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  1. Another estate sale find
  2. Log Cabin Question
  3. How could I think June was August?
  4. embroidery applique designs in search of
  5. Insulated batting vs regular batting
  6. finding a quilted teddy bear pattern
  7. I am crying, but they are happy tears----
  8. skipping stitches
  9. When do you start thinking about Christmas and holiday projects?
  10. formaldehyde in fabric?
  11. Quick question - "quilt as desired"
  12. PP Puckering Has Me In A Pickle
  13. If someone were to paint us a picture
  14. Seams to match up in a diamond quilt
  15. Finding a ruler - help, please
  16. I need help
  17. Baby Shower gift delemma
  18. Quilt with Wool
  19. Water soluble stabiliser as a quilting template?
  20. Template materials?
  21. June Fab Shop Hop
  22. Special type of batting for a baby quilt
  23. Help with Easy Quilter
  24. New Home for Old Machine
  25. Need the secret (or maybe just some advice) with bleeding batiks
  26. Ahhh I finally did it I ordered a longarm!!
  27. My First Charity Quilt Update
  28. Christmas Fat Quarters
  29. craigslist find HORN 2140 quilters dream
  30. Block For Hearts
  31. Patriotic Quilts
  32. Jelly Roll Race 1600 experts? I need your help!
  33. New member who desperately needs help!
  34. "So Long...Farewell" Quilt Pattern - Mary's Cottage Quilts
  35. Looking for some help.. Thanks :)
  36. washers for rotary cutters (Olfa and Fiskars)
  37. Bloggers’ Quilt Festival : Spring 2012
  38. What is the fair price to pay someone to make store displays?
  39. My first quilt.
  40. Binding Question. please help!
  41. I need help
  42. Wrist problem
  43. Need help...
  44. Which design to quilt the border pictures attached.......
  45. our modern quilting tools
  46. Trying to find a post....loads of info on cutting blocks and half triangle maths
  47. Do you know the name of this block?
  48. Can you help me?
  49. Beginner quilter
  50. Inexperienced needs help with proposing to girlfriend!!
  51. rotary cutter
  52. Quilt Labels
  53. Happy easy override for the low bobbin sensor!
  54. Chain pieced squares
  55. Is quilting a hobby or an art?
  56. 10 minute block question
  57. Looking for fabric.... shop search info
  58. Handquilting Thread
  59. My "old" sewing machine is working again!
  60. New Janome 6600 ~ and have a few questions!!!
  61. Dropping Feed Dog on Touch n Sew
  62. Janome 6600 problem
  63. Just learned how to ....
  64. sewing machine cabinet
  65. Loews plexiglass for templates - thanks
  66. Do you quilt over the 1/4" narrow folded inside border?
  67. Can I round up???
  68. Batik treatments?
  69. Alto's Quilt Cut 2 versus specialty rulers
  70. Peacock Quilt - Need more advice on FMQ
  71. Book themed material
  72. Applique Thread-upper and lower
  73. Light boxes
  74. I need some help
  75. half square triangles made with sewing 1/4 inch all around
  76. Quilting a jelly roll quilt
  77. Peacock quilt - need more fmq advice
  78. Need Inexpensive source of pre-cuts
  79. Need help with some quilt decisions
  80. Q About Fairy Frost--Is it difficult to work with? Ambitious quilt, does it melt?
  81. Denim & t-Shirt Thoughts
  82. I think they mate!
  83. BabyLock Ellisemo
  84. Finally back to quilting and QB!
  85. t-shirt quilt
  86. Baby Lock Serger BL3-407
  87. does anyone know what foot this is?
  88. Buying batting on rolls
  89. Quilt Binding Express Is It Worth It?
  90. Do you have a good online source for white on white fabric--LQS carries very little
  91. Help picking a machine
  92. Quilt show judges
  93. I'm so excited!
  94. Quilt Karma
  95. Making an "Oh My Gosh" quilt--pure insanity or not? I'd love some tips from the sage.
  96. I'm jumping in..starting my journey into developing a scrap system
  97. Redwork - one or two layers of fabric?
  98. Do they make a Mid-Arm 16"-18" machine that will do a straight stitch and FMQ
  99. HST quilt question
  100. cutting blocking question from a Newbie/Novice
  101. FM queen size on DSM
  102. mahjong fab
  103. help with scardy cat fabric
  104. update: Can this top be saved?
  105. Aunt Grace
  106. Help! Need mitered binding tutorial????
  107. DeColourant...have you played with it yet?
  108. question for those with viking saphire or viking tribute 140c...
  109. Free Motion Foot Question
  110. 1/4 inch seam allowance??
  111. Binding
  112. what pattern to use
  113. cardinal rules: will i burst into flames?
  114. Binding help?
  115. Janome Memory Craft 4800QC
  116. So happy with sewing machine purchase.
  117. i need help with John Flynn's method of diagonal backing
  118. help with cone thread holder
  119. Some days you just have to laugh!
  120. Panels for quilting?
  121. Embrodiary Information question
  122. Ironing seams
  123. Anyone in Northern California Find the new Bounce Spray??
  124. Quilt shops in Morehead City, NC?
  125. How to cope with 'odd' width Bali Pops or other strips
  126. Serge before you bind?
  127. New to me machine
  128. need your help finding
  129. Drapery Cord or clothesline Needed Please Help
  130. Does anyone know????
  131. Question 2 - quilting a 10 minute block
  132. Question 1 - batting
  133. Just purchased New HQ Avante
  134. One Quilt, Two Women
  135. Hand quilting with big stitches
  136. Quilter's chalk line
  137. Dresden plates --- with a wide center
  138. Go-to thread color?
  139. 44"-45" Inch Fabric Not Measuring Up
  140. How do you store it? Help would be apprciated.
  141. $70 bucks a month! Seriously!
  142. Arrgh - just found out about a baby shower for tomorrow!
  143. My Goodwill Score for Today
  144. How to use yoyos?
  145. Christmas quilts in June???
  146. Jar quilt block....
  147. Flannel used with regular cotton?
  148. All the "thank you" when giving quilts...
  149. need help
  150. The best way and quickest way to applique stars for baby quilt
  151. Need a math wizard...
  152. What to use to transfer designs onto a quilt top? Ponce suggestions, tips??
  153. New Craftsy Block of the Month today
  154. Bohn Marking Pencil
  155. Batting?
  156. Ideas wanted for making queen size quilt with a panel..please.
  157. Greens--jelly roll/fabric yardage....
  158. Help! need ideas for fabric I bought. Want a large lap throw.
  159. Be on the lookout for mini-charms 2 1/2" squares
  160. Will a frame fit??
  161. Questions about Brother PE 770 Embroidery machine
  162. Quilt pattern recommendation for Grandpa's old plaid shirts?
  163. Tough choice....
  164. Is "Kona" cotton a brand name or is it generic like "muslin"
  165. How do you decide?
  166. Searchng for specific fabric
  167. Well I went and did the deed.........
  168. babies babies every where
  169. Ideas, please, for 5"xWOF strips
  170. All young quilters out there...
  171. My first Table topper
  172. Need your opinion: buying used embroidery machine Brother 180PED
  173. Blessed at a Yard Sale
  174. Which quilting magazine?
  175. Fort Bragg, CA Quilt Show
  176. Pattern Identification
  177. Stitch Length
  178. Thinking of buying a longarm
  179. the best advertisment
  180. Artist Statement
  181. Marking Magic - spray chalk
  182. curious
  183. Singer 160
  184. Do you pre-wash batik when using with regular jelly rolls
  185. Prairie Pointer Pressing Tool - Anyone have one??
  186. Big OOPS at garage sale!!
  187. My iron bit the dust
  188. Buying Batik in Singapore
  189. To all you quilted bag makers
  190. what size backing and what size batting should i buy?
  191. beside suborning the wonderfully talented amish quilters into slavery....
  192. does anyone use an art table as a cutting table?
  193. I'm no longer a virgin !!!!
  194. would like to have a pattern or tuitorial for a fabric flower
  195. UFO driving me crazy!!!
  196. Questions about using templates
  197. BOM sites----free
  198. I have a confession...
  199. Backstitching on blocks
  200. "Honey, could you please go to the basement and get the pliers so I can...
  201. Crafty online classes
  202. Do you use pincushions?
  203. 150th anniversary of the original Jane Stickle Quilt
  204. Serger
  205. Need help Locating U-tube tutorial for hemming circles
  206. RE: to Cindy Peters
  207. Now I've seen it all (U gotta see this!)
  208. Looking for a quilt picture/name/pattern, HELP!!!
  209. Help with pricing used Long arm
  210. Bounce ironing spray is wonderful!
  211. Longarm chat site
  212. in the middle of the night
  213. Long shot..Anyone doing the Union Square BOM at Pinwheels QS?
  214. Looking for a template
  215. Need to rent LA time
  216. How do you insert a perfect circle into a background?
  217. New sewing maching NEEDED! Need tips.
  218. looking for " GIGANTUOUS" FOOT
  219. flowers, birds, etc for templates i need some guidance please!
  220. Long(er) Arms
  221. the IKEA machine
  222. HELP - Need This Xmas Wreath Pattern
  223. dreaded math question
  224. Your favorite applique quilt pattern - need advice please
  225. question about sandwiching a quilt
  226. very excited!
  227. Free or Low Shipping
  228. Lancaster Visit Over
  229. Finally I scored!
  230. making a coupon saver
  231. Aurifil Thread
  232. Quilt Shop Recommendations, Western North Carolina
  233. Jelly Roll Race Quilt
  234. Hand Embroidery, how do you secure your threads when starting & finishing
  235. Viking Ruby VS Viking Diamnod
  236. Basting Pins
  237. How much to charge to make a quilt....
  238. Opinions: D9P or Stacked Coin pattern?
  239. Have you tried to make your own color catchers?
  240. Not sure what to do
  241. Tin Lizzie 18LS
  242. Small X-Mas Tree Skirt
  243. 2 questions that have been driving me crazy...
  244. Acid Free Fabric Storage
  245. Under the Sea progress
  246. Can I mix batiks and non-batiks without prewashing?
  247. I need help finding a picture of a quilt I saw on here.....
  248. Burying Threads???
  249. Missing two blocks from the 2011 houses BOM
  250. Binding question