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  1. Attic Windows question
  2. Advice on Singer Stylus Model 457
  3. Ok I could not find the link
  4. Another binding question - sketch
  5. Helping Japan
  6. turning 12 block fabric choices
  7. place mats
  8. Questions about the BABYLOCK ELLAGEO ESg Embroidery Machine
  9. Janome 7700 sale - wish I could justify it!
  10. A previous posting
  11. National Quilting Day
  12. Advice on Purchasing "Little Gracie"?
  13. New Applique project
  14. Gold Titanium Rotary Blades?
  15. and even more free patterns...
  16. Need Help with Washing Smaller Fabric Sizes
  17. marking utencils
  18. Lancaster, Pa. quilt shop, anyone have pics?
  19. Applique help
  20. Using 2 colors in binding
  21. Exciting day and what bargains I found!
  22. Thank You for the Fabric washing help
  23. EQ7
  24. Looking for free online I Spy quilt pattern that has hexagons and makes stars?
  25. Curve Master Presser Foot
  26. Choosing fabric and laying out the quilt
  27. Question regarding mitered (wide) border
  28. Fab U motion
  29. Question for longarmers
  30. More pics from fab store buys.
  31. Back from LAQ and finished!
  32. Thread for Machine Blanket Stitch
  33. LAQ... do you have them trim your quilts after quilting?
  34. missing posts
  35. Need advice on borders
  36. Quilt label
  37. has anyone used ?
  38. What is happening?
  39. CTRL+ enlarges, CTRL- reduces
  40. Need some quilt/color advice!
  42. Got a real BLEEDER!
  43. Need Table Topper ideas please...........
  44. Value for an older Bernina
  45. question about embroidery disks
  46. Help with a memory lap quilt
  47. My favorite paper for PPing
  48. Night off from quilting
  49. which long arm ruler is best for someone who hasn't used one yet.
  50. U-tube
  51. Edyta Sitar
  52. bargain, use code below
  53. Too Tacky for a Quilt Show??
  54. Darning foot for a Domestic Sewing machine!
  55. JoAnn Coupons
  56. Help needed choosing New Machine
  57. 1st hand piecing project ideas?
  58. flying geese or triangles??
  59. BOBBIN WINDING~~~question
  60. The Quilt Show
  61. Crown Royal Quilts
  62. Does the Brother SE 400 work with Windows 7?
  63. Question about comic book boards.
  64. Singer 4325
  65. HELP! I need to find a quiltable awarness ribbon
  66. A question for hand quilters
  67. COOL Charitie Info!!!
  68. going to Hobby Lobby today
  69. help Find Fabric
  70. Birthday Quilts
  71. CUTTING Bias Binding
  72. You convinced me
  73. Any National Quilt Day Sales Going On
  74. clip on lighting for longarm machine
  75. Question about longarm quilting
  76. Quilt Shops in Plano/Dallas TX area
  77. has anyone used stamping ink for templates
  78. Any Good Quilt Shops in Atlanta?
  79. New toy
  80. I've finally met...
  81. Purse Named Found and Here It Is !!
  82. quilting
  83. Need Info from Pfaff Machine owners
  84. "Help! Don't have a clue"
  85. Thrift Store Fabric
  86. Do you tie your threads at the end of a seam when piecing?
  87. Do you have pictures of quilts made with high loft batting?
  88. Transferring Hand Embroidery Designs to Fabric
  89. Calling Canadian quilters...
  90. Question on Criss Cross Coasters
  91. Please, please help me with a torn quilt!
  92. Machine Repair$...
  93. Under bed canvas storage containers
  94. foot pedal
  95. Hey, when did I become a "regular"?
  96. I goofed up
  97. Small Pieced Blocks ~ Any Advice Would Be Appreciated
  98. finally I can begin coming back to my favorite group
  99. Cricut Expression
  100. Rag Quilt Question
  101. Advice for cutting up old jeans?
  102. long arm quilters on the board
  103. Around the Town
  104. Yoga Quilt
  105. Slippery rulers!- Is there anything that will help?
  106. Finger Press or Roller
  107. "quilting" Sewing Machines what's best?
  108. Need Help with Calculating
  109. Minkee help
  110. Looking for Wine glass desgin for a quilt
  111. Quilting Retreat
  112. what is the best/easiest way to...
  113. New ownership at the LQS
  114. Let's be honest Free Motion Quilters!
  115. Loading the quilt on a longarm?
  116. quilting shows on tv
  117. What is your favorite quilt block?
  118. Windham Royal Critters Quilt Kit
  119. Width of bindingg
  120. Looking for queen size quilt patterns that are classic/traditional but not to labor intensive.
  121. Need some help with cutting border fabric ** updated to correct
  122. What is a "blender" and why is it called that?
  123. Comfort Quilts for Japan
  124. Question on Batiks
  125. Long arm machines questions
  126. Help me quick!!!
  127. Had a good day (and tomorrow I hope)
  128. About pressing seams
  129. When do you buy the least amount of fabric?
  130. Curious - Do you swap blocks and why?
  131. Tonga Batiks
  132. Quilters Trivia
  133. Can I wash a quilt before I put the binding on?
  134. Our Pacific Fabrics is Going Out of Business in Puyallup, WA! Anyone elses?
  135. Just one more post????right!
  136. easy quilts fons&porter march april
  137. lost my fabric by the bolt site
  138. Buying it by the truck load QUESTION!!
  139. Bowtie Wreath Block
  140. What to do...
  141. Anyone been to both the International Quilt Festival in Houston AND the Paducha Quilt Show in KY?
  142. Shop estate sales/garage sales for fabric!
  143. Dsicount code for Embroidery Library
  144. Turning a Quilt...HELP please!
  145. Double Diamond Ruler
  146. Shade Cascade
  147. Basting Spray
  148. build your own sewing table
  149. Fabric By the bolt???
  150. I am becoming a serious quilt hoarder
  151. Have got to tell someone or I'll burst!
  152. Quilt Shops in San Antonio!!
  153. Looking for some kinda of floral print with Fuchsia flowers
  154. looking for pattern
  155. InkJet Printer Picture Question
  156. Need your help designing a quilt for a special lady
  157. Quilt block for Fairy Pillow
  158. Brother PE150
  159. Balimore Album Blocks
  160. Is there a list somewhere for meanings
  161. Attaching a border
  162. Improved Eldridge Rotary Sewing Machine (electric)
  163. Longarm dilema solved
  164. Cheaper by width
  165. About to come down with the serious "quiltbug"
  166. Viking Iris
  167. How to use minky fabric
  168. DP9 size question
  169. Silly Postman!!!
  170. Scant 1/4 Inch
  171. Embroidery machine for a starter....
  172. Happy day!
  173. Design Walls
  174. I'm so excited
  175. Quilt batting
  176. How far from the edge of the quilt to machine quilt?
  177. Quilting with the New Bernina 820
  178. quilting TV shows
  179. quilt as you go
  180. Machine Needles
  181. Why is it only found in New Zealand?!
  182. Bags of scraps - what to do with them?
  183. Fabric
  184. Help! how do the doggies feet go?
  185. Hobby Lobby coupons
  186. Little Grace quilting frame
  187. My Second "New" Machine This Month!! 1928 99-13
  188. Stash or New?
  189. Thrift store
  190. Happy St Patrick's Day
  191. Met a board member today
  192. Star Spin: topper or quilt?
  193. Back in my sewing room after 3 weeks absence!
  194. Looking for Stained Glass Pattern
  195. Camera problems
  196. Tango Shuffle
  197. Lost Quilt
  198. Craigslist fabric ad
  199. help
  200. New from Michigan
  201. super scrappy hidden wells?
  202. Hand embroidered blocks
  203. Postage.
  204. Do you have a favorite brand of thread?
  205. I was told to build my stash...
  206. I've been thinking of fabric colors
  207. Jenome Horizon
  208. Oily walking foot
  209. Lancaster Quilt show news item
  210. Look what you made me do!!!
  211. Newbie question - very old quilt (Very long)
  212. Help.... How much????
  213. Accuquilt Go deal - good/bad?
  214. Quilts Beyond Borders
  215. UPDATE* place settings patterns
  216. Tension & FMQ
  217. Can I use old thread?
  218. batiks fabric ?
  219. Phaff 103
  220. Angelina fibre questions
  221. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  222. quilting stitches
  223. Missouri Star Quilt Company Daily Deal
  224. My first quilt is in Easy Quilts by fons n poter!
  225. one star soldier block
  226. What is your favorite way to secure quilt layers?
  227. When using a mid arm
  228. New Electric rotary blade sharpener
  229. Mending a 100 year old quilt
  230. What kind of white board is this
  232. tote bags
  233. How to form a guild
  234. Where is the best place to buy Minkee?
  235. Puckering Problem Solved
  236. When posting, it would be nice........
  237. A beautiful example of modern MQ on an heirloom quilt top...
  238. Clover bias tape maker
  239. Am I a Snob Because I Don't like Crumb Quilts
  240. Remember this?
  241. Quilting Motifs
  242. It shouldn't take that long....
  243. Horse panel questions
  244. My "New" Treadle
  245. Warm and natural batting $5 a yard !,, yeah
  246. Block Display stands
  247. Quilt SHow March 26 &27
  248. Has anyone ordered kits from Avalon Bloom?
  249. Quilting designs?
  250. This article was in my local paper this morning...