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  1. Used HQ Sweet 16
  2. T shirt type quilt made with jackets
  3. Have you ever worked with chenille?
  4. 10 minute blocks with two colors in center of block
  5. The Princess has arrived!!
  6. Best Things I Bought online and Love, Love, Love
  7. Question for you Longarmers
  8. Ack! Tension
  9. Anyone use "Forever cushions" while at the machine?
  10. Help in a hurry.... how to use large prints in a quilt
  11. Best way to ship a queen size quilt?
  12. Pinwheel Blocks
  13. Shemtz needles
  14. Any users of this chalk paper?
  15. Impressed with freecycle
  16. 17 yards of batik
  17. Hexagon quilt question
  18. Need flufflier batting
  19. Dead sewing machine
  20. Grand Rapids Michigan Quilt Show
  21. Looking for Baby Room picture
  22. Moda Full Circle
  23. feeling sad that it is all gone
  24. How Long Do You Wait to Get on Your Long-Armer's Schedule?
  25. Accomplished my goal
  26. What I learned at quilt retreat
  27. Okay, now I feel stupid!
  28. Needle-Turn Applique and FMQ
  29. An Early Christmas Gift
  30. What do you know about treadle machines??
  31. Hand Quilting - Thick Seams
  32. Sewing in a cold basement, HELP!
  33. 12 Quick and easy 12" blocks
  34. Jandt machine quilting frame
  35. Left over GFG segments...what would you do?
  36. Rag Quilt tute - love the flannel and Jean one she shows toward the end of video
  37. what is the weirdest material you have used in a quilt?
  38. Quilting Board Friends
  39. Best needle for machine quilting?
  40. I Have Chance To Buy a 20's Singer Machine
  41. String Quilt Borders
  42. Pressing Strip Sets
  43. Baby's monkey quilt..
  44. Do you press your binding?
  45. I Need More Light to Quilt by... Lamp Recommendations?
  46. Piecing with muslin
  47. Look for a Pattern
  48. Round Robin's and Swaps
  49. Can't fnd this on the internet?
  50. Do you do this?
  51. I finished my quilt
  52. Recuperation
  53. Do You Belong to Any Other Quilting Message Boards?
  54. First visit to LQS
  55. Quilt Shops in the Houston area
  56. Broke my sewing machine my finger!
  57. Looking for pumpkin colored velvet - help!
  58. Quilt Store Quality Fabric
  59. Help deciding on block layout for Boom8 -- 3 choices for you :)
  60. French Braid Pineapple Block
  61. How do i find a quilt retreat
  62. Janome 6260, automatic needle threader..
  63. Which blocks?
  64. Square in a square block
  65. Seam ripper help!!
  66. What was your best purchase at a show?
  67. Need Help Finding A Pattern
  68. Help - where did this come from?
  69. KC Sewing Expo
  70. Suggestions needed
  71. Square Embroidery Hoop for Bernina?
  72. Quilting on DSM
  73. design wall Mondays
  74. Can rotary cutters fly?
  75. Janome Sewing machine question
  76. Sec. Quilt
  77. Dose anyone here collect old wooden spools of thread?
  78. Looking for Canadian flag/mapleleaf fabric
  79. I need some help on binding amounts!!
  80. 8 things I would like to thank the Quilting Board for .....
  81. Backing 108" ?
  82. Sewing Machines: Metal or Plastic
  83. What was your biggest waste of money?
  84. ???Best scissors for cleaning up raw edge applique????
  85. Georgia quilters
  86. Has anyone ever made a rag quilt with fabrics other than pure cottons?
  87. Pink Damask for Baby Quilt
  88. What to charge??
  89. Sashing yardage
  90. dresen plate
  91. Have you turned a quilt top into a duvet cover?
  92. My machine is skipping stitches even after changing needle 2 times--what else ??
  93. Mettler Thread
  94. Anyone here from Yuma,AZ
  95. One-Block Wonders
  96. Fabric book cover
  97. Bold Colors For Fall
  98. Has anyone used this new product when making purses?
  99. Janome MC6600p Monogramming
  100. Where do I begin?
  101. How to clean your jelly roll
  102. How to use Used Coffee Filters for Art Quilts.
  103. Best darn scissors ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. Kenmore Walking Foot
  105. cleaning bobbin area question
  106. Advice needed for a tumbler block quilt
  107. Frustrated
  108. Good Morning! working on the Grinch that stole christmas
  109. Joining batting/wadding
  110. What's this process called?
  111. lots of talk about retreats
  112. Playing with a jelly roll...
  113. How do you cut and organize scraps
  114. Stabilizers
  115. Nephew's Rag Quilt
  116. Help - Trying to find a cotton panel with the AF Seal
  117. Pacific International Quilt Festival
  118. Floriani Total Control Software
  119. Honor bestowed on my quilt
  120. Hand quilters - wool batting
  121. need stocking stuffer ideas
  122. How do you feel about entering quilts in to local fairs?
  123. Self mending board problem
  124. Kenmore age
  125. Passage Quilts....who does them
  126. Quiltworks
  127. Bias binding tool
  128. Quilting designs for popular quilt patterns?
  129. Ruler method folding question
  130. Will this work? (strange new-to-me idea)
  131. Retreat
  132. What are you doing this morning???
  133. Longarm quilting machines
  134. too many quilts, not enough time
  135. Quilting with embroidery machine
  136. Scalloped Rotary Wheel for Rag Quilt?
  137. Machine Problems
  138. Brother QC 2000 - anyone else have one too?
  139. Need help deciding which cd of Carol Doak's to buy
  140. Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt
  141. Kitten Basket in Applique Quilt Revival
  142. Solid colors for CW fabric quilt?
  143. Need help with partial seams.
  144. Fab Shop Hop Designer's Showcase blocks
  145. HELP making breast cancer quilt need
  146. Christmas, planned?
  147. First Quilts
  148. dying muslin
  149. Thread color for Halloween quilt
  150. Deodorizing fabric
  151. Color help
  152. Best Way to Mark Stencils on Dark Fabric
  153. Help for a Newbie
  154. Iron?
  155. site to print diamonds?
  156. What a mess - advice needed
  157. Help !
  158. Blueberry Crumb Cake by Moda
  159. Cutting FQ's
  160. Ideas for quilt group challenges
  161. quick - quilt shops in Cleveland? . . .
  162. Baby doll quilt size
  163. Midwest Quilt Shop Quest--Calling all Midwesterners...
  164. indentifying batiks?
  165. Finishing a "Quilt As You Go"
  166. FMQ patterns to mimic ocean waves.....
  167. How many Feel sooooo Terrible after a quiltshow that:
  168. How many of these Charity quilts do you do???
  169. Best All Purpose Table
  170. Great timing!
  171. Famous ladies..............
  172. HQ Sweet 16/Babylock Tiara Table to Frame, is it possible?
  173. DesMoines Quilt Show
  174. Stitch In the Ditch Tool
  175. Need pattern for Homespuns
  176. Basic block question
  177. PE Design Plus
  178. best quilt shops in Concord/Charlotte NC
  179. Lesson learned
  180. What quilting projects do you take to a quilting retreat?
  181. FabricWorm Fabric Store
  182. Pricing quilts
  183. Suggestions for a new machine
  184. Help! How do I quilt this?
  185. Do you think it's okay to use rayon thread to quilt a Project Linus quilt?
  186. Spice Market Quilt Fabric - I found it!!!!
  187. New Joy quilting frame
  188. Binding a Table Runner
  189. No UFOs finished, but a lot of work done
  190. Math
  191. 1/4 seam
  192. My second quilt.
  193. Storing fabric
  194. Embroidery machines
  195. Marking your quilts
  196. search help
  197. Problem with Janome 8050
  198. Paper Piecing -- Mistakes I Made
  199. I need some wallhanging ideas.
  200. longarm considerations . . .
  201. Quilting something that has already been bound?
  202. ?? cleaning June Tailor mat
  203. my experience with Folded Corner Unit
  204. can you help me
  205. Help Tin Lizzie owners------
  206. Where can I buy / order good quality tea towels
  207. Paper Piecing Info Needed
  208. Fabric with constuction equipment on it
  209. Do you know how to find this tute
  210. looking for pattern
  211. Piecing Triangles
  212. It Never Fails
  213. The shrinkage of batting
  214. Mountain Myst cream rose batting?
  215. Batting pieces
  216. Help - How to Re-line Vintage Sewing Basket with padded inner lid!!
  217. Free Motion Quilting - inconsistent & loose bobbin stitches
  218. Dumb question -- any ideas?
  219. Need pattern help, please
  220. Insane or not?
  221. Quilting question.
  222. Foam Boards for material in Newnan Ga.
  223. Foundation piecing is too hard for me
  224. Quilt labels
  225. I hate free motion quilting! can you advise how to get longer stitches?
  226. quilting with walking foot
  227. It happend - specialty glue stick for fabric
  228. Anonymous "Gift Horse"...Suggestions?
  229. question about batting (I wish I'd paid more attention!)
  230. Firefighter Quilt?
  231. Angel Quilt?
  232. Needlebooks / needle cases
  233. Looking for a pattern
  234. Need new bag patterns
  235. Pop in my mind
  236. Watching Movies
  237. Help needed
  238. JOY:) I can now prewash and dry my quilt fabric in a washer and dryer
  239. Remember Quillows?
  240. Feeling lighter
  241. What to do with the tails?.......
  242. Help - I have a curve
  243. Needing advise on border
  244. Fabric for backing a pillow
  245. Shocking comment
  246. Need help - quilt as you go
  247. Organ needles
  248. Best quilting machines??
  249. 73!! And counting...(Quilts in progress & to do...)
  250. Teaching FMQ