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  1. Gotta love Craigslist!!
  2. Fabric Organization
  3. So excited getting a sewing room
  4. Floor plan app ROOMLE
  5. New sewing room!
  6. Has anyone tried this?
  7. can't throw away!
  8. Sewing Studio Update
  9. Ideas on notions organization PLEASE!
  10. Finally...well for the time being:)
  11. Getting my stash in order
  12. Small Room, Big Makeover!
  13. Kitchen cabinets in the sewing room
  14. Grandma's Stash Needs!
  15. Sewing Room at the 'new' house (picture heavy)
  16. Design "Wall"
  17. Basement Sewing Rooms
  18. Sewing room back in order
  19. Sewing Table
  20. Perfect Size ?
  21. Finall "done" enough to share - livingroom is now sewing room!
  22. Die Storage & Tips
  23. TRYING to Organize starting with paint
  24. Latest finish
  25. Quilting studio progress.
  26. organizing books
  27. My New Studio
  28. Do you have this organizer?
  29. Baggies to Boxes
  30. Bed risers
  31. Storing Die Cutters
  32. Question about peg boards
  33. New sewing room, little window edition - work in progress
  34. Sewing room de-cluttered
  35. Ice cubes???
  36. Wire shelving units
  37. ISO: 9 Cube Cabinet for Cutting table and storage
  38. Project storage
  39. First step in building my new quilting studio.
  40. Pegboard and Cabinets for Sewing Room
  41. My Sewing / Quilting room. Pics.
  42. Fabric Chaos
  43. New use for Crystal Light containers
  44. Revamped sewing room--WOOT!
  45. Vacation sewing space
  46. "Towel rack chair" at IKEA - would make a good quilt rack
  47. dresser or cabinet?
  48. Ideas for best way to fit fabric into new cabinets needed!
  49. New Quilting Room
  50. Scraps tamed!
  51. My sewing room - Before
  52. Shoe Organizer works for Fabric
  53. DIY Cute Storage
  54. Bobbins ready for travel
  55. Organizing scraps
  56. Cleaning my sewing room!!!
  57. Pattern Organization
  58. Living room as studio
  59. Fabric storage reorg
  60. new quilt studio part 2
  61. my new, repurposed quilt studio!
  62. How do you store "other" fabrics?
  63. Like a kid in a candy store!
  64. Presenting my re-vamped sewing room
  65. How do you store/organize your patterns?
  66. Sewing cabinet my DH had made for me
  67. rolling vs folding chair for sewing
  68. Even McGiver Woud Think I'm SO Clever
  69. Sewing table - ideal hight
  70. Do you use an app for keeping track of your stash?
  71. Necessity Drives a lot of Changes
  72. Upgraded Lighting, Paint, Ironing Station etc
  73. Does anyone not keep a big fabric stash?
  74. new ladder
  75. plastic box for storing packages of sewing machine needles?
  76. Why, oh why, couldn't I have thought of this when
  77. Flooring in sewing room
  78. My quilting room
  79. Sharing my new ironing center
  80. New sewing room
  81. Starting out with a room..on a budget
  82. Moved Sewing room = much more space
  83. Moved The Sewing Room Again...
  84. Does anyone here keep their "stuff" in one space, but sew in another space?
  85. We need to see some tiny sewing spaces!
  86. Lots of fabric organization
  87. Great organizers at Aldi for cheap!
  88. Storage for machine and sewing needles
  89. This is my sanctuary
  90. Craigslist find and new room configuration.
  91. Not Very Deep Wall Storage Ideas..please?
  92. Sewing Space on the Cheap
  93. Advice about sewing machine & cutting tables
  94. Die Cutting Station
  95. Finally...a room ( or two) of my own!
  96. Costco Project Center
  97. My quilting room is clean (for now!) :)
  98. fret storage find
  99. Can you show me your 'finds' for storage?
  100. I've created a monster!
  101. Sewing table and storage
  102. Does anyone recognize this awesome fabric stash?
  103. Dollar General Organizer
  104. has anyone made a LARGE sewing table?
  105. my sewing room
  106. Where do I start?
  107. Studio in Basement? At Last My Post Sandy Studio is on the Horizon
  108. When February Comes...
  109. How to finish wood shelves
  110. While we are organizing and even afterwards
  111. My new cutting table
  112. Cheap, handy tool for storage.
  113. Time to re-think the place I love the most in the house...
  114. New sewing room
  115. In the done and I am working......
  116. 50 annv Bargello with a twist
  117. This weekend's thrifty crafts for the studio
  118. Too tired to do the happy dance this afternoon....
  119. New Ironing Board with New Cover
  120. Dining Room turned studio and thread storage
  121. My next organizing project for my stash!
  122. Sewing/Quilting rooms!
  123. I was inspired...
  124. My HOPES for 2014 in my rooms
  125. DH and I made a stand for my Big Shot Pro
  126. Bebe's new sewing room
  127. How my daughter stored all of my fat quarters!
  128. sewing table
  129. One small step for quilting folk.....
  130. Help Needed: Advise for storage and organization.
  131. Looking for Graduated Corner Shelving
  132. My new cutting/ironing "table."
  133. Look what DH made for me.
  134. organizational challenge!!
  135. Resolutions already!
  136. Organizing UFO's for 2014
  137. Seriously...A Trash Can For Scraps
  138. How Do You Store Your Thread?
  139. Organizing New Year's Resolution for our Sewing Spaces
  140. Organizing UFOs?
  141. Lots of pretty organizing tools.
  142. initial set up
  143. Please share your ideas for hidden storage
  144. Jewlwery Armoire
  145. New studio almost finished!
  146. Repurposed cabinet
  147. how tall are you and how tall is your cutting table?
  148. My husband & I share.
  149. Look what I made
  150. Clever bobbin storage
  151. Storage and ironing space
  152. Re-Doing Sewing Room
  153. Help! How do you organize smaller pieces of fabric?
  154. You know you have to much fabric when
  155. Disposing of rotary cutter blades
  156. clear plastic storage
  157. would you put this on wheels (ironing surface)
  158. Its happening today
  159. I am done !!!!!
  160. My sewing room was getting outta hand!!
  161. Kitchen cart for cutting area
  162. Storage/ on the go/ organized
  163. Ideas for turning garage into a sewing room?
  164. rope template?????
  165. Fat Quarter Storage-how do you do it?
  166. Starting Over again...part two
  167. Starting over....again!
  168. Purging....accomplished!
  169. Narrow base cabinets for craft room
  170. Dining room = Sewing room?
  171. My simple space!!
  172. My redone sewing room
  173. Finally a Way to Store My Machine Needles
  174. New Craft Room
  175. My Newly Furnished & Re Organized Sewing Space
  176. cabinets or open shelves?
  177. Re-organizing and fixing up my sewing room
  178. Help! New Sewing room no WINDOWS
  179. update on my new sewing space
  180. Hanging folder fabric storage?
  181. Best places to get tables etc for quilting space.
  182. My Craft Room...
  183. Idea for Large Ironing Surface and Storage
  184. Do you separate fabric/scraps by color?
  185. Bernina Artista 730
  186. blinds vs curtains in the sewing room
  187. My wonderful new Quilting Studio!
  188. Ingenious ways to store thread - got any? :)
  189. What kind of flooring should I put in my sewing room?
  190. Attic sewing rooms with slanted ceilings...pls share!
  191. I need ideas as to what to use this for?
  192. Long Arm thread storage
  193. I finally have a quilt studio!
  194. Media Storage?
  195. Suggestion to organize this?
  196. Repurposed golf item - ideal for small storage
  197. Bebe's messy sewing room
  198. Look what I did all by myself
  199. Moving Stash
  200. Your Fave Way to Organize
  201. Sewing studio is being painted.
  202. Ideas on where and how you sandwich your quilts
  203. Finally recessed my machine
  204. DH made me a ruler rack
  205. Ideal sewing desk?
  206. Craigslist Customized sewing table
  207. Houzz
  208. Blah!!! lol!
  209. A last, a place to quilt!
  210. Need help downsizing/organizing
  211. New Koala cabinet and new room
  212. Asking for advice on storage carts
  213. Larger Ironing Board.. what do you think?
  214. My future sewing room
  215. Storage racks made with PVC pipes
  216. ergonomic sewing table
  217. Designing New Sewing Room & Would Like Your Suggestions
  218. Design Wall At Last!
  219. My Small Sewing Room
  220. Better lighting
  221. looking for opinions on IKEA furniture for my sewing space
  222. sewing room - pretty much done
  223. Lighting for new sewing room
  224. Quilting/Crafting studio
  225. Storing Scraps?
  226. Binder for my quilting patterns
  227. New Sewing Room
  228. This took two days??
  229. half way done cleaning out my sewing room
  230. HELP....with thread organization.
  231. Quilting tool
  232. GO! die storage
  233. New shelving is in.
  234. My sewing studio.
  235. Thank You Keep the Motivation Coming Please!
  236. What do cats and scraps have in common??
  237. Ironing board on casters?
  238. My Dream Cutting Table is For Real!
  239. See a video tour of Jenny Doan's studio
  240. Will you please post a picture of your fabric on comic boards?
  241. New Quilting Room
  242. Anyone have their sewing table in the middle
  243. My Leaders & Enders Setup
  244. Final modifications to studio, submitted to builder!
  245. Fabric needed
  246. Fabric amounts
  247. I am getting a new sewing space- can't wait
  248. Finally, my own sewing space/room
  249. Where To Hide A Bed!
  250. another way to use your fabric