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  1. "Practicing" longarm quilting - without thread?
  2. Backing ???? from newbie
  3. Issues with first quilt
  4. Which is the weakest link?
  5. quilt as you go
  6. Baby Bibs
  7. I need baby quilt advice!
  8. chenille potholders
  9. Trying to find a pattern
  10. Elna 7100 vs Janome 1600P vs Something Else?
  11. question about baby clothing stored in the attic for 20 years
  12. Quilt Marking
  13. I have also fallen in love with discover I have pronounced it wrong :)
  14. Best sewing machine ?
  15. Help finding fabric
  16. Favorite quilt magazines?
  17. Cleveland, OH quilt shops
  18. New FMQ tool-really cheap
  19. Quilt Ornaments
  20. Binding bags...
  21. Did not bookmark, please help.
  22. can you print to material?
  23. Interfacing for T-Shirt quilt
  24. Machine names
  25. Help needed for yardage amount
  26. John Flynn Frame
  27. question to all those with handy husbands
  28. binding question
  29. Janome 6600 tension
  30. Do t-shirt quilts need a stabilier?
  31. Marking pencils, pounces. stencils ? I want to start quilting at home !
  32. Washing fabric
  33. Machine advice needed now - so confused
  34. I have 52 purchased quilt patterns, how many do you have?
  35. Need help with border size
  36. Opinions re size of FMQ
  37. Need help with border size
  38. laptop carrying case
  39. Newbie needing help
  40. Anyone ever had their Stitch length dial on their Bernina quit working??
  41. Piecing batting
  42. Janome Jem Platinum 760
  43. Fussy cut chickens and comments
  44. Any pattern-holics here? I gave up fabric some time ago,
  45. trouble feel my pain
  46. Gidget 2 table
  47. Off set or crocked center square
  48. 2 color quilt pattern
  49. thread???
  50. My timing stinks
  51. newbie with more questions
  52. Hand Quilting Needles
  53. Do You Want Directions for Multiple Sized Quilts Included in Price Of Patterns?
  54. Do YOU: Finish THIS one ... before starting THAT one????
  55. Looking for advice
  56. HELP! M.I.A. Block: Kansas City Troubles Sampler quilt
  57. What do you think of my idea for basting quilts?
  58. Lst night I met the Quilt Police!
  59. FMQ help needed please
  60. Do you ever use an ironing press?
  61. Quilt Pro Program
  62. Zodiac Quilt Idea
  63. Pattern for Baby Quilt
  64. Help, What To Do With Cathedral Window Pillow Tops
  65. Looking For a Pattern
  66. Where to buy quilt hangers?
  67. Inexpensive sewing machine with wider throat?
  68. Looking at the Viking SE LE - tell me
  69. Stitch length?
  70. Need inexpensive sewing machine
  71. Iron cover
  72. How to use a thread net?
  73. help
  74. Squeaky Quilting
  75. This might be a dumb question, but......
  76. Where do you get your inspiration?
  77. Update to my HELP!!! Why is this happening post. I think I got it!!!
  78. warm'n'natural and potato bag lining
  79. Bindings - is there an advantage to bias?
  80. Quilting using old clothes
  81. Have you had this problem?
  82. Two Posts that Helped Me with Leaking Iron and Warped Cutting Mat
  83. Pros and Cons of a Rotary Fabric Strip Cutter
  84. Help finding a quilt pattern
  85. Another dumb mistake!
  86. Clothing from quilting it ok?
  87. connecting threads
  88. polyester or cotton batting for qayg?
  89. Have anyone tried to quilt a crewel work bedspread??
  90. frames for home machine quilting
  91. I have found a great pencil for marking fabric
  92. Suddenly, I'm actually sewing again.... I'm over the mental block!
  93. Update on post re. 440 making tiny, tiny stitches
  94. Fabric help
  95. batting advice
  96. My "must-do" project is nearing completion!
  97. My son
  98. Liquid Starch When Blocking a Wall Hanging?
  99. Quilted books..... anybody made one?
  100. Machine emborider quilt layers
  101. Suggestions Please
  102. Channel quilt for leg pain
  103. Trying to get motivated
  104. HELP!!! Why is this happening????
  105. who went to Joanns today?
  106. Need help, how much do I charge??
  107. Stitch Regulator problems
  108. Quilters Dream Request Batting
  109. Discovering that I LIKE "hand work"!!
  110. Help In Re-Sizing A Block
  111. Basting a large quilt with glue - how do you do it?
  112. (two) quilt questions *updates!*
  113. Pacafil Quilting batting questions/feedback
  114. Fabric treasure trove...
  115. Kaye Wood Hawaiian Hexagon Quilt Tutorial
  116. traveling with your ruler and mat
  117. Fabric Covered Key Fob Question
  118. I need to make a baby quilt
  119. Quilt Guild Meetings
  120. Solids other than black...favorite brands?
  121. Doing your own LongArm Quilting at your local quilt store
  122. have you ever done this?
  123. Longarm quilting question
  124. Looking for a first quilt idea
  125. Help with applique
  126. Need help with borders!
  127. Sewing machine throwing a fit...chewing up corner of fabric
  128. Carpinter's Star or Wheel
  129. Anybody besides me save these things?
  130. Advertisements for sale, found one from 1957 for my own machine.
  131. Memory quilt
  132. Help please - how can I get rid of fusible glue?
  133. quilt as you go
  134. Quilts by the Sea
  135. freemotion quilting
  136. What kind of batting should I use???
  137. Has anyone seen this type of quilt (and pattern)?
  138. Speaking of flannel.....
  139. An early Birthday Present to myself
  140. New iron
  141. Accuquilt Go! Strip Cutter
  142. Purse plastic rings
  143. Thrift Store find
  144. Question for long arm quilters
  145. What I see as a Longarm Quilter
  146. Virtual Quilting anyone?? To hot to play outside.
  147. Book Shelf Quilt
  148. boy do I need help!
  149. Cutting Mat
  150. Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt has a new Tutorial out
  151. Sewing machine covers
  152. Wonder Cut Ruler and Strip Tube Ruler - the same thing?
  153. Rummage sale score!
  154. Quilters Club of America?
  155. Question about flannel
  156. Which Thread for a Longarm Machine?
  157. Thermore Ultra Thin Batting - anyone used this?
  158. My daughter gave me a terrific birthday gift!
  159. Oliso Smart Iron
  160. Triangles?
  161. Help HELP! I broke it!
  162. Quilting Pens/Pencils
  163. Embroidery Color Thread Conversion Chart
  164. question about rotary cutter blade sharpeners
  165. My new "baby" came home last night.
  166. Math help with backing
  167. Advice from a Singer Sewing Manual - 1949
  168. Are you in NYC? Where do you buy fabric?
  169. Impatiently waiting
  170. Quilt on Joann's W&N ad yesterday?
  171. What is your favorate Dresden plate template....
  172. Help needed
  173. Anyone have and use this new ruler?
  174. Embroidery Designs
  175. Need the last 3 sample blocks from the July "Fabshophop" Help
  176. what would you name your quilt store?
  177. If a LAer finds a 'problem' with something you've sent to him/her - - -
  178. Calling all retirees
  179. Triangle in a square ruler
  180. Joanns ships to Canada now!
  181. Looking for good quality sewing/quilting machine
  182. Churn Dash Block
  183. Dukes Dilemma
  184. length of ties on tied quilt
  185. Using Laser Jet instead of Ink Jet?
  186. Flying Geese
  187. Look what I found at Harbor Freight
  188. Fixed my thread shredding problem
  189. quilt patter by helene knott
  190. Jo Morton pattern ID?
  191. What Kind of Thread?
  192. Fort Worth Fabric Studio--anyone ordered from them
  193. Vacuum attachment for cleaning machine
  194. HSN Singer Signature Aug.2nd
  195. Necchi Supernova Sewing Machine
  196. Quilted rocker runner covers
  197. Applique on backing of quilt
  198. I have mastered a quilters knot
  199. Quilt backing - cotton/poly flat sheet or pieced cotton
  200. What is the best stabilizer for quilt top applique?
  201. warm and natural?
  202. Hand Quilting
  203. Bernina 1300MDC serger
  204. fleece question for rag quilts
  205. NW Quilting Expo in Portland, OR
  206. Houston fabric store
  207. Using leach to change Color
  208. Web site?
  209. decorative stiches - need advice
  210. Advice Please
  211. What size is a "scrap"?
  212. Shopping in South Carolina
  213. pressing cloth
  214. Template with 'sharpening edge'
  215. fussy cutting?
  216. "organic" fabric
  217. Quit Shops in the Knoxville, Iowa, area
  218. Messed up quilt back from long arm quilter
  219. Needle help with making rag quilts
  220. A Serger Question Please
  221. Massey Quilt
  222. Cheater fabric
  223. My Geese at the Cabin is leaving home
  224. seam ripper
  225. Anyone make their own appliques?
  226. Got 2 new quilting books in the mail today!!!!!!
  227. Question on an online fabric site
  228. Union Jack Quilt block pattern
  229. Embroidery Machine experts out there?
  230. Machine keeps making tiny, tiny stitches. What should I do? Aurora 440
  231. i LOVE our "items for sale or trade" section!!
  232. Figuring yardage
  233. Quilt shops along I-10 from Tallhassee to Lafayette La
  234. Fabric Prices
  235. Is it possible to trade down at a dealer?
  236. Printed fabric issue
  237. Tangrams
  238. Teaching a Workshop at a Guild
  239. redwork hand embroidery patterns
  240. Sewing or quilting shows on TV
  241. Crayola Washable Dry Erase Markers
  242. How Old Is Vintage?
  243. Elmer's washable clear school glue
  244. janome 6600 or the horizon
  245. Help with the July Fab Shop
  246. Great Customer Service
  247. embroidery thread
  248. Guess what???
  249. Paper pieced crab pattern
  250. Grandmothers flower garden help