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  1. Question about Viking Topaz machine.
  2. Pinterest
  3. Purse Organizer Pattern
  4. Batik fabric "STUNK"
  5. Binding
  6. Hoffman Challenge Traveling Winner
  7. Marshall's Dry Goods shoppers??
  8. Creative Feet Satinedge - Opinion plz
  9. Safety Tip
  10. I can't see the pictures posted in 'recent topics' or 'unread topics'
  11. Purse Bottom
  12. Where can I find this? Please...
  13. Help! I think I want this machine!
  14. Grandson whats to make a quilt
  15. no pictures
  16. Hoping someone can help
  17. Question about my Bernina 440
  18. You know how you say, someday I am going to make some order with this fabric....
  19. GFG Top Finished
  20. Super warm quilts
  21. Look at this line by Moda
  22. 9 degree wedge ruler question
  23. Burp Cloth
  24. New to Applique
  25. Washing rag quilt for the first time
  26. Brother Embroidery Cards
  27. Why I NEED to go fabric shoping
  28. Serger Thread on Long Arm?
  30. Lining wool lap blankets
  31. Can you help me? I need to find the length of the strips
  32. How do I quilt this Frank LLoyd Wright wall hanging???
  33. Irene did not stop me...
  35. Old kenmore w/ table seen for sale at the Plymouth Indiana restore shop
  37. Congratulations Paula!! Quilt takes "BEST OF SHOW"
  38. Drawing on a quilt digitally?
  39. Fidget blanket
  40. what can be done with one inch squares?
  41. HELP with quilting a BQ2 quilt
  42. Have you framed a mini quilt?
  43. Need EQ Help
  44. Granddaughters yearbook page
  45. Moda flannel shrinkage question
  46. Any quilt shops close to Columbia MD
  47. I almost hesitate to ask.... (Dear Jane)
  48. Cutting Board Problems
  49. Next step? Perplexed
  50. Accuquilt Go - Is it worthwhile to buy one?
  51. You guys are AWESOME! Re coupons
  52. Spray Basting
  53. QB member
  54. Is there a thread of the completed IRR's - 2011?
  55. You know it's bad.....
  56. What do you consider a scrap?
  57. A Wonderful Class/Teacher
  58. Nine patch or disappearing nine patch in shades of same color?
  59. Using Velvet for Binding a Cotton Quilt
  60. Quilt Pro--Do you like this program?
  61. FMQ on domestic machine with frame
  62. William Morris Quilt Info
  63. Non-paper-pieced Mariner's Compass online????
  64. Panel quilt
  65. just an uplifting thought..
  66. Who has $700.00 for this dreamer???? :)
  67. Too many fat quarters
  68. Does this fabric belong?
  69. Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt
  70. Sewing Machine in the Junk Pile
  71. Handcocks of Paducah free shipping code good till 8/31
  72. Walmart fabric
  73. Did you EVER
  74. Does anyone still have the code to coupon?
  75. For those who make their own starch
  76. Help! I am greenhorn!
  77. Asoka Batik?
  78. lots of fun at the fair this year!
  79. My 28 year old Pfaff 1473 died
  80. finding bunny for hop
  81. My report on the Gingher Company
  82. What do you do with your scraps?
  83. Sashing
  84. Sale and free shipping at Hancocks of Paducah
  85. wide ironing board at Wal-Mart
  86. Aren't These Old Quilts Just Awesome
  87. Annie Pattern by Valori Wells?
  88. Question about Wool Batting
  89. Making a Block round?
  90. Burp cloths
  91. Quilt for Black History Month - help needed
  92. Anyone have a Bernette 200? Do you like it?
  93. Talk to me about Bamboo Batting ... Pros?? Cons??
  94. Free Shipping at Hancocks
  95. Old quilt repairs
  96. dont you wish....
  97. attaching yo-yos???
  98. What I learned during my first FMQ on my DSM
  99. Looking for pattern green quilt diamond pattern
  100. Pam Clarke Line by Design
  101. Permanent Press Muslin
  102. How do I tell a thread's weight?
  103. Do you ever have a jinxed project?
  104. what needle do you use?
  105. Does anyone have a Hancock Fabrics coupon code?
  106. My Cutting Table
  107. Flour sacks
  108. iso Michael Jackson fabric?
  109. Vintage chenille bedjacket
  110. How do you like this fabric for a Drunkard's Path Quilt
  111. Borders
  112. Grandma's Flower Garden top
  113. denim rag quilt
  114. Triangle frog fabric throw
  115. More Thrift Store stash building
  116. For someone who has....
  117. How much fabric do I need to buy
  118. Suggestions for young teen boy quilt?
  119. Have you ever cut yourself with a rotary cutter??
  120. Australian aboriginal fabric
  121. Farmer's Wife in White
  122. Possible to Recycle Jeans for Rag Quilt?
  123. do you remember the Y2K swaps??
  124. ideas for fruit/veggie fabric?
  125. Thread help
  126. Quilt yard sale in Freeport, ME
  127. ISO the book quilts without corners
  128. Making Burp cloths out of diapers
  129. Foam Pin Cushions Organizer
  130. washing batting
  131. Aug up date for 2 Sons and a Mom FW qulit
  132. quilt as you go question
  133. free shipping domestic & international Hancocks of Paducah
  134. To Butterfly or Not To Butterfly
  135. I am somewhat pleased to hear
  136. help
  137. Pins
  138. An opinion on using "chalk" for stenciling would be appreciated
  139. Advice New Quilting Embroidery Machine
  140. Best book for getting started with appliqué?
  141. need some advice
  142. Little Gracie on craigslist
  143. Finally got my first practice quilt off the longarm frame!!!
  144. Dumb question about my Singer 99-13
  145. Craigslist Fabric
  146. Sheets as fabric?
  147. Greist Rotary Buttonholer
  148. Pink Atlas??
  149. Need Input for questions on Secret Pal Swap
  150. Washing after completion
  151. ISO pattern for making a satchel
  152. Permanent stamp pad ink for fabric
  153. growing fabric????
  154. need help
  155. Need Your Help...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.
  156. Just got a Singer No 99, British model
  157. Successful Month
  158. Making a sewing machine mat
  159. From yesterdays topic on quilting space
  160. Lost item
  161. Do you take photos of your work?
  162. Joann's new sale ad
  163. Singer touch and sew model !!
  164. Summer quilting - sewing
  165. Joann's 10% Non-Profit Cards
  166. Stitch in the ditch
  167. Need Help - How to cut/sew backing fabric for quilt
  168. Beginning my first mini /lap quilt
  169. Adding a second backing?
  170. Funny how dumb mistakes work out for the best
  171. binding octagonal table topper
  172. Singer Sewing Machine
  173. AccuQuilt baby or no??
  174. Irons
  175. Today's sewing projects
  176. totes of stuff
  177. Trying to post FS in Classified, but it's not working
  178. A List of Acronyms used by Quilters
  179. Need Advice!!!!
  180. what is your oldest ufo
  181. Thank you to suggestions for unwanted Quilts or Quilttops!
  182. Pfaff 1222 E needs repair
  183. not receiving my daily newsletter
  184. Dogs playing Poker Fabric
  185. I now own........
  186. Pinwheel size?????
  187. Quilting on the Diagonal?
  188. fabricseeds
  189. wish me luck
  190. Straight grain of fabric
  191. Hand Quilter
  192. Dresden Plate Center-How Not To Make Them
  193. Hand quilter question
  194. APQS Ultimate II Longarm
  195. Taking a fractured flower class in October
  196. APQS longarm
  197. Do you have the Sew Ezi tables? Was wondering if you would recommend them to others?
  198. Mid arm machines
  199. Those Harbor Freight Blades Again
  200. A study of personality types: Esp. for those of you who don't have a stash or don't keep scraps...
  201. triangulations
  202. Help attack of the eyelashes
  203. New help please!
  204. Quilting separate motifs
  205. Fons & Porter Design Wall 60x72 on sale $15 Fabric Depot
  206. iron off pounce ?????
  207. Sunshine Pineapple by Vicki Stratton
  208. Fabric back in one Walmart here
  209. Questions from a Newbie!
  210. Long arm quilter disaster
  211. Bag of treasures from my 89 year old aunt
  212. Do Oxiclean Colorcatchers work?
  213. Quilting Motif for Tube Type Quilt
  214. Thousands of Bolts
  215. Question on quilt I saw on the Board
  216. Books ... just ordered through Amazon
  217. ♥ What quilting classes have you taken at Local Quilt Shops, Quilt Shows, Quilt Retreats?
  218. Type of batting to use when quilting is heavy/close - but you still want some "puffyness"
  219. Teach Me Please-paperpiecing from photo image
  220. Question from a newbie
  221. Thinking of buying a Bernina 330-(embroidery only)
  222. Batting as thick as a mattress pad
  223. need ideas for paper piecing small project
  224. help with janome 2139N
  225. Looking for
  226. sewing all weekend.
  227. portable sewing table
  228. Beware...the untidy sewing room !
  230. I REALLY hate doing
  231. Question about HeatnBond
  232. Machine quilting a log cabin quilt
  233. Free Motion Quilting, Stitch Problems
  234. I could have cried!
  235. Oklahoma City Quilters
  236. Guess what I just did......????
  237. sewed my finger today!! Have you ever done this????
  238. what kind off batting you use
  239. Need opinions from experienced quilters
  240. ironing board
  241. I helped someone learn how to sew!
  242. help needed with construction of Celtic bars
  243. DWR which way to press?
  244. Looking for Bull Dog Fabric???
  245. when do you decide to destash fabrics?
  246. OHIO State
  247. Neckcoolers
  248. machine for cutting strips
  249. Pfaff Grand Quilter and NG Frame...Venting!!!!
  250. Painted Shoe Quilt Gets Accepted!!