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  1. "Signing" a quilt on the back
  2. Yellow and Gray Fabric
  3. Question? Does anyone know much about a Juki TL-2000Qi 9 inch Long Arm
  4. Sulky BOM2006
  5. More photos re: sashing, cornerstones, borders
  6. New girl here! In need of some advice!!
  7. Rotary mat
  8. Whole Cloth Quilts
  9. Juki 2010 Owners - Cleaning?
  10. Need advice on pinning/quilting layers
  11. todays.... quilting articles 3/3 edition
  12. You Can Find Inspiration Everywhere !
  13. Disappointed on this one...
  14. Question about D4P squares
  15. Pre wound bobbins for JUKI 2010q???
  16. Pfaff Passport feedback??
  17. kraft-tex paper fabric
  18. Oliso TG1100 users - question about the shut-off
  19. Backup sewing machines are a good thing!
  20. Electric Quilt (EQ-7) question
  21. Also have a half square triangle question...
  22. New Sewing Machine
  23. ? concerning using minky for backing
  24. Can someone help?
  25. Help! I need some cutting advise.
  26. Rag quilt question
  27. Help finding Prayer Pocket (?)
  28. Identify this block, please?
  29. Do they make fabric similar to this?
  30. Ready for a Challenge?
  31. Working my way OUT of a DISASTER
  32. Could someone help me find the McCall's pattern this is adapted from.
  33. Log cabin cutting question
  34. Pillow sham help
  35. synthrapol - how exactly do I do this?
  36. What sewing cabinet do you put your big ole mamma jamma Crescendo sewing machine in?
  37. do I need a black border
  38. How do you starch fabric?
  39. Half Square Triangle question
  40. Buying new machine- question
  41. Folding fabric
  42. Janome Jem Gold
  43. How do you keep your pounce from wiping off?
  44. Queen sized quilt measurement question.
  45. Help in locating....
  46. How to prevent wavy borders?
  47. Trouble sewing on borders that lay straight...wavy edges
  48. q snap
  49. Labeling commission quilt and charity quilts
  50. Feathers for filling
  51. A new ruler/cutter??
  52. Drying quilts with wool batting
  53. Well, this is different, part 2...
  54. New from Brother?
  55. Bali Pop patterns
  56. HELP!!!! Look ing for Fabric HELP!!!!
  57. Help naming quilt paper pieced with no pattern name
  58. On line fabric store questions.
  59. Oop???
  60. Brother Sewing Machine
  61. our fabric - what has been done to it and where has it been?
  62. Machine Embroidery Designs
  63. I need your great ideas!!!!
  64. Pattern suggestions
  65. Input wanted-Quilt pattern ideas for 2 1/2 inch strips.Finished quilt 24 inches or so
  66. Surprise in the mail today!
  67. Amazing applique'd blocks from the estate of a 95-year-old friend of mine
  68. Fat Quater Patterns
  69. Janome 11000 questions
  70. Tip when designing or drawing by hand
  71. newbie question: stitch length
  72. Question about selling things!
  73. Do hst's have to be a specific size?
  74. Music theme fabric
  75. Washing fabric from Connecting Threads
  76. Singer Futura CE-250 breaking needles
  77. Which kind of machine to get?
  78. might have lost my cheap LAQ er
  79. Bingo square
  80. Searching for honest pricing suggestion...
  81. Opinions on sashing, cornerstones, borders, please?
  82. Christmas fabric score!
  83. New Machine
  84. Suggestions on a New Sewing Machine vs Me Messing UP
  85. Best Press
  86. Which way does the spool go?
  87. Question about squaring up a quilt
  88. Quilt shops in Sandy Utah
  89. new to quilting
  90. MSQ magazine ?
  91. Basting A Quilt Using Spray Starch !
  92. brother ls2125 question?
  93. Favorite 2 color quilt pattern
  94. HST questions
  95. What is a "flimsy?"
  96. Retro Sewing Center
  97. fabric from Japan
  98. Jenny Doan retreat and patterns
  99. Fleece vs Batting
  100. organizing fabric color order or type?
  101. What a difference a new quilting foot makes!
  102. Fabric Shop in Corinth, MS?
  103. How do you decide which features are important?
  104. The Village Idiot vs Bali Wedding Star Pattern
  105. Quilting Circles
  106. Suggestion for additional FMQ in this block
  107. Flimsy?
  108. Pattern for 5 fabrics
  109. Dyeing muslin
  110. rapid fire hunter star ruler
  111. Soooo very excited, new machine
  112. Straight Stitch Plate...Why should I use one?
  113. Opinions please on quilt group dues.
  114. I've never seen so much fabric in my whole life
  115. Bias Bars- metal or something else?
  116. Janome 6600 or Smarter by Pfaff c1100
  117. Cat in the store?
  118. Paper piecing question
  119. Paper piecing book
  120. Orange peel
  121. Janome 8900 Users
  122. Favorite go to quilt pattern
  123. what is this pattern called?
  124. I need help!
  125. Need help comparing the Juki 600 and Janome 8900
  126. Knee Deep into a Quilt with no idea how to get out alive
  127. using muslin on the top?
  128. Please share quilt pics that you used when you applied for a entry into a quilt show
  129. JoAnn's mailers and coupons?
  130. sidewinder
  131. I-Spy quilt backing?
  132. Need help with puckering problem on quilt!
  133. quilting pattern question
  134. Quilting on a vest
  135. Insul-Bright
  136. Would you rather....
  137. ? about frame & 18inch juki
  138. Need help finding fabric
  139. Viking 6000
  140. Civil war quilt blocks books
  141. Prarie Points Question
  142. Havel's Fabric Cutter
  143. Quilt Label Poem
  144. Washing Before Gifting
  145. EQ7 help!
  146. What's your least favorite quilt and why?
  147. Pugs
  148. Longarm tension trouble
  149. Free miniature quilt patterns?
  150. Learning Free Motion Quilting
  151. This one is a bit different...
  152. J&O Fabric?
  153. 1st Sadies
  154. Handi Grip
  155. How big are 'fabric crumbs'?
  156. Viking 960Q Circular Attachment
  157. Olfa splash rotary cutter clicking?
  158. Machine stitch that looks like a hand stitch
  159. Self Healing Cutting Mat?
  160. Will it make a difference?
  161. Fat Quarter Bundles from JAQS Fabrics
  162. Memory Quilt Question
  163. Curly thread
  164. Help needed on Radiant Sun block
  165. drawing paper for quilting?
  166. Fat quarter storage
  167. Does anybody do this?
  168. Batting for Flannel Quilt
  169. Need help deciding on thread choices for quilt
  170. Sewing labels
  171. Pattern needed for two colors only
  172. Storm at Sea ruler or pattern
  173. Help with tension on my Tin Lizzie
  174. walking foot help
  175. IS THERE a Perfect Quilt?
  176. Amy's Creative Side Laptop Cover
  177. is there a name for this block ?
  178. California quilters--and anyone else!
  179. Need some opinions ...
  180. rolling my quilt for quilting
  181. Fabric ideas for floral log cabin
  182. Hats off to those who quilt WITHOUT a Longarm
  183. Boy quilts
  184. Paducah Kentucky quilt shops
  185. Need quick help with a disappearing nin patch
  186. Well, I finished my first quilt...
  187. Storage for GO Dies?????
  188. Is It Just Me, Or.....
  189. Can someone with EQ/good with math help?
  190. Question about Viking 930 or 960Q
  191. Pricing of sit-down machiens vs. stand alone sewing/quilting/embroidery machines
  192. Bernina 180 + Embroidery Module?
  193. Selling Fabric
  194. Help with Hello Kitty
  195. Flowers in the border audition
  196. Head light, magnify
  197. T-Shirt Comfort Quilt Opinions
  198. Chooooo-Choooo!
  199. singer rotary blades
  200. Printing on Freezer Paper
  201. Least raveling material
  202. dilemma time (math) again
  203. Looking for site I use to visit
  204. Crescendo Pricing?
  205. Binding method:Has anyone tried using the backing fabric as the binding?
  206. Need suggestions...
  207. Seam-fix had a baby!
  208. Purchases from
  209. Fractured Impressions
  210. Metallic Thread Help Please
  211. Rattling. May be paranoid. It has happened before..the paranoia that is.
  212. New Bernina 350 Special Edition
  213. Machine embroidery quilt blocks
  214. Happy I used photos to audition borders
  215. Bernina 440 extra stitches
  216. Before buying machine online....
  217. Batting for Flannel quilt?
  218. Photos on Fabric
  219. A question about thread weight.
  220. need (want) another machine
  221. for those of you whose sewing machine is flush with the table top...
  222. which is more important?
  223. Can anyone help me?
  224. Kennel quilts
  225. Marking on quilt
  226. Applique lettering
  227. Help fixing machine applique
  228. Scrappy quilts
  229. Home business
  230. Question about Warm & Natural... I need some great advice!!!
  231. Celtic Solstice chevron unit question
  232. scallop binding, need help
  233. Babylock Espire to the shop
  234. New Sewing Machine
  235. Wool Applique
  236. I'm a newbie and I'm using my machine to quilt or I started with my machine Question?
  237. blue pounce is not washing out - ugh!!
  238. Help! I cut my backing fabric length same size as the top!
  239. Janome 8900 Pricing?
  240. Does anyone know what pattern this is?
  241. Panasonic Cordless Iron
  242. spinoff-do you have any favorite digital quilting magazines?
  243. Using Bic mechanical pencil to mark my quilt...
  244. Baby Quilt with Prairie Points
  245. I am brain dead and need your help with quilt zippers
  246. ingenious orange peel quilting technique by LYNDAOH
  247. What I am doing w/leftover scraps of batting
  248. Should I add flowers on the borders?
  249. Question for those of you that FMQ
  250. I am over-run with fusible fleece - can I...?