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  1. I am looking for someone who published a quilt called the shoebox quilt.
  2. quilted bag suggestions?
  3. Quilt Marking Pencil Secret????
  4. Using a Featherweight machine
  5. Maple Leaf stems
  6. Kaleidoscope pattern-triangles, not OBW??
  7. Jelly Roll Race 2
  8. Thank you so much from my quilting buddy in Mississippi!!
  9. Pellon substitute for Timtex
  10. Looking to buy a sewing machine - - - Janome 7330?
  11. Help! Question on Mondo Bag
  12. Machine Applique Question
  13. Auditioning Borders for Bed Runner
  14. Kinda it totally ruined?????
  15. Ric-Rac quilt, help finding it please
  16. Testing a sample versus washing the whole piece of fabric
  17. Old version of EQ question
  18. what would you do?
  19. Easy Patchwork Lattice Baby Quilt
  20. Twister Wall Quilts
  21. Elna serger
  22. Advice please!!
  23. how much overhang?
  24. Too Blessed Help
  25. Did getting an AccuQuilt help you make quilt patterns you never considered before?
  26. Suggestions needed
  27. quilt without batting??
  28. Quilting/school supplies
  29. churn dash with log cabin
  30. Help Customizing Microwave Bowl Pattern
  31. How is this quilt made?
  32. Does batting wear out?
  33. Help me locate a post
  34. quilt label problem
  35. Need help with outside zipper pocket
  36. Satin Stitch Blues
  37. Jelly Roll Race 2
  38. Sometimes it's hard to admit who you are - am I nuts?
  39. shoud i wash
  40. To fix or not to fix--that is the question
  41. Update on taking sewing machine on a plane
  42. ? Bargello tote bag pattern
  43. Does anyone know what this quilt round is called?
  44. Help with fabric search
  45. help...need funky quilt idea
  46. making pot holders - is interfaced material ok?
  47. Hershey Quilt Show
  48. Trouble naming a special quilt - see pic at post #12
  49. working on Bed Runner
  50. Can i clean my ironing table cover?
  51. Fat Quarter: how big?
  52. Need some help in calculating please!
  53. The major cause of my UFOs
  54. I just finished 3 little fish top
  55. QAYG outcome
  56. What is the difference?
  57. Twisted seam in Jenny's video
  58. thrift shop quilt--60s or 70s fabric?
  59. one more round?
  60. Worried about my Quilter's Dream wool batting
  61. Batting question
  62. Canadian Quilter's
  63. fixing a old family quilt
  64. double or single wedding ring quilt
  65. Tried it a different way!
  66. Quilting with fibro is soooooo...........
  67. Pattern??
  68. How do I tell if feedsack material?
  69. Do you have a favorite "go to" pattern you use over and over?
  70. batting question
  71. Humidity and batting
  72. finishing binding by hand
  73. Thread Holder
  74. Mission Accomplished!
  75. Embroudery super deal?
  76. Help finding a pattern
  77. Question
  78. Help with hst sizeing
  79. Marathon Thread
  80. New pattern?
  81. Odd question for Farmers wife quilt makers
  82. Grand Rapids Quilt Show Help Please.....
  83. Looking for MSQ mug rug pattern/link
  84. Rotary Cutter
  85. New Quilt Shop opening soon - does anyone know anything about it?
  86. Linen Napkins--any ideas
  87. Need gift ideas please.......
  88. New machine for classes and workshops
  89. Another tshirt quilt question...
  90. cutting out directional border fabric
  91. Need pattern ideas for batik
  92. What Is The Name Of This Pattern?
  93. Help!
  94. needing advice, please
  95. What to Do with Fabrics that Keep Bleeding Dye
  96. wedding ring quilts
  97. Q? Fleece Batting/Tied Quilt & Space between Ties
  98. Tension issues
  99. Help me find.....
  100. Quilt Back From Happy Crafters (Reasonable Price Place)-What Do You Think?
  101. Sisters Quilt Show
  102. Heavy Duty Machine
  103. how to quilt old doilies??
  104. Beginners bargello book
  105. Army Rules about Quilts?
  106. Luna Soy Soft Batting Experiences?
  107. any takers for meeting up at Sisters, Or. quilt show on saturday?
  108. Need idea for 30s repro charm packs--bed runner or lap quilt?
  109. Help! Looking for topic concerning thread holes in batik squares.....
  110. Janome Memory Craft 6500P - Opinions?
  111. Wool fabric question
  112. ?? On charity quilts
  113. Three fabric quilt!
  114. Crayola Quilt
  115. Stitch regulator for Janome 8200.....
  116. Why are we always in a hurry?
  117. need suggestions for something that goes together quickly
  118. Caring For/Storing "Vintage" Fabric
  119. teach me how to operate my HQ Avente Pro-Stitcheri
  120. I need ur help to finish my quilt
  121. Yardage per pattern do you have
  122. Help! My first attempt at FMQ!
  123. Quilting Software
  124. If anyone has done this pattern, Please HELP????
  125. UFO's, the laugh is on me.
  126. Any ideas for what to do with this panel?
  127. What Embroidery Design Software Do You Use? Baby Lock
  128. pfaff 2044
  129. What I did yesterday/today
  130. New Laundry Detergent
  131. Back my silk fabric BEFORE sewing?
  132. have these scrappy pieces....need a pattern to make
  133. Need advice or ideas
  134. Wadding/Batting as outer layer
  135. Lining blocks
  136. La Petite Ecole fabrics by Moda Fabrics
  137. Need Minkee Binding Help!!!
  138. Fons and Porters Imperial Diamond Quilt
  139. Do you know what pattern this is?
  140. Seedy cotton batting
  141. Need train quilt pattern
  142. Have you cut a Storm at Sea using an AccuQuilt?
  143. best mid arm quilting machine
  144. Does anyone have a pattern for a 10 inch house block?
  145. dealer machines vs boxed - seepost 55 for mfg response
  146. Where to buy AccuQuilt machine?
  147. wide backing flannel
  148. how do I make this into a cushion cover, please?
  149. Name of Quilt pattern seen on missouri star quilt company FB page?
  150. Advice for newbies
  151. Midarm quilter - need your opinion about mixing quilting technique
  152. Looking for good fabric shops between Birmingham and Kentucky
  153. Help with spray basting
  154. Eq7 ?
  155. out of print fabric
  156. Bearding...what can you do?
  157. Four patch center
  158. The Jelly Roll Battle
  159. T-shirt Quilt Problem
  160. Has anyone made "The Necessary Clutch"?
  161. Inklingo? Pros and Cons, please
  162. Galveston
  163. Do you cut more than one pattern at a time?
  164. Here I go on another Bargello... :)
  165. How often does AccuQuilt run sales? Just missed a Summer Sale
  166. Design suggestions would be much appreciated.
  167. what to do? opinions please
  168. Embroidery software for Mac computer?
  169. Pricing Quilts to Sell
  170. something went wrong w machine free motion quilting
  171. batiks 100% when used?
  172. Paper piecing and the center of star has bulk
  173. Juki TL2010Q vs Brother PQ1500S
  174. Row by Row Problems
  175. using insul bright in potholders
  176. covering a piano bench
  177. Accuquilt technical question
  178. Minnesota quilt shops
  179. Quilt Show Entry Advise
  180. HST question
  181. Opinion, please - quilting for placemats
  182. How do you cut logs for a log cabin and not lose your mind??
  183. Help! Melted fabric onto my iron!
  184. I'm looking for free Pete's Paintbox block instructions
  185. Scored a Singer treadle sewing machine base!
  186. Fabric Choices - Input needed Part 2
  187. hexies -running stitch vs whip stitching them together
  188. spring handle scissors - do you oil yours?
  189. using glue - any tips to be sure it all washes out?
  190. Brother PQ 1500s thread cutter cuts bobbin thread too short.
  191. can't find on line fabric store
  192. Barn quilts
  193. I have narrowed down my 2 favorite for sit-downs...,,
  194. Any Interest in Swapping Two Inch Squares?
  195. Memory quilt help
  196. What color thread?
  197. question: does it matter where buy a pellon interfacig? ( same style number?)
  198. Wanted to say Thank You!!
  199. Fons & Porter Twilight Modern Star Quilt
  200. Such a frusterating day!!!
  201. Rag Quilt Question
  202. Adhesive LED lights
  203. Spring Pinwheel or Rhapsody
  204. pattern name??
  205. Slow Stitch Movement
  206. sigh....
  207. Finished quilt
  208. Advice needed for autograph quilt...
  209. Placemats: Cotton batting or Flannel???
  210. Larger Ironing Board
  211. Can anyone tell me the name of this pattern?
  212. Favorite teacher?
  213. HELP: Using Purchased bias quilt binding
  214. Quilt shops in Wisconsin?
  215. A Quilt For Comfort
  216. The right sewing machine needle
  217. Can you please post your favorite casserole/pot carrier patterns?
  218. Jinny Beyer doing hand piecing?
  219. What pattern is this quilt?
  220. 5 point Star block made from a cut up Nine patch block
  221. Happy dance for my machine
  222. Easy diaper bag pattern-free
  223. Welcome to Virtual Quilting Weekend, Fourth of July Edition!
  224. Fabric is too stiff!
  225. Question About Hand Piecing
  226. Help with math please
  227. Any Must see quilt shops/fabric stores in Dallas TX?
  228. Hexie Tutorial that was about 2 weeks ago
  229. Looking for mystery quilt
  230. Just when you think you got it...ugh!
  231. do you really need paper when peicing some quilts?
  232. What did I get myself into! Any suggestions?
  233. Question about plain fabric quilting
  234. Where can I find.....
  235. Fidelity mats
  236. Argyll Pattern
  237. Jelly roll Wash or not to wash?
  238. Wichita Row-by-Row
  239. What quilting process/technique keeps you humble?
  240. Paper Piecing Find
  241. Ideal Humidity for Storing Fabric and Thread?
  242. Using salvages
  243. How to get the pattern?
  244. Help needed
  245. Any 4th of July Sale Favorites?
  246. How Many Machines Do You Have/Use?
  247. How to track the quilts you want to do
  248. Online Retailers
  249. Help needed to name quilt
  250. Dresden hexagon quilt block- can you help?