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  1. Rec me a book, please! Or, y'know, several...
  2. How do i use a ruffle attachment for my janome?
  3. Pressure Bar Adjustment?
  4. Help: quilt still stiff after 1st wash
  5. New old machine!
  6. Got a kit. . . Where do you start?
  7. opinion - would this work for thread portrait?
  8. Help! My Favorite Ruler Broke
  9. Piece Sizes
  10. Making BIG IRONING BOARD - batting, insulbrite, or both?
  11. JEWELED FOREST Pattern from McCalls
  12. football textured fabric
  13. Self Threading Needles
  14. Mill End Textiles
  15. Velveteen quilts
  16. Have you ever THROWN AWAY brand new fabric? ON PURPOSE!
  17. Labeling a quilt?
  18. Fabric Book For Babies
  19. I was in a hurry to finish and made an oops!
  20. Looking for Kitchen Towel Topper Tutorial/Directions
  21. Trip to Phoenix, AZ What Quilt Stores are a "Must visit"
  22. Love doing notions and gadgets reviews: please help with suggestions!
  23. Home from Houston
  24. need 20" square suitable for on point setting
  25. UFOs
  26. Binding maker and winder
  27. How long have you gone without any sewing?
  28. bamboo batting
  29. Fusible batting
  30. What to do With 199 yards of Flannel
  31. Duh, a machine quilting disaster
  32. Help sewing together Minke fabric
  33. How I customized my own "home page" for QB
  34. Two Surprises for me today
  35. Idea's for quilting a sampler quilt
  36. Quilts Without Corners Book: Tree Skirt Pattern
  37. batting, thick or thin?
  38. insulbrite- which is the shiny side??
  39. Houston International Quilt Festival
  40. How do I find a Block
  41. As God is My Witness, I Will Never Use Monofilament Thread Again--Oh My Lanta!!
  42. How to create an image that looks like free-motion quilting
  43. Cutting table
  44. Please help me find!
  45. Pictures of the reverse side of quilt tops
  46. Weekend warrior
  47. Beginning quilt classes that want perfection!!
  48. Much needed advice
  49. Backing Fabric... Where from?
  50. stablizer Memory quilt
  51. Just a little something I whipped up last night....
  52. Must binding be from cross-grain fabric?
  53. Jelly Roll 1600
  54. Anyone Familiar With Textile Creations Fabric?
  55. Using designer fabric
  56. Help!! What am I doing wrong?
  57. Wooden Hanging 14 Slot Ruler Holder
  58. overboard with the seam ripper
  59. Is there a trick to
  60. How Often Is Thread on Sale at Connecting Threads?? Need to Replentish My Supply
  61. Viking Husqvana 500 sewing machine
  62. I love this fabric so much I don't want to cut it
  63. New machine dilema...what would you do?
  64. I love estate sales... my first FW cabinet
  65. Thread from Connecting Threads?
  66. Remake of Vintage Grandmother's Quilt
  67. Just a machine needle reminder
  68. Piecing Borders to Quilt Top
  69. Viking Husqvana 500 sewing machine
  70. z&s Fabrics - has anyone ordered from them?
  71. Just bought a Bernina 820
  72. What are you making for your MEN this Christmas???
  73. Pattern Help
  74. Invisible thread ?
  75. Fabric Stash/Scraps
  76. Christmas Ornament Party
  77. one of 'those' days
  78. A quilt by any other name ...
  79. table runner and place mats
  80. store my sewing needles in
  81. Where do you buy your binding?
  82. Transfer Eze vs Sulky Fabri Solvy
  83. Stiff Fabric
  84. need help with pattern
  85. Aurifil Thread Cones
  86. Grinch xmas quilt?
  87. Tin Lizzie Longarm 18.8
  88. time to stop for now
  89. Guess what I was gifted!
  90. What's the secret to successful, smooth pin-basting???
  91. I Did It!! Paper-piecing is now my friend!
  92. Bias Binding
  93. Craigslist Alert! Wisconsin
  94. Organizing Fabrics
  95. Son's misfortune is Mommy's Gain
  96. Bow tucks purse
  97. houston international quilt festival
  98. need help : The Glaciers wall hanging
  99. Trying to figure out what this block is
  100. Could somebody help me with the math?
  101. Anyone Ever Use Flannel for borders/backing?
  102. Batting for table runners?
  103. Do you FMQ on Janome 1600P,6600or Pfaff Expression 3.0?
  104. How to in-large a pattern in Adobe Reader
  105. rose pincushion picture
  106. Why advice against tying quilts?
  107. Ugh! Ever have a brain fog day?
  108. itty bitty primitive tool
  109. for those who sell at craft shows... what's the best way to put the price on?
  110. pincushion-how do I do this
  111. What is the Feed Module?
  112. Your favorite "can't do without" tools?
  113. Oliso pro Iron
  114. Now that we have electric...
  115. Looking for a goodCathedral Window tutorial...
  116. What are your favorite quilt magazine subscriptions and why?
  117. Whew! What a year in quilting!
  118. White fabric paint/marker ???
  119. Layout of Blocks such as Loralie, etc-NEED HELP
  120. Ideas for quilt pattern please.
  121. iPad and Quilting
  122. I got a new machine yesterday!!!
  123. paperdoll quilt- I need advice
  124. Viking Recall
  125. Quilted scarf help
  126. Joann's coupons
  127. Best fabric paint
  128. Kings Men Quilting? Gone?
  129. Need Pattern for Doggy Coat...ASAP
  130. What have your children learned about sewing/quilting from you?
  131. Meet Kristine
  132. Embroidery Machine Question
  133. Buttons sewn on by machine....
  134. Templates for a long arm
  135. Ouch!!!
  136. Skeleton Quilt for Halloween..
  137. I need help in making a neat border on a hexagon table topper.
  138. paperdoll quilt- I need advice
  139. Major mistake quilting
  140. Designer SE Question
  141. Going to try to post a picture of my stack and whack
  142. Flannel Rag Quilt Question
  143. Houston International Quilt Festival
  144. I have a question regarding preparation for a tied quilt
  145. quilt shop going out of business
  146. 12" finished disappearing 9 patch
  147. Shiva paintsticks
  148. paper pieceing
  149. need advise
  150. Would you buy this machine?
  151. Some on was looking for Snowman looking in a window.
  152. query about quilting density
  153. Looking for Squares Squares and More Squares
  154. Well, I'm going to be different :)
  155. How Do You Keep Layers From Puckering?
  156. Thoughts from Patrice
  157. Crazy Quilt and Tissue Paper
  158. Two Color Quilts
  159. Guess what came in the Mail today - My Jeweled Forest Pattern
  160. My QB secret angel - trying to thank
  162. Sashing or no??
  163. how to see original post in a thread
  164. Asking for advice...
  165. Girls Apron and American Doll Apron
  166. Folded Dahlia Block...Help!!
  167. My XMAS Gift
  168. Help with edges on a fusible applique wall hanging
  169. photos
  170. Quilting On A Sewing Machine
  171. Pieced Backing
  172. Need Help Please ! Fusible Web???
  173. Remove Musty Smell From Fabric
  174. If you had $5000 for a quilting frame/machine setup....
  175. Batiks and Hand Piecing
  176. 2 day sewing seminar
  177. Using the Grace Company Numbered Cloth Leaders
  178. Church Quilting Groups
  179. Anyone have a Viking Mega Quilter 9 & Next Generation?
  180. mobile ap info - found it....almost looks like the old board
  181. Sapphire 875
  182. Items for sale?
  183. Log Cabin patterns
  184. Mug buckets finished
  185. How many quilt projects do you usually have going at once?
  186. First Quilting Frame & Machine
  187. Disappearing nine patch question
  188. Most Amazing Thing Happend Today at Houston Quilt Show
  189. How do you hold your scissors?
  190. I have three Jelly Rolls and need suggestions..
  191. Quilt retreat
  192. Proud to be a Quilter
  193. Quilting brings me to my "happy place"
  194. Crossginny, are you around? Question about Mini bow....
  195. Visit to Portland, Oregon
  196. How do I set a bookmark???
  197. Learned New things
  198. Is there a difference in Batiks?
  199. Bunny Hop?
  200. 1/4" quilting foot question
  201. What do you have your Studio cutter on?
  202. Stitch in the Ditch vs Echo Stitching
  203. CW denim quilt
  204. Probably about to ask a really dumb question but.........
  205. My Pages
  206. Avitar pictures
  207. Where are the pictures????????????????????
  208. Seeking Suggestions for Quilting a Log Cabin Quilt
  209. Hand Piecing Flannel
  210. Amazing Quilt Shop
  211. Four Patch from Jelly Roll
  212. Pfaff Hobby 1200 Grand Quilting Machine
  213. Twister quilt
  214. Brother Sewing Machine?
  215. help with quilting my new project
  216. What the quilting world needs.....
  217. Muslin needed
  218. Is there a directory of hand-quilters? or just LA quilters?
  219. Are Some Online Fabric Store Shipping Fees Justified?
  220. Need help with ruler
  221. Long Arm Quilting with Minky
  222. Viewing New Posts or Today's Posts
  223. Just found "Go to New Posts" Yeah!!
  224. Super member
  225. Rhonda's tutorial on enlarging blocks
  226. Get Signature Back
  227. small gestures
  228. Red & blue envelopes to left of post titles
  229. my messages & log in
  230. Help finding what I need
  231. little colored envelopes
  232. Looking for help - how to edit profile
  233. Is there still a place to find my topics and my responses?
  234. Quilt as you go.
  235. Does anyone have an arrow chair
  236. I just made the font larger!!
  237. Just trying out new things!
  238. Quilting Board coming in via e-mail
  239. Freezer paper and having way too much fun
  240. What's the difference - Hoffman Watercolors & Kaufman Prisma Dye Batiks
  242. Backing fabric
  243. What does thread yard, sizes and weight mean
  244. Houston....Are you ready!
  245. Thank you quilters
  246. Sliding Tools
  247. Sharonb- I cant reply to you via PM.. MY INBOX IS FULL !!
  248. silicone thread conditioner
  249. Houston Quilt Show - Do I take a tote bag?
  250. What would you buy first???