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  1. Got a fabric gift--need advice!
  2. Bear's Patch
  3. Material Storage
  4. Playing will get you in trouble!!
  5. Help with selecting binding
  6. Cones to spools?
  7. Guild meeting spaces? Need some suggestions please
  8. Person ISO hydranga fabric
  9. A personal challenge (need suggestions)
  10. Singer 301 Price Question
  11. Do You Find Yourself Passing on a Lot of Patterns?
  13. Quilted Clergy Stoles
  14. How did I ever live without this?!!
  15. Will it be okay to use in a quilt?
  16. Sewing Table with Airlift
  17. Dog beds
  18. Need a title for a quilt Please HELP!!!
  19. what batting size do you use for children's quilts
  20. Two in a row, too much?
  21. To steam or not to steam................
  22. FMQ meander question
  23. Book and Pattern Sale
  24. Viking Megaquilter/Pfaff Grand Quilter
  25. Pencil markings
  26. Got my package from Missouri Star Quilt Company!
  27. Question about Cathederal Window Quilt Method
  28. Best electric stick broom for picking up threads off area rug.
  29. Finally finished clients quilt
  30. Cornerstones make it so much easier (for me) to line everything up
  31. 306K Singer
  32. Loiusville quilt shops?
  33. A Farewell to Konstantin
  34. how do I ..nevermind, I found it
  35. Quilting Books
  36. Hey, yeah thats HOT!
  37. vegas quilt store news
  38. Stippling
  39. chevy material
  40. long arm quilting machine
  41. What can I do with these pieces.
  42. music note themed quilt pattern
  43. scant ¼" seam allowance
  44. Accuquilt & Big Shot Dies
  45. Help with using men's ties
  46. Joann's coupons
  47. Any chance of saving this machine
  48. Am I the only one who...
  49. marking quilts
  50. Stash-building with quarter-yards ... "fat" or "skinny"?
  51. Posting pictures while replying
  52. Double Wedding ring by John flynn
  53. Hello - Question from a beginner
  54. So what quilting projects are you working on this weekend?
  55. Need some advice
  56. Woo Hoo! got my Oliso!
  57. Yikes! Scorched!
  58. seasoned quilters ? re: too many projects?
  59. Do you Facebook..why or why not?
  60. New Sewing Machine
  61. QB "Angels
  62. Downsizing My Machine Stash
  63. To the 'Sea Life' Shoppers!
  64. Twill Fabric???
  65. ott lights
  66. What I accomplished today
  67. Weekend project
  68. Bargello
  69. I am liking quilts with some black or white, not together
  70. Martelli Zip Clip Gun
  73. bargello assembly question
  74. Recipe for homemade wipes
  75. How do you get the pieced backing straight with the pieced top?
  76. Found another prize!
  77. Anyone have a GO cutter?
  78. What to do with fabric...
  79. Did you get the CRAFTY gene in your family?
  80. Big Block Quilts
  81. 2 color pattern
  82. Brother PE 770 bobbin thread ?
  83. Why is everyone buying the old sewing machines?
  84. Ebay Fabric
  85. Embroidery Blocks
  86. Log Cabin Star Pattern
  87. New use for old iron
  89. Multiple shades of gray
  90. Clauss Rotary Cutter
  91. Accuquilt Die Sale-Sew and Vac Online
  92. June Tailor Quilt express top
  93. Price of quilt
  94. My Mom's 83 year old quilt
  95. Correct name for Happy Daisy and shop name to purchase pattern
  96. not getting the emails
  97. My Goodwill find
  98. Singer machines
  99. How do you find bulk fabrics
  100. Lites and Brights fabric
  101. Olfa rotary cutter - must use Olfa mat?
  102. Ironing board/cuttingtable
  103. Flynn multi-quilt frame
  104. Susan Schamber method
  105. need help
  106. French Braid Quilt-which way would you run the accent colors?
  107. Water/ Iron
  108. URGENT
  109. Two in one day (sigh) - price increases that is.
  110. Jellyroll Quilts
  111. vlok
  112. Amazing how things happen
  113. Bernina, Pressure Foot UP when threading A MUST???
  114. Looking for Parisian themed fabric
  115. Anyone else like Holly Taylor
  116. funky cat/dog swap
  117. It's not a new topic but-----------
  118. Accuquilt or Studio?
  119. Lacey Hill Jacket Workshop
  120. Question
  121. Has anyone ever
  122. Darning Foot - Thanks
  123. "Healing" my self-healing matt
  124. How Do You Decide On Your Next Quilt?
  125. How many finished quilts do you have?
  126. Paper Pieced Dresden Plate
  127. Spray glue for Sandwiching??
  128. Is $3.00 a yd to much for.......
  129. New at free motion quilting
  130. mug rugs
  131. borders problem
  132. Cheap quilting frame
  133. Another tip for seam rippers
  134. Fabric post cards
  135. Does anyone have this table
  136. Request About Basted Quilt Backing
  137. Thread Question?????
  138. Photo Quilt Layout
  139. Addt'l ? re: retreats and lists - What kinds of places are your retreats?
  140. Sewing room Update/Not A Hoarder anymore.......
  141. Suggestions for wording on label for Wedding Quilts?
  142. Went to a quilt show
  143. showing off your pictures
  144. What's up ---again?
  145. How many kinds of stupid....
  146. How do Quilt University classes work?
  147. 99 cents and a question
  148. can you baste a quilt on your sewing machine
  149. dropping feed dogs for embroidery?
  150. Accuquilt "Go" vs "Baby"
  151. Do I scream now or later?
  152. Oops, rookie mistake!
  153. Did I really break my promise?
  154. Best Quilting Book in Months.
  155. Look At This!!!!
  156. long arm nightmare
  157. Reorganize, Reorganize, Reorganize!
  158. Zippers
  159. Quilts through the ages
  160. Wow "Cheap quilting frame" response
  161. Quilting withdrawal pains!
  162. "need cat fabric and imput on design
  163. All Squares Tube Quilting Problem
  164. Dream Seamer
  165. Help with Darning Foot
  166. Shops in Bossier City/Shreveport La area
  167. Just One Star
  168. What did you do this weekend??
  169. Best Experience
  170. Making money with quilting
  171. Canadian theme..
  172. traveling foot pedal
  173. When were redeyes first made?
  174. Short Quilt Film
  175. The appliqued piece feels so stiff!!
  176. Which Quilt Shops in New York State would you recommend? - ones that are definitely a must visit someday?
  177. Should Have Listened!
  178. Rag Quilt
  179. Looking for ideas for odd size fussy cuts
  180. Connecting Threads---Awesome prices!
  181. remember white thread topic?
  182. Blind Quilter Video - Amazing!
  183. Handquilters.... what to do for thumb pain?
  184. LIve Your Passion! 3/12/11
  185. you convinced me on Vintage Singers and I bought one
  186. Need help with sewing machiney
  187. square up ruler 9.5 inch
  188. Hand quilting threads
  189. Layout of backing
  190. one seam goose
  191. fabric requirements for D9P ??
  192. Ruler Folded stash
  193. got this email Never got one like this before!
  194. Scrappy Backing
  195. Need suggestions choosing 2 patterns!
  196. Old sewing machine manuals
  197. Do you know of a quilt retreat anywhere near South Mississippi?
  198. easy pattern help
  199. Sewing machine name?
  200. Does anyone know where to find......
  201. buy the truck load 3
  202. Joann's
  203. Longarm Mchine Dilema Continues...
  204. What I've been making & update on Maxine
  205. How should I do this?
  206. Batting
  207. Paducah! Here I come!
  208. How Long Does It Take
  209. Need to know why everyone buys vintage Singers
  210. Jo-Ann Teacher Reward Card
  211. Update to "Mourning At My House"
  212. Be sure your thread title matches your topic - example:
  213. My new best friend
  214. Home made Retayne (to keep fabric from bleeding/fading?)
  215. Sizzix or Accuquilt
  216. LQS in Las Vegas
  217. I've opened a can of worms...
  218. Grand Kids: My Future Quilters
  219. Petit Fours Pattern
  220. Spider Web Quilt
  221. First visit to a quilt shop
  222. time for a fabric shopping trip
  223. Billings, Monana
  224. Table pay-dirt!!
  225. Pencil for needle turn appliqué?
  226. Layers of applique
  227. Looking for a pattern
  228. i'm sick over this!
  229. new home sewing machine
  230. Help
  231. Take 5
  232. Carpenter;s Star
  233. I need to make this quilt for my DH....
  234. Old Machines vs. New
  235. New Quilt Book for ME...
  236. How do YOU conquer quilter's block?
  237. Quilt Show in St. Louis
  238. be specific in title so one can find the topic again if/when doing a search
  239. Bernina Iron - We'll See
  240. Harbor Freight Blades on Sale for $1.79 for March
  241. pinwheel quilt
  242. whoever was looking for a pattern that had small vests
  243. What to do with Minkee Blankee?
  244. House Pattern
  245. Puff or Biscuit quilts
  246. machines for FMQ
  247. New technique Block tutorial
  248. Foundation Piecing
  249. Name of Block?
  250. Easter inspiration