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  2. New Flying Regulations
  3. Looking for Suggestions
  4. "Connecting Threads" Kit
  5. From Don-isewman1/Muscatine, Iowa
  6. Looking for fabric
  7. Embroidery Machine Recommendation
  8. wash batting??
  9. Border/Sash size-rule of thumb?
  10. Janome purchases that make life easier.
  11. New Year's Day Planet Patchwork Mystery
  12. Help figuring out how something was done on a quilt
  13. New to quilting - different kind of thread question?
  14. Chrissy present......
  15. Etsy
  16. joann's coupons
  17. Extended sale and free shipping no minimum purchase at JoAnn's
  18. Looking for a pattern
  19. decision on new machine.
  20. xmas plaid
  21. Do You know where?
  22. Has anyone ever used the Spiral Eyed Needle??
  23. Joanns extends it sale!
  24. Quilting Glove
  25. Beginner Paper Piecing
  26. Christmas fabric on sale 12/2/09
  27. Help! Any freebie charm quilt patterns that are cute??
  28. what is the difference?
  29. Where to put quilt label??
  30. Free motion quilting
  31. Civil War "Love Letters" quilt
  32. Jo-Ann Sale Extended Online!
  33. Cutting question
  34. Hi again everyone,, Need an idea for second quilt
  35. another question!
  36. Storm at Sea pattern
  37. Quilt Shop Ads
  38. What Sewing Machine to buy.
  39. Converting Machine Piecing pattern to hand piecing
  40. Music themed Quilt...
  41. picture quilt
  42. One million pillowcases challenge
  43. Civil War prints
  44. What can I do with 104 5" (unfinished) squares?
  45. WHy the Yellow Color ???
  46. I'm getting a longarm!!!
  47. Asian teapot patterns
  48. Sashing for batik squares?
  49. joining a swap
  50. How can you tell if wool has been felted?
  51. sewing machine co's grrr !!!
  52. Message Board
  53. healthly shoulder purse or tote bag
  54. Hancock of Paducah sale till wednesday
  55. Can felted wool be needle turn appliqued?
  56. Choosing thread for topstiching of multicolored quilt (help!)
  57. Well, another question after 'any advice'
  58. Help - Want to buy my wife quilt/sewing machine for X-mas!!
  59. Help With Argyle Pattern - Please!
  60. Rotary cutting machine
  61. Tension Wheel??
  62. any advice?
  63. Tubing
  64. Buying a sewing machine from LQS vs. Joannes, Hancocks, etc.
  65. I'll take quilt blocks for $100 Alex
  66. Help!!
  67. Thanks!
  68. ok Did something change
  69. have you tried the Simplicity rotary cutting machine?
  70. What is going on with Joanns website
  71. A word of wisdom!
  72. Long arm leaders
  73. Please tell me about your most favorite quilt!
  74. Nov - Dec Fabric Hop
  75. binding
  76. That tube Quilting Blog
  77. Waves
  78. Thousands of Bolts Fabric
  79. Machine vs Hand quilting
  80. What do you think need to be taught?
  81. Flynn Frame
  82. Quilt for Kids pattern help
  83. Thread Question
  84. Simple apron pattern
  85. Quilting batik fabrics
  86. eq6 - how often do you REALLY use it?
  87. Round Robins?
  88. what other fabric can be used for "batting"
  89. 606 Spray
  90. Fabric Motion device for Viking Machines
  91. Does Hancocks take Joanns coupons?
  92. using starch
  93. Who does not use quilt basting spray and why not?
  94. Fabric Basket Question
  95. How your machine works
  96. Fussy Cut Rulers
  97. How do you manage your stash when you don't have any space for it?
  98. Something other than an ironing board
  99. Great buy at my LQS!
  100. A Different Type of Seam Guide
  101. Take a Poll for New Year Mystery
  102. You'll be so proud of me
  103. Also need help with NY Beauties!
  104. I'm on EL today!
  105. NY Beauties need help
  106. quilts for kids
  107. I just fell in love. . with my new machine and the used book store
  108. So what did you get at JoAnn's sale??
  109. Tube Piecing...
  110. for jnebug
  111. Loading the quilt sandwich onto the frame
  112. Black Friday
  113. Joanns - Offline?
  114. Manual Kenmore C877.78
  115. Ordering Bubble Jet Set
  116. Anyone else having trouble with the easy chair?
  117. so many sales and nothing to buy...boohoohoo
  118. Sew Much More Sewing Table
  119. Need a New Machine
  120. looking for website
  121. Can you transfer old cards/post card images to fabric for me?
  122. Absolutely amazing! Thank you.
  123. Looking for ideas for my Christmas wish list
  124. Happy Thanksgiving!
  125. Question about batting - new to quilting??
  126. Quilting Withdrawl
  127. So how many will I need to make??
  128. MY wedding dress needs to be cut up
  129. Connecting Threads Promotional Code?
  130. New cat toy
  131. Dear Janes?
  132. Looking for tree skirt pattern
  133. It is like Christmas here
  134. waste containers
  135. needed OLD from the 70's christmas tree pattern
  136. Favorite Honey Bun Patterns?
  137. I have a dumb question...
  138. Quilting plans for the long weekend?
  139. Flannel at JoAnn's sale?
  140. My first quilt starts friday!!
  141. Not enough time!
  142. New Magazine- Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson
  143. Whoo Hoo!
  144. Quilting advice?
  145. A Stocking
  146. paper pieced pattern for motorcycle
  147. Need some Help
  148. For you Nebraska/Iowa girls...and the rest of you too
  149. Where did I put my wool stash?
  150. A question about crumb quilts
  151. Metallics in Fabrics
  152. I need to rip a seam
  153. Need HELP deciding...
  154. Opinions on cutting table ( pic. shown)
  155. Do you dream about quilts to come?
  156. Need to learn a block/pattern name so I can search for it
  157. Precission Trimmer/Great ruler to have!!!!!
  158. First Quilt
  159. In search of easy pattern
  160. O'lipfa Seams Sew Fast Strip Piecing Guide?
  161. Help me decide which mini-iron to buy
  162. Fabric postcards and using odds and ends
  163. When mailing squishies and swaps
  164. re: Does anyone know about the new Singer....
  165. Removing blood stains from quilt
  166. Good deal at JoAnns!!!!!!!
  167. My Early Christmas Present
  168. Rag Quilt
  169. Santa applique patterns
  170. Singer embroidery machine
  171. Santa please send me a Bernina Embroidery Machine
  172. About free shipping...
  173. Temporary basting spray adhesive and glue sticks, let's talk!
  174. My tube table runner didn't turn out
  175. Round Quilted Table cloth
  176. Walking Foot
  177. Singer 6211C
  178. Quick question on patterns
  179. Need help with a pattern name
  180. Anyone else making the Calico Gardens Quilt?
  181. Can I use corduroy for sashing and borders?
  182. "privy' bags
  183. Why does my top tread keep breaking?
  184. Thinking of moving my sewing space...
  185. help with Brother embroidery machine
  186. sheep in tennis shoes wallhanging?
  187. My mum's Christmas present!!!!
  188. Great Pressing Tip
  189. Help!! feed dogs just stopped working - any ideas?
  190. Quilting by hand
  191. What can I do with a bunch of scraps???
  192. HELP!!!! Blue marking won't come out.
  193. Went to my first LQS today
  194. need quilt pattern for stripes
  195. How to keep DH away from your sewing tools
  196. What am I doing wrong?
  197. For Those That Have Bought Blocks From Me
  198. Should I press my binding?
  199. looking for pp palm tree
  200. Space... The Final Frontier Quilt Help Needed
  201. Pat Knoeckel (spelling?) Demonstration Last Night
  202. Problem and Question
  203. How to keep a fabric dept. in your local wal-mart
  204. Happy Birthday Quilt Board!!!!
  205. Tube piecing blocks
  206. A special wedding dress
  207. Need advice - jelly roll
  208. Baby/kid's quilt
  209. Would I be nuts if?
  210. handicapped walker tote pattern
  211. Looking for some "how-to" help.
  212. Not sure of the color to use
  213. Dear Jane
  214. I lost a site :(
  215. Flannel FQ ?
  216. Schoolhouse block?
  217. Going to the experts
  218. C shaped clips to hold sides while quilting
  219. little houses
  220. Joann 50% coupon
  221. Tube Quilting
  222. Proper Height for chair...
  224. First Time Quilter Needs Some Advice
  225. placemat pattern
  226. tube quilting ?????
  227. Favorite Notions...
  228. Card Trick Quilt Pattern
  229. What should I do with this?
  230. have you ever shopped here?
  231. First shot at FMQ ?'s
  232. Signature Chain - not working out
  233. enjoy
  234. My UFO collection is out of control!
  235. Looking for Website - hexagon pincushion
  236. Looking for source for woven labels
  237. Help! I may be an inch short for my setting triangles!
  238. quiltvill yahoo group helpppppppppppppp!!!!!
  239. Micron Pen???
  240. A funny quilting story...
  241. Log Cabin patterns/book recommendations?
  242. Quilts for Kids - Have you changed up the pattern?
  243. Another Binding Question...
  244. embroidery
  245. Practice makes perfect
  246. How to Get Rid of Chalk Lines
  247. Stitch-n-Ditch notions
  248. brother pc 8500
  249. Potholders
  250. But I don't Need It