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  1. Help! need ideas for fabric I bought. Want a large lap throw.
  2. Be on the lookout for mini-charms 2 1/2" squares
  3. Will a frame fit??
  4. Questions about Brother PE 770 Embroidery machine
  5. Quilt pattern recommendation for Grandpa's old plaid shirts?
  6. Tough choice....
  7. Is "Kona" cotton a brand name or is it generic like "muslin"
  8. How do you decide?
  9. Searchng for specific fabric
  10. Well I went and did the deed.........
  11. babies babies every where
  12. Ideas, please, for 5"xWOF strips
  13. All young quilters out there...
  14. My first Table topper
  15. Need your opinion: buying used embroidery machine Brother 180PED
  16. Blessed at a Yard Sale
  17. Which quilting magazine?
  18. Fort Bragg, CA Quilt Show
  19. Pattern Identification
  20. Stitch Length
  21. Thinking of buying a longarm
  22. the best advertisment
  23. Artist Statement
  24. Marking Magic - spray chalk
  25. curious
  26. Singer 160
  27. Do you pre-wash batik when using with regular jelly rolls
  28. Prairie Pointer Pressing Tool - Anyone have one??
  29. Big OOPS at garage sale!!
  30. My iron bit the dust
  31. Buying Batik in Singapore
  32. To all you quilted bag makers
  33. what size backing and what size batting should i buy?
  34. beside suborning the wonderfully talented amish quilters into slavery....
  35. does anyone use an art table as a cutting table?
  36. I'm no longer a virgin !!!!
  37. would like to have a pattern or tuitorial for a fabric flower
  38. UFO driving me crazy!!!
  39. Questions about using templates
  40. BOM sites----free
  41. I have a confession...
  42. Backstitching on blocks
  43. "Honey, could you please go to the basement and get the pliers so I can...
  44. Crafty online classes
  45. Do you use pincushions?
  46. 150th anniversary of the original Jane Stickle Quilt
  47. Serger
  48. Need help Locating U-tube tutorial for hemming circles
  49. RE: to Cindy Peters
  50. Now I've seen it all (U gotta see this!)
  51. Looking for a quilt picture/name/pattern, HELP!!!
  52. Help with pricing used Long arm
  53. Bounce ironing spray is wonderful!
  54. Longarm chat site
  55. in the middle of the night
  56. Long shot..Anyone doing the Union Square BOM at Pinwheels QS?
  57. Looking for a template
  58. Need to rent LA time
  59. How do you insert a perfect circle into a background?
  60. New sewing maching NEEDED! Need tips.
  61. looking for " GIGANTUOUS" FOOT
  62. flowers, birds, etc for templates i need some guidance please!
  63. Long(er) Arms
  64. the IKEA machine
  65. HELP - Need This Xmas Wreath Pattern
  66. dreaded math question
  67. Your favorite applique quilt pattern - need advice please
  68. question about sandwiching a quilt
  69. very excited!
  70. Free or Low Shipping
  71. Lancaster Visit Over
  72. Finally I scored!
  73. making a coupon saver
  74. Aurifil Thread
  75. Quilt Shop Recommendations, Western North Carolina
  76. Jelly Roll Race Quilt
  77. Hand Embroidery, how do you secure your threads when starting & finishing
  78. Viking Ruby VS Viking Diamnod
  79. Basting Pins
  80. How much to charge to make a quilt....
  81. Opinions: D9P or Stacked Coin pattern?
  82. Have you tried to make your own color catchers?
  83. Not sure what to do
  84. Tin Lizzie 18LS
  85. Small X-Mas Tree Skirt
  86. 2 questions that have been driving me crazy...
  87. Acid Free Fabric Storage
  88. Under the Sea progress
  89. Can I mix batiks and non-batiks without prewashing?
  90. I need help finding a picture of a quilt I saw on here.....
  91. Burying Threads???
  92. Missing two blocks from the 2011 houses BOM
  93. Binding question
  94. JoAnn's story continued...
  95. How do you calculate yardage for larger quilt?
  96. Emroidered Quilts
  97. Rotary Cutter Help
  98. A Big Thank You and hope the recipent reads this (V. Munni????)
  99. Used cutting blades
  100. Where did it go?
  101. Calvin and Hobbes fabric
  102. Quilt Layout
  103. Quilted to Death
  104. Soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  105. Let's talk about grain and off-grain.
  106. bobbin tension? not catching stitch in FMQ
  107. Iron-on interface vs. water soluble stabilizer
  108. another copyright question
  109. "Sit down" long arm industrial for FMQ
  110. Aurgh...I will never not prewash again...
  111. Cautions on fabric etc.
  112. Paper piecing Dear Jane
  113. Knots??? on the back of my fabric....
  114. Finding pinking scissors
  115. Washing a Rag Quilt
  116. Quilt blocks given to me today :-)
  117. Pfaff Classic Style Quilt 2027 Sewing Machine
  118. Marshall's
  119. Last Week Wool Batting; This Week Cashmere
  120. Sewing / Quilting Machine ....which one?
  121. sewing machine repair in WI
  122. Color Catcher Warning..when washing fabrics
  123. Color combo's you are tired of seeing?
  124. Squaring a large quilt on a table
  125. French Braid Quilt Top
  126. Crazy quilt Templates from Missouri Star
  127. bargello quilt pattern
  128. monofilament thread
  129. Boston Album quilts
  130. Synthrapol?
  131. Had to bring this baby home....
  132. Old Quilt
  133. noahs ark quilt
  134. Accuquilt users: GO vs Studio?
  135. Help! Does anyone know this pattern!
  136. Anita Goodesign Embroidery Party
  137. Tip for Quarter Inch Seam Guide
  138. Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold or Brother Quattro 2
  139. Do you know this pattern?
  140. How much would it cost to have a large quilt basted by a LongArmer?
  141. SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine
  142. Patterns for doggie beds
  143. Duvet Covers?
  144. Help needed!
  145. What's the longest it's taken you to complete a quilt?
  146. Men's tie quilts
  147. Swap shipping?
  148. Buying old/antique quilts
  149. Bleeding
  150. video showing how to set blocks with sashing on point
  151. triangles
  152. Bernina foot for Applique?
  153. I now have scraps!
  154. Well, there go my plans....
  155. Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine...HELP????
  156. help with preventing gathering on back of quilt when hand quilting
  157. Need help finding a particular Sashing pattern
  158. Hmmmm...Anyone dealt with Cherished Pieces Online Store??
  159. I lost it... someone might have posted
  160. Help with pattern, please
  161. help need baby ideas
  162. Free motion quilting on Viking #1+
  163. Which is better...?
  164. Has anyone made a T-shirt quilt ?
  165. Finished Piecing First Quilt Top
  166. Best Books for Easy Bargello & Scrappy Quilts
  167. name of this embrodiery quilt
  168. when people talk about going to Market...
  169. Kenmore model 158-1450180 ? Clutch problem
  170. Quilt as Group Gift?
  171. Question for those who use a die-cutter (like AccuQuilt, etc.)
  172. Ombres? Are you using them?
  173. Decorative stitches on quilts??
  174. ?? Up and down Jelly Roll Did I do this right???
  175. mountain mist patterns
  176. Setting the color
  177. What thread do you use for hand embroidery?
  178. Best settings on Janome for fleece?
  179. Washing a quilt
  180. making rag rugs
  181. Three in one sweep
  182. Patchork and Quilting in Greece.
  183. sew, sew, sew!
  184. Guild Nametag
  185. Sashing and quilting
  186. Found the potholder pattern
  187. Baltimore Block Victorian Cut Glass Urn of full blown roses
  188. Harry Potter fabric question
  189. Rowenta fire - update
  190. Baby Blankets - Self Binding
  191. Rulers to get started
  192. Drunkard's Path Story
  193. How Long Do You Leave Your Sewing Machine "Idle" Before Turning Off?
  194. A simple warning!
  195. I'm looking for a post
  196. Anyone have the smarter by pfaff c1100pro, babylock serenade, or singer L-500?
  197. Fusing Felt to Cotton
  198. Do you know what OFLA means?
  199. Donating Quilt Tops
  200. 2 layers of batting
  201. I'm so excited
  202. Wall Hanging Kit
  203. Do I use a dry iron or steam iron??
  204. Speaking of measuring.
  205. Did you ever.....?
  206. my brain hurts
  207. Gift appreciation
  208. What iron do you use?
  209. help with new iron
  210. squareing a quilt
  211. Just Curious
  212. Since Wool batting doesn't shrink...
  213. Big stitch hand quilting
  214. How much to charge to teach sewing to someone?
  215. I Can Sew a Perfect Seam...
  216. Embroidery Thread advice
  217. Renting a long-arm questions
  218. need help locating pot holder tutorial
  219. Question re: swaps
  220. how do you use 2 rulers to cut 6 7/8"' square?
  221. Looking for pattern suggestion
  222. It's not quite summer, but I need a snowflake block pattern ASAP!!!
  223. Bobbin winder ?????
  224. I finally found a great deal!
  225. thinsulate batting
  226. drunkards path quilts
  227. What simple pattern to use hand dyed fabrics in?
  228. What is homespun fabric?
  229. What is the biggest mistake you made when making a quilt?
  230. Fabric from Connecting Threads
  231. Placement of applique - your opinion
  232. High Shank? Low Shank?
  233. Looking for a pattern or other info from this picture
  234. Have you ever....
  235. Juki F600 Sewing Machine
  236. Georgia Bonesteel
  237. janome 2030
  238. Moda's #1 group at Quilt Market last weekend
  239. Have you tried this tip for ironing fabrics?
  240. Couple of Tips for Dear Jane and anything else...
  241. new to quilting - need confidence boost
  242. Pillow sham suggestions
  243. whether to buy quilting machine
  244. Scared to get started....
  245. Anyone attending Accuquilt Retreat in Nebraska in June?
  246. Kaleidoscope stuck! =)
  247. Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Vol 5
  248. can this ruler be saved>
  249. Could someone explain something to me, please?
  250. Kayak quilt