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  1. A Quilters Poem
  2. Oregon QOV longarm volunteer
  3. Need Advise on BASTING Spray FOR QUILTS
  4. Janome F1 Error
  5. Bad backing from LQS
  6. Can I hand-applique on top of an old comforter?
  7. Help - FMQ Warm Wishes
  8. How to display a quilt???
  9. Searching for Snowball quilt information
  10. Finding recent post/picture of quilt. Bouquets and Bows????
  11. Puppy Pouch
  12. Family quilting bee
  13. Digital photo art landscapes
  14. Who has any special tricks to cutting your own bias tape?
  15. Sewing quilts all day!
  16. Quilting suggestions...
  17. Arctic Holiday by Debbie Mumm - Have old apron panel, but no directions
  18. storing your thread
  19. Problems loading embroidery patterns into Brother se400
  20. It's an Irish Chain kinda day!
  21. Center of Dresden Plate
  22. What's your favorite cutting mat?
  23. Quilts that Hurt My Eyes
  24. Mens Neck Ties
  25. Border Creek Station mystery quilt 2011
  26. Banners
  27. feather quilting
  28. What to do with leftover HST's????
  29. Coin Purse - frustration!!!
  30. Fleece edging
  31. Twister Wreath Layout
  32. swaps for 2 1/2 strips
  33. Help with a Singer 15-91
  34. Putting LED lights into a quilted wall hanging
  35. Which witch is which pattern
  36. Quilted floor cushions for Christmas...poly stuffing or foam!!
  37. I am so proud
  38. Does Joanns have the same Fabric in the store that is online?
  39. Ever wonder why did I buy that?
  40. Type of Batting to use for Pot Holders
  41. Ken Quilt quilting machine
  42. Paper Piecing Points Question
  43. What is the oldest UFO you've ever finished?
  44. What quilting tool is on your christmas wish list?
  45. Now Walmart has material back, does anyone?
  46. Has anyone used 606 spray for applique
  47. Bernina
  48. I got a quilting calculator!
  49. Sashing or no?
  50. Help -- Smart Plate Ruler?
  51. I am getting a longarm for my 50th birthday!!!
  52. Binding ??'s
  53. Embroidery machine help
  54. It's growing on me.
  55. Favourite Pattern?
  56. Basic maintenance for Janome 6600
  57. western shirt pattern with quilted fabric
  58. 18" Tin Lizzie or 24" Handi Quilter?
  59. Can you serge a curve?
  60. Binding Foot
  61. Need opinions, please!
  62. Found my Quilt Frame!!!
  63. Bernina Stitch Regulator - Is it worth the price?
  64. Can anyone tell me what this vintage pattern is?
  65. Found Another Quilt Shop in Pantego (Arlington) TX !!
  66. HELP, the ink washed out of my label!
  67. You know you've got it bad when ...
  68. Quilt with Bed Skirt
  69. clipping threads and getting quilt ready to sandwich
  70. Technicolor Braid Quilt, Fons/Porter Pattern, Have you made one ???
  71. Marking on Wool
  72. Simple Applique Pattern for Newbie
  73. Argh - I still can't decide...
  74. squaring up with freezer paper?
  75. Anyone have the Viking Designer Topaz 30?
  76. Your daily Quilting Board fix
  77. Quick binding tool
  78. Sampler Quilt Question
  79. Bogging down my sewing machine
  80. Some ???s for professional quilters
  81. Jewelled Forest
  82. Frustration
  83. Thread Basting a Quilt/Schamber Style
  84. King Tut Thread ?????? do you use it ?????
  85. Painters tape
  86. Nancy Zieman - Sewing with Nancy
  87. accuquilt dies
  88. Lets Build a Better Iron
  89. Need Paper Pieced Patterns for Transportation Wall Hanging
  90. Problem with my Brother LB6800
  91. Long Arm Quilting DVD / recommendations
  92. Lone Star woes .... and a date with a seam ripper
  93. Is $1,000 a good price on Bernina 440 QE
  94. most recent project
  95. Bella Gardens on sale...
  96. Need Your Assistance on Large Block Quilt
  97. layout help with my first quilt!
  98. I'm in a bind!!! (Dumb question about binding)
  99. Help, I cant find pattern
  100. Fmq
  101. Organizing the "stash"
  102. Beginner Question
  103. Help with Flying Geese - Questions on Size of Block Before/After Sewing into Quilt To
  104. Pre made fabric quilt labels
  105. Fabric from "Five Bucks a Yard"
  106. EQ7 and Lucy Boston (elongated hexagon and squares) quilt
  107. Flying Geese and my Janome Horizon 7700's 1/4 inch foot with edge guide
  108. Need suggestions!!!!
  109. Cathedral Ornament pattern?
  110. ? about Joanns coupon
  111. Wall Hanging Patterns
  112. Score at Joanns
  113. Free Turkey Applique Pattern
  114. My first completed quilt for 9 yr old GD.
  115. Creme Brulee Quilt Pattern Help Finding - Reposting Request as other threads are gone
  116. Need Opinions on Upgrading
  117. Janome 3160 QDC Machine?
  118. I need help on making a 2.5 Twister template
  119. How do I sew the borders of a quilt on my Baby Grace frame?
  120. Mixing Hand and Machine Piecing
  121. Do you clip your curves?
  122. Learning to FMQ
  123. Big score at the thrift store!
  124. Pulling my hair out.
  125. question and answer on fleece to cotton
  126. 1/4" or scant 1/4" - what do you prefer?
  127. What would you suggest? PLease!
  128. Low End Berninas?
  129. Did anyone get the Christmas tree pattern from McCalls?
  130. I won a pair of scissors!
  131. help with tapestry panel
  132. I Am Looking for Advice on Buying and Using more EQ products
  133. Finally I won
  134. A VERY old sewing machine(HAND CRANK)...Ive never seen one before...have you?
  135. help me with old fabric
  136. Piecing frustration - how can I avoid it?
  137. viking mega quilter
  138. I hate math & I have to piece a backing
  139. How Can I Get My Quilt Sandwhich to Move Smoothly on My Extension Table??
  140. quilting thread
  141. Anyone else Fab Shop Hop winner from September?
  142. Horrizon
  143. Susan McCord's Vine Quilt! Oh my....
  144. rose pincushion
  145. Artista Software Expertise
  146. Removing Clover Chaco Slim liner from Quilt
  147. LAQM magazine
  148. Quilt Labels
  149. Questions on SID and FMQ
  150. cutting triangles so there is no bias
  151. my fairy frost shooting stars
  152. Machine vs. Hand quilting
  153. Do You Re-do??
  154. on line free hand quilting course on your sewing machine ????
  155. appliqued rose
  156. What is your thread preference and why?
  157. A Quilt that you don't like
  158. Books on Handquilting
  159. Singer attachments class in Spokane- East. WA & No. Idaho members
  160. Quilt store closing - Cincinnati
  161. find a small tooth pinking rotary cutter blade?
  162. Looking for Maine fabric outlets
  163. Going to Chicago
  164. Hand Quilting
  165. Black Batting
  166. Juki?!?!?!
  167. Twister Measurement Question
  168. Anyone watching the Today show this morning? RE: Batiks?
  169. Sharon Schamber's Website...
  170. Jeweled forest pattern
  171. Flying geese, how do YOU make yours?
  172. My New Sewing Table
  173. What could I make for a teacher
  174. FMQ & Tension question
  175. Bobbin Thread showing
  176. 20 inch block
  177. Quilt with bottom corners cut off
  178. Grace company rotary blade sharpeners
  179. fun trip to LQS
  180. Any Thoughts on the Husqvarna Viking H|Class 100 or Similar Machines?
  181. batik question
  182. multi-tasking here
  183. Need advice/suggestions on WIP Baby Quilt
  184. How accurately do you trim up blocks?
  185. need suggestions
  186. My new Quilting Machine!
  187. Help with PE 770??
  188. "To a Quilting Maven"
  189. Janome 11000, your opinions?
  190. Trip to Joann's today for something I needed and came home with............
  191. Nolting Quilting machine tension issues
  192. Who else has a love/hate relationship with their can of spray starch?
  193. how to transfer embroidery designs to the ped basic box
  194. Wrights Binding
  195. I Got My Featherweight
  196. One of those days, have you ever had them?
  197. I just hit the mother lode
  198. buying quilting magazines at a retail store vs subscription
  199. I seem to have a house full of cabinets, lol
  200. Learned something about thread today.
  201. Best Batting for a Wall Hanging?
  202. Here is the finished picture! Thanks for your help once again...
  203. Ott Lamp - question
  204. Okay Fabric Detectives....
  205. Would you cut this block on the bias?
  206. Christmas Gifts
  207. Need Pattern
  208. Newbie is preparing 1st quilt to go to the quilters....PROBLEMS
  209. Flag
  210. A visit to Portland, Oregon
  211. Excited!!
  212. Where is the best resouce for notions?
  213. What 'games' do you play to make quilting even more fun?
  214. my Bernina is ill
  215. Appliqué question about my Bernina 440
  216. Quilt show High
  217. Advice needed for bathroom rug
  218. Question on FMQ
  219. divided 4 patch
  220. Quilt shops in Billings MT
  221. Guess what I did?
  222. Excited for my daughter
  223. Janome 6600 or 7700 which to choose?
  224. Surge Protectors
  225. baby number quilt
  226. Singer 401 Help Needed
  227. Can you help a newbie?
  228. Darn Bobbins!!!!
  229. A Border Challenge.....Need Help Please?
  230. Dritz Basting Spray
  231. What color thread would you use?
  232. Sashing question
  233. Does anyone have a pattern for a king size pillow sham?
  234. Benefit of waiting too long to change rotary blade
  235. Tuesday Morning Fabric Find -
  236. round wine coasters
  237. GEORGE art quilting machine by APQS
  238. Rotary Cutter Blades
  239. Fusible Fleece Fused
  240. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Poem... For Quilters
  241. Thin Material, do I dare to use?
  242. DJKs
  243. figuring for diagonal quilt settings
  244. The "Quilting Pattern Magazine"?
  245. What Skill or technique was to hardest for you to learn/master?
  246. Quilting with Minky - Any words of wisdom?
  247. Will you hate me if......
  248. Blades from Harbor Freight
  249. Potential Class on tshirt quilts
  250. Longarm needle question