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  1. Looking for a pattern
  2. question about thread net
  3. Need help with donated blocks for Project Linus
  4. Need information on Pfaff
  5. Sewing Labels
  6. Stain remover?
  7. Completing Athena's Puzzle
  8. Fixed a machine
  9. who gets the booby prize today?
  10. Decoupage with your scraps
  11. some great books!
  12. UGH!!!! Oh Brother!
  13. Quilt In A Day - In-Store Sale
  14. Short Arm Quilting
  15. another thread question for juki owners
  16. Short Arm Quilting
  17. hobby lobby fabrics
  18. Looking for the link with pic of quilt that was published in magazine
  19. 9-patch pressing question
  20. Dear Jane: Tearaway Foundation Medium; Fabric Estimate
  21. Someone was looking for a Sam or Bill
  22. how to "stitch in place?"
  23. I Am Much Luckier Than I Deserve
  24. Use of Fabric Question
  25. Warm and Natural vs. Cotton/Polyester Batting!
  26. Marshalls Fabric Shipping Costs
  27. machine quilting
  28. New to quiilting
  29. inexpensive fabric
  30. What do I do with...
  31. Bookcase pattern
  32. Missouri lets do lunch!
  33. Thread question for a newbie
  34. Happy Birthday Today..and guess what i'm doing tomorrow?
  35. Just curious...quilt tops?
  36. Dog Ears
  37. BLOCKS
  38. 1/4 inch Quilter's Tape
  39. What is the name of that super:
  40. walmart specials found today
  41. opinion please
  42. Looking for the poem about the quilters 23rd Psalm
  43. Need Your FM thread opinion
  44. Round Robbins?
  45. How hard is it to sew clothes compared with making quilts?
  46. pink & white
  47. Mahcine Quilting
  48. Sewing machine(porblem) question
  49. I'm going fabric shopping today
  50. Husqvarna mega quilter machine
  51. free shipping promotion??
  52. Mailing donation quilts question
  53. Quilts for nashville
  54. Flannel and Cotton prints mixed together
  55. Best fabric for people to write on? What pens to use?
  56. Looking for a post....
  57. Looking for fabric with cancer ribbons....
  58. Flannel Rag Quilt - Can I use 3 layers of flannel instead of batting?
  59. ?sunflower pattern
  60. Design Wall
  61. Got one flower done and......
  62. Deep breath.....procrastination I go...
  63. Looking for a sewing/notions bag with baggies sewn inside
  64. Cotton Muslin
  65. Fab Shop Hop Spring Sampler
  66. Quilting craft items to sell
  67. Bernina "Stitch This" Challenge
  68. Looking for a flannel quilt
  69. Who was looking for Skull fabric ?
  70. Where do you head first when...
  71. Reward card?
  72. help needed
  73. 4 patch posey tutorial
  74. In the closet??
  75. A question for you
  76. Help me my quilt buddies ... wedding ring troubles
  77. Looking for this pattern
  78. I'm goin' in....
  79. Vintage blocks
  80. EQ 7 upgrade...who ordered?
  81. fabric
  82. Needle Advice for Hand Quilting
  83. I need a fabric fix!
  84. How to iron every little seam... help!
  85. New Janome Horizon follow up
  86. NICU Blankets - Anyone with experience?
  87. Stitches for a Crazy Quilt
  88. Snail's Trail Quilt
  89. Protecting fabric stash - shelving finishes
  90. Flannel question
  91. Great Needles!
  92. Stack N Whack help needed
  93. Online Shopping - Ideal Sites?
  94. matching seams!!! forked pins
  95. Hello Kitty Sewing Machine
  96. Sewing machine table
  97. A question about the Yellow Brick road pattern
  98. MOTHS
  99. A Big Thank you to those who have sent Military Fabric
  101. Need help finding a font
  102. 3.5x12 strips
  103. Quilt CAD software
  104. Quilting retreat
  105. Quilter's Parking
  106. Sheets
  107. Pinkypig here is fabric, need inspiration to make throw
  108. Singer Futura CE 250
  109. A chance to buy an industrial machine- need feedback
  110. Birthday gift
  111. Alternative to Walmart
  112. Embroidering
  113. table cloth?
  114. Steering wheel pattern
  115. Opinion on cutting for patchwork
  116. Anyone purchased fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Co.?
  117. Rotaty Cutter
  118. Whole Cloth Quilt
  119. Lectures
  120. looking for a pattern
  121. My best 60.00 dollar find
  122. What I do while posts & pics are downloading
  123. Pfaff Grand Quilter Help
  124. It just crept up on me
  125. How would you wash??
  126. Fabric Search -Help
  127. Quilt or Blanket
  128. 'Bloc-Loc' ruler
  129. Singer featherweight model 100
  130. So happy helped a new quilter get started
  131. Quilts for Kids - Another Question?
  132. to tie or machine quilt?
  133. Have you made the one block wonder blocks?
  134. Quilting Software
  135. Quilted postcard
  136. Storing your rulers
  137. What do you mean by squaring your quilt/
  138. Triangles and math... help please
  139. Quilt Club
  140. quilting book for a beginner
  141. Fabric in Ohio
  142. stash organization - I've got it all!
  143. Help! Is this good deal or not .
  144. Hoop or No Hoop
  145. For Denim Quilters
  146. Have you seen
  147. I really am a quilter now.
  148. 1st prize for idiot of the year
  149. Using scrap piece before beginning to stitch
  151. Fabric Addiction
  153. Flannel or Thin Batting
  154. What to charge??
  155. Quilt in day log cabin question
  156. Question on Using Fussy cuts in D9P
  157. Hello Kitty Fabric
  158. Question: Storing fabric in plastic
  159. Need pattern/tutorial for storage bin/tote?
  160. Looking for nautical fabric
  161. Question about mixing fabrics....
  162. Batting Question
  163. bow tuck
  164. Hand quilting workshop
  165. I THOUGHT I did the right thing
  166. What do you like Fabric Sizing or Spray Starch?
  167. Machine applique
  168. Help me decide, HQ or Tin Lizzie
  169. Stapler vs basting "gun" or safety pins
  170. Do you have a design wall & if so how did you make it?
  171. Calendar Sun Bonnet Sue
  172. I Went To A Quilt Show Today Too!
  173. Trying to find the instructions to enlarging ironing board
  174. Opinions please
  175. newbie question
  176. Rips in my seams :(
  177. We have a new Virtual Section for Machines!
  178. Fussy cut
  179. What do you call it?
  180. Went to for a drive came back with the fabric!
  181. Janome Horizon
  182. buying new machine
  183. LQS questions??
  184. Suggestions for Class?
  185. Electric Fabric Cutters?
  186. If you were "fabric needy" - what is the smallest size scrap that you could use?
  187. Quilt Club Needs Votes!!!!!
  188. littledressesfor
  189. Survey: Rate the features on a long arm
  190. Channel locks important feature?
  191. Dumb question maybe
  192. Hand quilting.
  193. How close is close enough?
  194. better more than enough than not enough
  195. Machine got a tune-up--best $50 I ever spent!!
  196. How do I find this fabric?
  197. Connecting threads coupons?
  198. need advice
  199. Do quilt patterns disappear over time as people stop using that (idea) pattern?
  200. Soap instead of beeeswax
  201. Printable Fabric
  202. A question about solid background fabrics for blocks?
  203. Favourite Designer?
  204. I can't get this to work.
  205. Help !! i need this pattern
  206. Pillow shams
  207. Fab shop hop online
  208. QST calculation help please?
  209. Is paper piecing hard to do?
  210. Need Advice on Juki TL98Q
  211. Help
  212. binding on wrong.
  213. New Janome Horizon
  214. Vintage Sewing Machine Virtual Section
  215. Does anybody else do this?
  216. Janome 1600 - thread issues
  217. One tip to give to a quilter
  218. Fabric Prices
  219. Quilt show attended today
  220. looking for sign board
  221. First QFK Kit is Here!!
  222. Printing on Fabric
  223. Update on Butterfly fabric
  224. EQ quilting - What is it?
  225. Need to buy thread in bulk for local non-profit. Where are the best prices?
  226. Suggestions to make quilt guilds more positive.
  227. I just pre ordered EQ7
  228. What is......
  229. I did it! I did it!
  230. Its official...
  231. Polka dot fabrics
  232. cloth books
  233. New Beginnings for Me
  234. Fabric Chain letters
  235. to square or not to square
  236. What does this mean?
  237. Spray Basting????
  238. Pulling knot into batting?
  239. Storing a quilt
  240. Scissors for lefties
  241. Post your bow tuck tips here
  242. Three Day Quilting Retreat
  243. What am I missing in this brainstorm?????
  244. 6" x 24" ruler
  245. Simply Squares
  246. Which midarm and longarm machines are made in the USA?
  247. Ugly Scrap Challenge
  248. Looking for a starry window pattern
  249. Advise Machine Quilting Table Top
  250. Charm Squares - Question