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  1. Harbor Freight Blades
  2. Seeking a Pattern of an Excercizing Pig
  3. Met with a QB member today - GREAT VISIT
  4. Janome 6600P owners....advice please
  5. Cloth Kids Story Books
  6. Block of the month costs
  7. Does a pattern for this exist?
  8. Golden Wedding Ring Pattern
  9. Toy Sewing Machine
  10. Anyone use the Arrow sewing chair?
  11. For all of you close to Milton, KY
  12. Nine patch ideas
  13. All flannel quilt front and back
  14. What do you make with your embroidery machine?
  15. will you quilt more since schools have opened?
  16. Finished Logan's twin quilt!
  17. What cutting board do you like???
  18. Looking for a magazine or the pattern in it
  19. Re-organizing stash & finding fabric I didn't know I had!
  20. My Machine Went to that Great Quilting Guild in the Sky
  21. Basting a quilt with boards
  22. Sunburst block
  23. Has anyone ever made a spiral quilt?
  24. How About Using an Embroidery Machine to Do the Quilting?
  25. New Free Quilt Patterns
  26. Husbands
  27. Question about lighting
  28. Have you ever made a quilt to remind you of a place?
  29. What next???
  30. My new machine
  31. 4 Patch Stacked Posies
  32. Celebration Sampler Quilt from Junes Fabshophop PATTERN ERROR
  33. Newbie Needs Advice :)
  34. Topaz 30 Owners - Have you had this problem
  35. Has anyone tried to cut their cutting mat smaller?
  36. Country Roads Quilt Pattern
  37. Appliqued Sweatshirt
  38. Keeping Appliqué pieces in place
  39. Electric Quilt 7 Software
  40. Beeswax....Just so ya know!
  41. Invisigrip
  42. Wolf Song Quilt has anyone made or quilted this
  43. Need advice on figuring a pillow tuck
  44. Chart for how many different size sqs in a ftq
  45. How do I use this template to FMQ?
  46. lost pattern
  47. My favorite machine
  48. moving to suburbs of philadelphia
  49. Help Sewing Polyester Umpire Pants
  50. New sewing machine
  51. Walmart Fabric--I'm in heaven!!
  52. Sometimes
  53. Repairing a block in a quilt that's already being quilted
  54. finding LQS...
  55. Charity quilts for Riley Hospital
  56. Finally...."my space"
  57. Just brought home my Dream Machine..I hope
  58. Help with teaching a class
  59. portable sewing tables
  60. thread color choices
  61. What was she thinking :)
  62. quiltsmart patterns
  63. Please help me decide which machine to buy
  64. iron on applique?
  65. Newbie quilting the sandwich (trying)
  66. ahhhh go away and this happens
  67. What do you do?
  68. Where do you buy freezer paper?
  69. Iron: pour out water after each use?
  70. how to hide my shame from the quilt police
  71. Need help finding Hexi site...
  72. What rules do you make for yourself for gifts?
  73. Paper piecing
  74. Adorable Welcome Baby Quilt Cake !!!
  75. Fabric cost too much
  76. Sergers
  77. Singer Card Tables
  78. Looking for easy pinwheel pattern
  79. I need a quick pattern
  80. quilters in Northern California
  81. Quilt Show Entries
  82. Should I upgrade my machine?
  83. Machine Embroidery Thread
  85. wadding / batting
  86. Dissapointment
  87. Applique fraying?????
  88. How many of you machine quilt with you regular machine?
  89. Featherweight
  90. ISO a pattern for "little dutch girl"
  91. HQ16 with railz & edge rider wheels
  92. Beginner pondering next quilt.
  93. Aunt Grace Circle of Friends BOM
  94. Fabric Will
  95. help
  96. Esther Eliu = Designer - new FREE BOM and QB Tutorials
  97. Quilting designs from Down-Under?
  98. Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Quilt 2011
  99. border help
  100. Need recommendation for quilting machine
  101. The Tutorial for the microwave bowls is POSTED... Yay I did it!
  102. Pin Cushion ideas please.
  103. Has anyone made Circle of Friends BOM Quilt?
  104. Robyn Pandolph, Folk Art Wedding
  105. needed
  106. Belmer's microwave bowl tut
  107. Does anyone have a Brother Innovis 4000D embrodiery machine
  108. Its going to be a GIRL
  109. Paper piecing patterns
  110. cheap needles
  111. Do You Cut Your Quilt Pieces from Templates?
  112. An errand turned into something better
  113. paper pieced deer pattern
  114. Just brought home
  115. Sears serger 2/3/4D
  116. Civil War Bride
  117. Wheelchair lap robe
  118. Yea!!!
  119. Can you name this fabric that GrammyB used?
  120. question for paper piecers!
  121. FMQ thread color.
  122. Interesting Estate Sale buy
  123. Anyone going to quilt expo in Madison, WI
  124. Hi' I'm new at quilting and also computer.
  125. What color of thread should I use?
  126. Directional border
  127. Brother CS6000i computer - machine quilting
  128. Please direct me to where I can buy one of these . . .
  129. need help with a post I saw...can't find it now
  130. Lutheran Rose
  131. Question about Joannes coupons
  132. squaring a quilt for machine quilting
  133. Need Help Finding Jelly Roll Race
  134. Fabric Cutters - Your Choice??
  135. Frixion Ball erasable gel pens: Anyone tried these?
  136. RE: "Quilting Gloves"-Are they worth it?? - PART 2
  137. Floor Blocks
  138. Kalamkari Fabric
  139. Mystery package in my mailbox
  140. Wow! Drama at quilt shows?
  141. fabrics before vs. after
  142. best night of sleep ever!
  143. Snap Happy bag
  144. Paper piecing
  145. Wearable Blanket Pattern
  146. flying south
  147. Quilt Top - Cheers
  148. Plastic bobbin vs. metal bobbin
  149. Contemporary Baby Quilt Pattern
  150. does anyone read ALL
  151. Eurosteam Iron with internal boiler
  152. Help! Baby Quilt dilemma!
  153. Quilted or peice work tablecloths
  154. Any tips for me?
  155. sewing machine
  156. I took a class Friday at my LQS
  157. Blocking and squaring what is the different?
  158. sick of cutting and sewing 2" squares, what was I thinking
  159. Looking for recent tree skirt pattern
  160. Aurifil Thread
  161. Is a square hoop better than a round hoop?
  162. Thread Tension
  163. Farmer's Wife Club at LQS
  164. Storing rulers...
  165. Too much quilting
  166. Has this ever happened to you?
  167. ISO Sweet P's Custom Quilting
  168. Teaching a new quilter
  169. best price for shipping charges
  170. seam allowances for hst's
  171. Wide backing
  172. I need help please...
  173. Ooops!! Extra screw in my machine:)
  174. Curved Log Cabin Quilt
  175. Rather unhappy with Janome Horizon footpedal
  176. My First Attempt at Quilting
  177. did I mess up my machine
  178. Pillowcase to store your quilt?
  179. Fabric bleeding disaster, is it possible to fix it?
  180. Broderie Perse and Applique
  181. Crazy or crazed
  182. vintage singer
  183. what a great way to use scraps and have some creative freedom
  184. Wide Batik Backings
  185. Can you tell me what this is?
  186. Koala Cabinet
  187. How young is too young for a quilt?
  188. Check out this applique - Sharon Schamber
  189. My turn for a great bargain
  190. Is a quilt that's machine pieced/quilted any less hand-made?
  191. A quilt for a church to raffel off
  192. Pillowcase Question.
  193. Wonder Under, is it supposed to be this difficult?
  194. to tie or not to tie
  195. Janome Horizon - Calling all owners
  196. This message board is addictive.
  197. Applique Question
  198. Quilt math...ugh!
  199. everyone PLEASE watch tonight on the History channel
  200. Help with My Bookmarks feature please
  201. ??question about online quilt magazine
  202. Disaster Area Clean Up
  203. Have you seen "pay for" tuts from Missouri Star??
  204. I have a keeper!!!!
  205. If you live near Knoxville TN......
  206. Do I Need Batting for Flannel Back?
  207. How old is too old....
  208. I live with a smoker and cats...
  209. Mitered corners
  210. Fabric
  211. Extra Lighting for machine area
  212. Hem question, (begginer)
  213. Does everyone pre wash their fabric?
  214. Shopping in the attic, part 2
  215. Layer Cake/Altered States
  216. Sewing Machine Collectors Unite!
  217. Juki TL98E Help
  218. not sure what to do
  219. How difficult are Mckenna Ryan quilts to make??
  220. My new baby
  221. fabshop hop tomorrow???
  222. Trapunto
  223. Quilt shops in New York City??
  224. Have you worked with antique Cigarette Silks?
  225. boring strip piecing
  226. Charity qults
  227. Bernina 820 Bobbins
  228. Thimble-It -- my new favorite notion
  229. How many yo-yo's would it take to make a double bedspread??
  230. Do you have the quilt book named "2 Piece Patchwork"
  231. Sew It Is
  232. Dove in head first: FMQ
  233. measurement for block
  234. alot of talk about labels- and wanting to sell your quilts-be informed
  235. Mixing flannel with cotton?
  236. Pattern name??
  237. Hello Kitty Quilt
  238. Math whizzes needed- Making Ricky Tims HST smaller???
  239. Anyone know abt Domestic D Treadle
  240. Snowball Nine Patch coloring page
  241. Death of an old friend
  242. ISO a Christmas tree quilt pattern
  243. crumb quilt help needed...... what to do...
  244. My up-coming exhibition is advertised!
  245. Organized stash...
  246. Starch question
  247. french braid pattern
  248. When Life Gets in the Way ... sigh
  249. Found these two old sewing machines at a yard sale today!
  250. Teflon mats and sprays for FMQ