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  1. Would quilting a simple square quilt with a wave design magnify flaws?
  2. Looking for Piano Fabric
  4. fabric
  5. 1/4 inch foot issues
  6. My lucky day
  7. getting fuzz from cutting batting off cutting mat
  8. How much bigger does the backing have to be from the quilt top?
  9. And I said I would never need math when I grew up.......
  10. Here we go again!
  11. Well don't this take the cake!
  12. Quilts made as Duvet covers?
  13. selvage question....
  14. Help chenile effect? !!
  15. Interesting Article on Cotton Prices
  16. machine tension
  17. insuring our treasures & stash
  18. Sunbonnet Sue question
  19. positive / negative daisy block
  20. How Crazy Can One Get lol
  21. Looking for a pic of a train quilt posted on 9/20
  22. Charity Quilt
  23. Has anyone ordered from Marshall Dry Goods online?
  24. New ruler
  25. I found more space!
  26. A big THANKS from Bernie...
  27. congrats
  28. The Power of The Quilter!
  29. Polka Dot pattern...
  30. Advice for Bow Tuck
  31. the lady who has an old forge as her sewing room.....
  32. Picking out your fabrics (Post your tips and tricks for all of us to enjoy!)
  33. I am STOKED!! HEE HEE!
  34. Work-Out Quilter's style
  35. Sampler
  36. Thanks for all the replys on finding sock monkey pattern
  37. Joann coupon now usable for certain cities only?
  38. Sewing machine problem
  39. Clipping into seam allowance
  40. Treadle machines
  41. ? name for square in square block??
  42. binding or hemming
  43. Placemats - what sort of batting
  44. scraps
  45. buying a machine at a quilt show? Deal or no deal.
  46. Question about minky for backing a quilt.
  47. Declaring my intention to finish this quilt...
  48. Ebay rocks!! :)
  49. Invisible thread
  50. Quilting Police - Are they Watching?
  51. What does become of the strike-offs?
  52. Hinterberg quilting hoop
  53. back puckering-HELP
  54. Pay It Forward - A thank you!
  55. Easy Blocks
  56. Machine quilting on portable sewing machine
  57. Pictures printed on cotton
  58. echo quilting
  60. How do you decide on a used machine?
  61. Kenmore Sewing Machine 19000 have a question.
  62. Thanks for all the replies regarding the Corporal's Stripes Pattern
  63. Does anyone have the (Singer Viking Pfaff 4400)
  64. UFO
  65. Adding Embellishments To Quilts
  66. Now need bunny quilting design
  67. Need pattern
  68. Quilting Machines
  69. pattern that uses 12 fat quarters?
  70. Looking to make my first quilt but almost completely clueless
  71. 4 H Block help needed please!
  72. Book Cover sayings...
  73. need help with ragged edge cotton fabric quilt
  74. Anyone else having trouble getting onto Missouri Star website?
  75. do I need batting
  76. SASE for Canadians?
  77. Christmas projects
  78. fabric sites
  79. My foot pedal is haunted. Help!
  80. Secret Quilt Fabric Angel
  82. LAers, do you have a bobbin case gauge?
  83. Old fashion sock monkey
  84. Anti pill or blizzard fleece?
  85. Does binding ever get easier?
  86. WOO HOO
  87. Does anyone use oval frames?
  88. Needles
  89. need frog appliqué pattern
  90. Flange
  91. Back pack Bag
  92. quilt repair?
  93. Fleece for backing
  94. Need advice about a Hinterberg home quilting frame
  95. Connecting threads
  96. Bow Tuck Question
  97. looking for pattern or magazine
  98. What xn I do with 2 1/2" squres and strips
  99. Found a new LQS!
  100. Words on Fabric
  101. Q on Janome and featherweight feet
  102. Tuxedo Cats Pattern
  103. Hihg Heeled Shoe Quilt
  104. Sisters Quilt Show question
  105. Would you support a store that sells knock off designs as their own?
  106. Asking for help from the Time Management Fairies.
  107. Quilters Ruler Defect
  108. The sweetest sight at 5 am this morning
  109. illegal knockoffs sold in Walmart?! (Alleged - Not Proved)
  110. Attending first quilt show this weekend
  111. My little rant about shipping
  112. presser foot with lip
  113. What should I make??
  114. Quilting Paper
  115. Do you refuse to buy fabric from shops in your own state?
  116. Halloween Club - Halloween Quilts, Decorations, Crafts, Recipes
  117. Majestic sewing machine
  119. Bad day turning better -paying it forward I guess it is..
  120. D.Brooks from Juniata..
  121. Spinning Star Pattern
  122. Have you ever done the Big Stitch on your quilts?
  123. So I dyed my fabric
  124. quilting
  125. My early new to me B-day present
  126. What is your favorite Quilt pattern??
  127. How much material?
  128. old singer machine
  129. Love looking at pictures of everyones sewing areas
  130. Quilted Clothing
  131. wagon wheel pattern- not a dresden wheel pattern
  132. What is Sewer's Aid?
  133. Grinch Fabric
  134. Fabric Source
  135. tracing paper
  136. Does anyone have a Easyquilter III and do you like it?
  137. Need your help with a quilt idea for horse themed quilt
  138. I have a chance to buy a Bernina Virtuosa 153QE
  139. Help with Depression Block
  140. Flinn Quilting System
  141. 1/4" Quilting Foot or Piecing Foot?
  142. Help !!!! Please!!!!!
  143. Emboridery
  144. Hand Quilting: Needles and Threads
  145. swaps
  146. how do you change the size of a block
  147. Is applique like a second-level quilting skill?
  148. Embroidery Machines
  149. How much basting spray to use
  150. Glow line Tape?
  151. Needle wallet
  152. fabric stabilizer
  153. Horse shoe fabric
  154. Oct/Nov 2010 Quilters Newsletter page 51
  155. Bow tuck bags
  156. Easy Tote
  157. Mother board woes
  158. spending the day with Bessie, my unsewer
  159. Designing a Quilt
  160. When machine quilting, what size stitch should I use?
  161. Making comfortors
  162. Time and Space Saver!
  163. Went to the fair today
  164. using a twin needle for quiling
  165. Yeah...Sept Swap Pkg
  166. Laura Ashley fabric has arrived
  167. Filmstrip border on quilt
  168. 'Manly' patterns
  169. Where do you get your sports material
  170. A circle thats not a circle
  171. Pat Holly
  172. Applique help , please
  173. How to use chalk for marking quilts?
  174. donated quilt tops
  175. Anyone else have Gremlins...
  176. Fusible batting
  177. Just how much quilting......
  178. Pennsylvannia dutch tulip pattern
  179. Quilt out of show ribbons
  180. another em machine ?
  181. Fabric quality
  182. What do you think of this for my sewing room?
  183. Ohio Rose
  184. How do you sign a group quilt?
  185. Joseph's Coat block
  186. Sooooo Excited!!!!!
  187. My favorite iron
  188. funny thing happened today
  189. Quick Question????
  190. Needing Some Batting Advice!
  191. Jef and Jef+
  192. Making 9" blocks 12" blocks question/help
  193. Choc+redwork=disaster
  194. ? About dying fabric
  195. serger purchase
  196. Hanging Quilt frame
  197. Walmart getting smart.
  198. Spinning Star
  199. Looking for Feathered Star pattern
  200. What do you charge to rescue a quilt?
  201. Washable Markers - help!
  202. Little Einstein's Fabric
  203. OMG!!! After all my whinging & moaning ....guess what happened yesterday!!!
  204. Please Help
  205. Marrying the seams
  206. Moda "Hill Country Spring" quilt pattern
  207. Score!
  208. Looking for Person who wanted 2 yds of my rose ....
  209. Earth Green
  210. Star spin pattern?
  211. I need more feet.....
  212. to buy or not to buy help needed
  213. Here's another "phrase" challenge...
  214. Fusible applique - how to not fray the ends?
  215. Novelty Fabric?
  216. Found a longarm quilter....
  217. Making a Coaster
  218. Need Help
  219. #1 NEWBIE question
  220. I need some imput here please...
  221. Fabric Allergies and Washing Fabric- PLEASE DO
  222. Joann's -- Made a "haul" on patterns today!
  223. Found, maybe, box type pattern, picture posted earlier
  224. Feed raising Bar Rollers on Singer 66
  225. 3 cheers to Texas
  226. Need a Pattern - Animal and Jungle Print Fabrics
  227. Help - How to cut "Long retangles"
  228. quilt show and crafts and art festival
  229. What my DH said about higher fabric prices...
  230. Cutting off selvages
  231. best quilting machine
  232. King pillowcase--cut fabric what size?
  233. Braid Question
  234. New Joann
  235. Stitching question for Janome 6600 users
  236. Wish I could see the contents :(
  237. Ruffles go what direction?
  238. Quilting Machine Little Gracie.
  239. EQ at Quilt Shows
  240. How do you label your quilts?
  241. widows media player
  242. To Hand Quilt or Not to hand quilt... That is the question
  243. wallhannging sleeve
  244. Book or Pattern for Twisted Log Cabin/Spirals?
  245. Floating Shadow Boxes quilt pattern
  246. Sale at Hancock Fabrics
  247. Dr. Seuss is in the house!
  248. gifts for nursing home residents
  249. I love my fabric store :o)
  250. missed something along the way!