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  1. JoAnn's special on batting
  2. Cart organizer
  3. Kona Solid Fabrics
  4. Dream Weaver
  5. Just one comment. "This ain't woodworking buddy"
  6. Buying thread online?????
  7. please, help with ideas
  8. Will you brainstorm with me? Quilt Block names
  9. need help finding a patteren
  10. Anyone have success using bobbin washers with plastic drop in bobbins?
  11. 206 plus 35
  12. Rugs, and mugs and gift wrapping
  13. Dial n' Sew
  14. My sister's dream quilt
  15. Need some fabric prep advise...
  16. What to name our quilter's group
  17. How much time daily do you spend on Quilting Board? and what do you look at first?
  18. Which stabilizer to use
  19. Looking for Tree Pattern..Please help
  20. Squaring Up
  21. Do you use thread the same color as your backing?
  22. Learning new things
  23. Feed Sacks
  24. Paper Pieced Christmas Tree Quilt????
  25. Pellon Natural Cotton batting vs. Warm and Natural
  26. If you've made a quillow.....
  27. Anyone else working on Merry Merry Snowmen by Bunny Hill?
  28. Does anyone have either of these bags?
  29. Do you have quilting friends like this?
  30. Do you have a favorite red solid fabric?
  31. Name of Fabric under appliques/ embroidery??
  32. It holds my pedal in place!
  33. Ironing Table or Ironing Board?
  34. Need some Help with online pattern....calculating fabric needed
  35. how do you count stitches when handquilting
  36. Bought A Jelly Roll..... Now What?
  37. Freezer paper applique ??
  38. Can you name just one?
  39. hst's ?
  40. Which thread is best?
  41. I need sugestions!
  42. Fabric marker print bled on label
  43. Border Strips Question
  44. Two different fabric binding.
  45. Retayn in a front loader?
  46. Quilt Shops in/near Henrico, VA?
  47. Longarm quilting
  48. Good day yesterday!
  49. just curious
  50. Anyone use Martelli free motion quilting rings?
  51. cotton + bamboo batting
  52. What is your experience with Hobbs Polydown?
  53. Ideas for quilt themed Christmas ornaments
  54. Help needed!
  55. Stacks 3 pattern question
  56. batting question
  57. fabric calculator
  58. unorthodox basting idea
  59. Would it be OK to tie a GFG?
  60. The sides of my quilted cushion are a 5"thick foam.
  61. Made fabric selection. First quilt. 9 patch. Material reminds me of Mom
  62. when the did I change my blade????????
  63. All Pin Basted, Now What? Need help
  64. Basting with glue
  65. Bubble velour as backing
  66. Cleaning
  67. Reducing glass for quilting
  68. My husband and son fixed my iron!
  69. Advice needed
  70. Hand Quilting Question
  71. PLEASE Help find a pattern
  72. tissues for pocket tissue holders
  73. Men's Ties - What to make with them?
  74. Denim Rag Quilt
  75. Bolts of Fabric
  76. Fiskers strip cutter
  77. Has anyone visited Marshall Dry Goods
  78. UFO Update and Craft Show Results
  79. Miss Penny is taking me shopping at Whittle's today. Really excited!
  80. Saving Pages
  81. snowball quilt, quilting suggestions please
  82. Getting ready for my LA!
  83. Bernina BSR
  84. I saved a lot today...
  85. BSR skipping stiches-I can't find the post with advise.
  86. Does anyone use this kind of ruler for cutting?
  87. Many have asked for the quilt tote pattern I use.
  88. Applique - How much do I fix, and how?
  89. What Do You Use To Adhere Your Cutting Mat?
  90. Help please
  91. Half Hex
  92. Instructions for Making an Ironing Surface
  93. Afraid to start, lil twister Christmas tree skirt
  94. Please DON'T let me volunteer again!
  95. Rotating Mat
  96. odd sized blocks to make a quilt
  97. Ohhhh noooo. Why UFOs happen
  98. 3D Embroidery and Windows 7
  99. New to quilting but not sewing...
  100. I need help with a rag quilt please.
  101. A question for all...
  102. New idea to ensure 1/4" seam allowance
  103. I am a semi beginner quilter
  104. Question about Minkee
  105. How many stitches per inch for piecework and why?
  106. Bargello!!
  107. Assistance in quick patterns
  108. spacing question
  109. babylock tiara
  110. Made half doz tops now. Is it silly to want a HQ Sweet Sixteen to learn to quilt on?
  111. why i love qb swaps
  112. pricing for batting
  113. Need Advice - Quilting with Minkie
  114. Batting Question---
  115. Do You Ever Starch/Best Press Jelly Roll Strips or Charm Square? Will it mishape them
  116. FINALLY found some inspiration
  117. Trying my walking foot...what should I stitches be set at?
  118. Basting spray question
  119. searching for a past post, please help
  120. Help! Steam-a-Seam Question
  121. Quilt Shops I visited on my trip to Oregon!
  122. I need advice about removing an oil stain
  123. Please I need math help with churn dash
  124. Thank you
  125. Appreciate your advice--PLEASE!!!
  126. 505 Spray back or front first?
  127. A funny story from the Quilt Fest at Santa Clara
  128. Safety Pins that won't rust?
  129. Our most embarrassing/funniest mistakes while quilting/sewing
  130. I see an addiction forming...
  131. YOUR OPINION re:"Tin Lizzie" and frames
  132. Scallop Edges
  133. Almost started binding
  134. embroidery designs for quilting
  135. Janome Horizon owners
  136. Advice needed on Watercolour Quilt
  137. janome 8900
  138. I wanted to upgrade my Elna 7200 to a reconditioned 7300 but
  139. Help! My quilt is too thick for my Kenmore ...
  140. Need some help resizing a quilt pattern
  141. French Braid Quilts
  142. Paper Piece Gear/Cog pattern
  143. Sharyn Craig's Cutting Corner Ruler
  144. Half Square Triangle/Tips for more perfect
  145. help! opinions needed!
  146. glue basting questions
  147. Help PUCKERS are getting the best of me
  148. Step by Step
  149. Will lady luck be with me??
  150. Puzzled about scissors...
  151. how would you quilt this?
  152. Quilting Clubs
  153. Looking for Pattern - Uses Pinked Edge from Charm Pack
  154. Viking Designer SE
  155. quilt as you go
  156. Rectangular pineapple block-where can I find one?
  157. ANyone with a Janone memory craft? Can you help me?
  158. Pounce
  159. Upholstery Quilt!! Got enough pieces.
  160. Steam-A-Seam2 for applique vs ziz-zag
  161. question about John Flynn's Storm at Sea constructions
  162. Any Iowa quilter with upcoming show info?
  163. Great Ironing Surface
  164. diamond log cabin pattern
  165. Friend needs a little help
  166. Plastic vs Metal Foot
  167. machine quilting. blergh.
  168. Does anyone have or use a tool case like this one:?
  169. What stitch length do you prefer when doing regular machine quilting?
  170. Program question
  171. I was volunteered! Help!
  172. Help!!
  173. Is it possible to sharpen scissors too sharp??
  174. Bernina quilt motion
  175. Why many books have no instructions for 2 1/2 inch binding?
  176. Thanks for Silly Frugality Thread
  177. Missing templates
  178. Help with borders
  179. yo yos
  180. Has anyone bought fabric lots from ebay?
  181. 2 1/2" binding, how wide do I sew it? 1/4"? 3/8"? ??
  182. Looking for pattern called "Intertwined" by Hancock's of Paducah Vol. 59
  183. using organza in a quilt advice needed
  184. returning a sewing machine
  185. HELP!!!! Need Hat Pattern
  186. does any one own a pro flex quilting frame... need help
  187. thread
  188. Crazy Quilt
  189. mistakes I've made
  190. Garden gloves for quilting
  191. How do I square strip of stacked coins that are not squared
  192. Paper piecing
  193. easy pattern for these fat quarters
  194. treadle machine ?
  195. What's it worth?
  196. Help me with binding selection...
  197. Panama City, Florida-Quilts on the Bay
  198. Feed sack fabrics
  199. Bernia 440 BSR Question-HELP
  200. Landscape quilt - large area without quilting
  201. Do you know the name of this quilt block?
  202. Picture
  203. If there's one thing I've learned ...
  204. Took the plunge and I'm so excited!
  205. For those with a Juki 98/200/2010 - binder foot?
  206. Advise Needed for Memory Quilt
  207. newbie block of the month question
  208. Pattern for crib bumper
  209. Birthing a quilt
  210. Opinions on the Singer Futura Quartet on Hsn TS?
  211. I can't figure this out......
  212. Table Cloth Pattern
  213. How much should I charge??? help
  214. Paper piecing info
  215. security blankie
  216. One More Walking Foot Convert and One More Question
  217. Spool of thread instead of a wound bobbin?
  218. Best thimble I have ever used!
  219. Log Cabin Trim Tool Two
  220. Table top ?? Quilter
  221. Need help with a quilting dilemma
  222. Need help locating tissue holder pattern
  223. Fairy House made of fabric.
  224. Interesting gadget...anyone try it?
  225. Antique quilts
  226. Scrap Christmas ornament
  227. scrappy quilts using 2.5" squares
  228. Giving ten minute table runners as Christmas gifts?
  229. Using polyester batting for first time...
  230. I went shopping also
  231. Borders?
  232. Shopping spree today
  233. It's Election Night - Let's Sew!
  234. Sewing machine for grand-daughter??
  235. Paper Piecing
  236. Need assist on cutting out the quilt back. Am really stuck for what to do.
  237. What go pay friend who's stippling a baby quilt??
  238. Update on my new pattern!
  239. "Big Momma"(?) batting
  240. Need help please
  241. Warmer!
  242. No EQ8 in the foreseeable future
  243. Gift for friend who sews?
  244. How to put out an iron fire?
  245. Foolish cheapness
  246. Sewing Machine Needles?
  247. Pattern for pinwheel block
  248. Scallop Edge Pinking Scissors
  249. Please help! Searching for a Log cabin block
  250. I need someone who knows long arm quilting frames to look at this