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  1. July Fab Shop Hop Winners
  2. Quilt Record Document
  3. I have a Super, Secret Squshy Sender!
  4. Cutting Question
  5. designing a quilt on point
  6. Quilt show Sunday--and it's just me. Suggestions?
  7. "Patchwork Minus the Mathwork"
  8. Bear Paw
  9. brother pc420...any thoughts?
  10. Is there a free pattern anywhere.....
  11. Machine Issues
  12. Keeping track of projects
  13. Jane A. Stickle Quilt Poster (Dear Jane)
  14. about using old blankets
  15. Take Along Project Suggestions??
  16. Received a 'firmie' from another message board member!!!
  17. When you Hand Quilt
  18. made in the usa. should this be in links? or both?
  19. Strip-Piecing Wizard software from Quilt Pro. Is it worth the money?
  20. Question regarding basting spray
  21. strippy binding question...
  22. Isn't it nice when a gifted quilt is truly loved.
  23. Fabric online
  24. If you need a quarter-yard... exactly a quarter-yard...
  25. Anyone used fabric Charm Packs or Turnovers?
  26. Paper Piecing
  27. I took my first machine quilting class, yesterday
  28. Are you in a quilt guild?
  29. Finishing off an embroidered piece that I have sewn borders around
  30. Quilting Tack kits
  31. Planning a Mini Mystery Quilt
  32. Looking for a fabric
  33. WAL MART
  34. Christmas Ornament Patterns?
  35. To Pin Or Not To Pin, ..That is the question....
  36. Do you hand, machine or send out your quilt
  37. Having Trouble Deciding How to Quilt
  38. Sewing Machine Question
  39. Sewing Machine Recommends for Beginner?
  40. Troble with quilting hoops
  41. Has anyone made an applecore quilt?
  42. half square tri
  43. quilt pattern
  44. Which is more fun?
  45. Help! My Flying Geese are lumpy!
  47. Turning Twenty
  48. Ever had a day like this?
  49. Do you colour ur own fabric; do u do batik etc
  50. Prairie Points on man's quilt?
  51. A quilt was found on the highway after Sisters quilt show - please help identify the owner
  52. Bennington quiltfest
  53. Do you put your thimble on your pointer or middle finger when hand quilting
  54. Flip Flop Block quilt border question
  55. Statistics on quilt lost, then found
  56. question about sweatshirt fabric
  57. Ripping vs Cutting fabric
  58. Need help finding celestial type fabric
  59. 23 Secrets for Stress Free Quilting
  60. Monarch Deluxe Sewing Machine
  61. Setting out a square in a diamond.
  62. One more thread question for binding
  63. a/e thread
  64. What do you keep your fabric in?
  65. Double Wedding Ring or Lover's Knot
  66. Hubby's Quilt
  67. question about embrodery threads.....
  68. Trip Around The World
  69. Does anyone remember....
  70. microquilting
  71. One ENTIRE Day Shot!
  72. Copying Parts or All of Catalog Quilts
  73. the color in your sewing room??
  74. Sewing a felted wool quilt from old sweaters
  75. Reminder
  76. Anyone seen a "clip on" purse pattern?
  77. Four Patch easy units?????
  78. I need to get blue embroidery and quilting lines out of the material of my quilt.
  79. Flannel for backing & batting how warm?
  80. felting wool
  81. Have you ever started a quilt and hated to sew on it?
  82. Houston
  83. You know you have enough fabric when . . . . .
  84. About oil
  85. Is anyone else disappointed with Quilter's Newsletter Magazine these days?
  86. Newbie trying to understand quilt as you go
  87. May i ask the stupidest question ever????
  88. My first attempt at Paper piecing
  89. Quilt shops near Hammond NY??
  90. Childrens Patterns
  91. Does anyone here get quilters fatique
  92. New quilter starting out- what shall I supply her with?
  93. Help finding bias tape
  94. Can you help me get my steam iron steaming?
  95. do you know this one??
  96. Stab Stitch Quilting
  97. new chair
  98. what time of the day do you get the most sewing/quilting done?
  99. A gift for help?
  100. What quilt pattern was used in the movie The Proposal ?
  101. LakeHouse Hydrangea & Raspberry Fabric
  102. How many "Works-in-Progress" do you normally work on at a time?
  103. Who is your favorite manufacturer of quilt fabrics?
  104. Can I stop the dye from running?
  105. beginner's quilting class
  106. Your thoughts on being overcharged at an lqs (Warning: LONG)
  107. Has anyone tried the R.O.S.E. for thread count?
  108. Score!!
  109. Minnesota quilters UNITE!!!!
  110. Why bobbin areas need to be cleaned
  111. Question about scissors
  112. Tried a little FMQ
  113. To Wash or not to Wash?
  114. Are your LQShops still open?
  115. pattern blocks - something that quilters might be able to use
  116. Please help me figure out this problem
  117. Magazine
  118. Making Quilt Labels by Computer using Freezer Paper
  119. Tote Bags
  120. What is the silliest thing you did while quilting?
  121. a firmie for a tiny hint - THANK YOU
  122. Fat Quarter Question
  123. Press to the side or open
  124. Think I've gone completely mad...
  125. old quilt of the
  126. Where to buy flannel
  127. help with a project
  128. Mary Jo's
  129. Question
  130. Hand Embroidery Shrinks ??
  131. Quilt Odyssey
  132. Designing baby quilt from story need advice
  133. Buffalo Fabric!
  134. Stitching in the ditch
  135. How does one surprise a fellow member with a squishy.......
  136. Quilt Out Loud show will debut Thursday the 30!
  137. I m dead scared to start quilting( i think i will do machine quilting cause of my painful arms/hands
  138. need help with borders
  139. Organizing Batting Scraps - Ideas?
  140. Hey, you North Carolina ladies
  141. help with turned applique technique?
  142. BellaOnLine quilting quiz
  143. Christmas fabric?
  144. Fat Quarter Fonts quilt book
  145. Building a stash
  146. Why would a pattern have one draw match points if it's all on 1/4" seam?
  147. Viking Sapphire 830 & Connecting Threads thread
  148. Felt vs. Armo Fleece or Thermolam?
  149. Batting......................
  150. It's never to early to schedule a shop hop!
  151. Help; anyone who does hand embrodery?????( i am doing stitchery/contour embrodery)
  152. Fabric from Walmart
  153. cross stitch
  154. quilt idea?
  155. A few questions i need to ask you; one is what is Quilter's Bicycle Clips
  156. Need help with Quilt Guild IDEAS.
  157. bulk in the middle of many joined seams
  158. Crocheters....... LOOKING FOR pg 4
  159. are your stitches even on the back
  160. prairie point question
  161. Need help finding book/designer ???
  162. Go Fabric Cutter and it's accessory dyes
  163. Insul-bright
  164. Chicken Wing Fabric?
  165. How to wash & dry?
  166. Making this small hanging for my daughter's birthday
  167. 505 spray and fix, where to buy
  168. Thread for Redwork
  169. blocks with a rectangular center?
  170. I Need some help!
  171. Would appreciate your opinion: EQ5 / EQ6 vs Dear Jane software
  172. Quilt as Desired???
  173. New To Board--looking for pattern
  174. Quilting pattern needed
  175. How do you begin to start cutting your fabrics - say a two yard piece?
  176. 3D Faux Catherdal Window Pics
  177. thanks izy for this tut on crumb blocks
  178. Whats your favorite batting? wool, cotton, poly?? any special brand (s) ????
  179. For you who wanted / francied looking at my beginning fabric stash
  180. Looking for pattern.
  181. How much to pay a sewing or quilting tutor?
  182. JoAnn coupons
  183. My Janome is possessed!!!! It sews on it's own.
  184. Looking for quilt shop in Wisconsin
  185. First attempt at free motion stippling
  186. Heart and circle cut rulers
  187. Why do you quilt?
  188. applique bird
  189. Ok Panda. Here is the Press-n-seal experiment
  190. Taking first tentative steps to longarming
  191. Having trouble with matching multitude of colours
  193. I am just sick!!
  194. Thread Count in Quilting Fabric
  195. Wide quilt backing
  196. Using Plastic templates for the first time
  197. A newbie wants to try hand piecing. Maybe!
  198. Continuous Prairie Points
  199. Looking for Patriotic Sampler Pattern
  200. SCORE! Close-out sale!
  202. That new fabric smell
  203. Why I thought I wanted this I don't know.
  204. Am i daft; is this silly or should i...... I need help
  205. sweatshirt jacket?
  206. Needle holes in white on white fabric
  207. how to keep edges from fraying on a top
  209. putting together a treadle cabinet?
  211. iron seams open
  212. Machine Quilting is Fun!
  213. Just had to share...
  214. pfaff 2170 sewing and embroidery machine
  215. Popcorn the Bear?
  216. Monopoly fabric
  217. Long Beach International Quilt Show
  218. I did what??!!
  219. Quilt Frame Help
  220. Trapunto questions
  221. Charm Squares Quilting Book
  222. My own personal mini Shop Hop
  223. How do you convert an industrial Long Arm to go on frame?
  224. Question about the Quality of Connecting Threads fabric
  225. Can Anybody help me find this Pattern?
  226. Quilty stuff around Gettysburg in September.
  227. My favorite big quilt show is no more
  228. Working with Minkee fabric
  229. How terrible would it be to use fabric that is not all cotton?
  230. Shelly the Long Arm Quilting Lady in Wilbur
  231. baby lock embroidery machine
  232. Headed to Sedona - any good LQS?
  233. 20 rep quilts and milk program
  234. Echo Quilting on Regular Machine, How???
  235. In Need of Quilting Inspiration???
  236. Pebble fabric and the AQS Show.
  237. What batting would you use for a class?
  238. Good old P.O.
  239. Received new fabric need suggestions for coordinating colors
  240. I ran away from home today.
  241. International Quilt Show, Long Beach, California
  242. I lost it. There was a website that had free patterns sorted by block size.
  243. Fons & Porter Binding Tool
  244. Babylock Designer's Choice vs. Viking Emerald 183
  245. Hiring A Long-Armed Quilter
  246. Dear Jane blocks
  247. headed to Wichita...any good quilt shops there?
  248. Help needed
  249. Quilt for a wedding
  250. Have i messed up?