this snow come from?
  66. Today's Birthdays
  67. UFO
  68. God Bless the USA!
  69. Westminster Dog Show - 2/14 & 2/15
  70. Got A Valentine Squishy!!!!!!!!
  71. Does this look like a quilt to you?
  72. Hello in Arabic-From my 5 year old!
  73. HELP!! solutions for gout in finger?
  74. Testing my ability to post a photo.......
  75. Treadmill question
  76. Inundated with too much quilting media.
  77. funny....!!!!
  78. A question for those who live in Florida
  79. My mini donks and not so mini pooch
  80. Should children witness childbirth?
  81. Today's Birthdays
  82. Has Spring Sprung in your Neighborhood?
  83. Valentines Day
  84. Pick Me up for A Board Member-Gail-R
  85. Daughter's baby shower and surprise
  86. unusual face markings
  87. depression glass
  88. Who shot Paul Young?
  89. Fun day out
  90. Love
  91. lets all take a cruise to a warm climate
  92. Murphy's Law of Sewing
  93. Happy valentine's Day
  94. Fried Chicken....funny!
  95. Happy Valentine's Day!
  96. Happy Valentines Day
  97. February 14
  98. Just saying....
  99. Today is Valentine's Day
  100. Idiopathic Pulmonary Artial Hypertension
  101. topic titles
  102. Don't Mess with Mature Ladies
  103. What color???
  104. Very cute idea for V-Day
  105. thank you
  106. Would like to help?
  107. Account Alert
  108. A picture of me and my valentine!
  109. update --- I bought the laptop of my dreams.
  110. Horses! Buddy! Snickers! Critters pics anyone?
  111. do you reaize the Ken doll is 50
  112. Simple Home Remedies
  113. Facebook vs Quilting Board
  114. Finally got all 1024 peices cut!!!!!!!!!!
  115. Funny....
  116. Does anyone know?
  117. Just signed up for an AMEX card!
  118. Nascar 2011 season starts now, yippppeee
  119. Do you Have a Television?
  120. any one have a scroll saw
  121. Chair cushion
  122. Daisy Kingdom Fabric
  123. The Pastors Cat
  124. looking for fabric
  125. If you have no plans for Valentine's Day.........
  126. Valentines Day presents from your other half.
  127. the great Thaw
  128. muffin and her puppies
  129. Finally...something good
  130. a face behind the screen
  131. Neat video from within the cockpit of approach and landing
  132. Another funny snow story (really funny)
  133. Can you beleive it......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  134. Anyone heard from Sulabug? Fires up in her area.
  135. The winter blues
  136. How far away is your fabric store?
  137. Anyone want a new kitty?
  138. Rapid refund loans from tax refunds
  139. I-Phone
  140. I'm from the Government....
  141. Funny post office story
  142. innovative store opening
  143. mittens
  144. Did some one lose a cat?
  145. Happy and Sad
  146. its time to eat some breakfast where shall we go
  147. Today's Birthdays
  148. I am tired and
  149. coffee or tea
  150. Windows Worries
  151. NoNo
  152. too cold-tired of winter
  153. Do you plant your own seedlings?
  154. Hypoalergic hair products
  155. What is your pet peeve?
  156. My best Birthday prezzie ever!!!
  157. Amazing 12 year old artist!!
  158. Smartphone Pictures
  159. Who do you miss???
  160. TV actors that quilt
  161. Does anyone "spring clean"
  162. country music
  163. good nite all
  164. Today was my anniversary!
  165. He asked what I did today !
  166. The Birds
  167. Natalie "dancing" link fixed
  168. Silly Question but want to know
  169. 65 tomorrow!!
  170. do you have
  171. my grandkids
  172. Bachelors Guide to knowing when your food has expired.
  173. Momma's send good things in the mail
  174. Oh no will be spending more time here!
  175. Wrong email address!
  176. Look at this Stitch & Sew magazine from 1972
  177. Info/advice for buying a camera
  178. No comment on a change- is that the same as I don't like?
  179. How old is your "oldest" quilting magazine?
  180. American Girl Doll Outfit
  181. Hi New Here
  182. cows
  183. In Four Words or less....
  184. would you change her name?
  185. What I found at GoodWill!!
  186. Brother Embrodery
  187. Human Planet...a must see
  188. Meet Bailey, our new family member
  189. MIL's Gotta love 'em
  190. Kinetec Energy
  191. Just wondering.......
  192. What will keep neighbors cats from using bathroom in your flower pots
  193. Meniscal Tear Surgery
  194. Wii Fitness anyone?
  195. Twinkies and Root Beer - very sweet story
  196. ATTN: VFarrell-Kenosha
  197. Mom nature and her "hormones?"
  198. Just had to share :-)
  199. Something to think about!
  200. Found a Toe
  201. Help - TB Horses To Be Rescued in Ohio
  202. I took a cake class
  203. Valentine Day Memories
  204. For Riversong--- dance and sing!
  205. quiltin grannie?
  206. Today's birthdays
  207. quilting is murder?
  208. My plans changed tonight
  209. Sorry for the coffee misunderstanding -- Not eligible
  210. Suits - $5.00
  211. Woman language translator....funny!
  212. NYC is ready for spring
  213. To any of you who take and post pictures from your phones...warning!!
  214. To Thank You All For Being Such Neat People
  215. What I did today
  216. Amusing DH story
  217. Jump Start Your Heart This Morning!
  218. Flat Rate Envelopes Denied!
  219. Good gifts wrapped in a lousy package
  220. Eeek! My Valentine's Day project
  221. Help, I am going crazy
  222. New Storm Headed for Australia
  223. Wife's awesome love....funny
  224. website that showed personal info
  225. I have a problem I need your "wise counselling" y'all.
  226. Can fabric save a life?
  227. Moberly MO
  228. have the gout
  229. A hungry sqirrel
  230. Cyclone Yasi Photos of destructive wind damage
  231. Ohio Weather...A Taste of Spring
  232. A very kind and generous board member....
  233. after cataract surgery?
  234. Sylvia Browne
  235. Can someone tell me why my posts never have the little green new post
  236. Christmas snow
  237. Can't sleep
  238. Goodwill find.
  239. My "Be My Valentine" display 2011
  240. Tips of Fingers
  241. Nostalgia...the apron
  242. Winter in Ontario
  243. Help! Cat(s) keeps urinating on bed
  244. Remember the kits to make down jackets and comforters?
  245. seeing in 3D and having cataract surgery
  246. I Love N.J.....funny!!!
  247. A special visitor to my front yard!
  248. Remember Buddy? Here are some pix.
  249. popcorn
  250. Hotmail concern!!!