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  1. Applique glue question
  2. Saturday Sampler class today
  3. Need help with my little experiment on threads.
  4. Can you mix these?
  5. Enlarging the Take 5 pattern
  6. I'm still in disbelief and overwhelmed!
  7. Embird - Newbie Needs Advice
  8. Has anyone gone from a Longarm to a Sit-down Quilting Machine?
  9. Dumpster Diving Divas
  10. Help please!
  11. Paducah Quilt show
  12. Make blocks bigger?
  13. Queen size water bed
  14. Machine Question
  15. Talk about Surprised!!
  16. Gingher cutting board.
  17. Male looking for advice on first quilt for mother
  18. Help with rag quilt
  19. ? about batting
  20. Love this tip from American Patchwork Quilting.
  21. Help with embroidery stitch to "tie" quilt
  22. Walking foot and 1/4 seam
  23. Pattern Suggestions
  24. Looking for web site
  25. Warm Tater Batting??
  26. Joann fabri
  27. Anyone done any free motion embroidery?
  28. A question about the size of comforter for a wheelchair
  29. foundation vs paper
  30. Help with colour matching please
  31. Pfaff Quilt Artist software - opinions?
  32. Brother PQ 1500S
  33. What have you done lately to add a pretty touch to your workroom?
  34. Christmas Carolers
  35. Janome or Juki?
  36. Silly but functional idea-rotary cutter
  37. Can you help name this quilt?
  38. my awesome thrift store score!
  39. Marti Mitchell
  40. Using extra fabric from backing on the quit to do binding
  41. does anyone own a Janome DC1050?
  42. Machine quilting
  43. Printing Photos
  44. 2.5 inch squares
  45. help/suggestions needed.
  46. plaid in a quilt??
  47. Marking your quilts.
  48. First Ugly Quilt
  49. Quilt pro 6
  50. Crawling on all fours vs quilt as you go
  51. can I use flannel as my backing fabric
  52. Question for all you who do LA Quilting???
  53. Janome memory craft 8200 problems. Backing puckering?
  54. Help with Plush fabric
  55. Pot holder ideas wanted !!!
  56. National quilt day!
  57. Pantographs?
  58. Would like feedback about Viking Quilt Designer ll
  59. What sewing machines are compatible with Janome accessories?
  60. Do you stabilize your applique?
  61. Name of this Fabric?
  62. Longarm machine
  63. dnp question
  64. Non Mitered Corners on Binding
  65. Anyone in West Virginia?
  66. Help, please! Joining triangles into a strip.
  67. Using a binding foot??
  68. Cuttin' up!
  69. Question on making quilts for shows/contests/etc.
  70. Quilting designs to use with embroidery machine.
  71. Anyone tried this method of quilting on domestic machine?
  72. How long for computerized quilting?
  73. first try...
  74. Didn't plan ahead - need help now!
  75. Brother SQ9050 quilting foot challenge
  76. Fabric Preferences
  77. Searching for a possible pattern
  78. The Half-inch hex quilt top displayed 2-3 months ago
  79. Baby Blanket - remove selvages or not
  80. What's the best way to find a specific fabric?
  81. Wish I could keep up ...
  82. Question
  83. marking pen mishap
  84. Has anyone purchased/used Quilt-Pro design software?
  85. Ironing board cover
  86. Need help with a border on quilters cache.
  87. Quilt kit. Now what?
  88. Drinking wine really does help with quilting!
  89. EQ Software
  90. Alum. Foil replacing batting in doll quilts.
  91. Machine skipping stitches Please help!!
  92. To hand quilt with Perle or to send to longarmer?
  93. Scrappy "Big Block" quilts?
  94. Need help please with fabric
  95. Wedding ring/double wedding ring quilt
  96. Embroidery gals Help me embellish this art piece
  97. Quarter of an Inch
  98. rotary cutter and ruler combo
  99. help with hand quilting frame
  100. Large topstitch quilting........
  101. Explain or describe to me just what you consider Stitch in the Ditch.
  102. AccuQuilt vs. Sizzix
  103. Thread
  104. In search of pattern...
  105. Ruler question
  106. Off to Joann's!
  107. question about binding
  108. Husqvara Topaz
  109. T Shirt quilt question
  110. Finally made the plunge and started my first bed quilt!
  111. Hand applique rings
  112. What thread should I be using?
  113. Electric Seam Ripper
  114. Found this trick by accident
  115. My 2014 commitment
  116. Quilting thread broke after quilt was done.
  117. Project of the monh
  118. Trying something new
  119. New Hampshire state symbols
  120. Question on cutting dies?
  121. new toy
  122. Sun Bonnet sue, not the normal.
  123. Anyone have a older embroidery machine? Or The Amazing Box
  124. HELP!!!! To all Long Arm Quilters
  125. Who gets credit for design?
  126. Brother Sewing Machine Tension?
  127. Don't you love it when
  128. quilting dies made by Sissix
  129. Pot Holders
  130. If only it could be tax deductible!
  131. need advise for new machine
  132. cutting fabric
  133. Have you made a Metro Medallion quilt?
  134. How do you search quilters cache?
  135. Long Arm - Irregular shaped quilt
  136. new here
  137. Designing a quilt
  138. Suggestions for quilting this?
  139. Treasure hunt scores!
  140. My quilts aren't warm
  141. I am absolutely horrified
  142. Zakka
  143. stupid ??? re: jelly roll race
  144. UPDATE - Problem w/Hobbs Wool batting
  145. organ needles Sweet 16
  146. Handi Quilter Class
  147. pinwheels??
  148. APQS George Midarm?
  149. slidelock ruler question
  150. how do i fix this? cut bottom thread...
  151. June Tailor Ruler
  152. I'm getting a new machine! :)
  153. Need some inspiration
  154. Hello, I'm Michelle and I'm a quiltaholic!
  155. What's on your 2014 to-make list?
  156. What are your New Year resolutions that deal with quilting
  157. GO and Sizzix
  158. Bobbin work
  159. T-shirt quilt - any tips?
  160. How Much Quilting is Enough
  161. Hoop for hand quilting
  162. Mystery quilt 2014 Planet Patchwork
  163. Bernina Quilt Frame
  164. Block Sleuths...Name this block!
  165. Quilting design?
  166. Perfect fabric shopping experience!
  167. Annie's creative quilt club question
  168. Ideas for Small Projects
  169. Less Than 20 Days
  170. color help?
  171. Fons & Porter new series
  172. Digital Magazines
  173. Help please
  174. What's the difference??
  175. Royal Crown quilt
  176. I'm using all flannel for I believe the first time and need advice
  177. elmers glue (purple)
  178. 2" Squares
  179. Finish it up club?
  180. Baptist Fan
  181. Which way would you hang this...
  182. Big Sale Today!
  183. Folded coster pattern/tutorial??
  184. I'm trying to upsize my Omigosh quilt pattern and can't get the measurements right??
  185. pansy quilt pattern by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes
  186. "Wooden pressing bar" subsitute
  187. Which do you prefer.....
  188. Need help for very special project!
  189. working with Minkee
  190. Which is your favorite craftsy class?
  191. Help me name a quilt?
  192. What do you accept for animal bedding?
  193. Need surf song help please
  194. Such a helpful board
  195. ? about a dnp
  196. Think my machine just broke :(
  197. Pieces too small to keep
  198. question about digital magazines....
  199. Batik question.
  200. string quuilt block question
  201. EQ 5 design question
  202. Just Want To Say Thanks!!
  203. News Years Day means football which means.....
  204. T-shirt quilt . . . All suggestions readily accepted.
  205. How many ways to say UFO?
  206. What Your Quilts Say About You
  207. Challenge working with new fabric designs
  208. Quilt kits
  209. Too many white triangles.
  210. WOW a gift of Designer Fabric
  211. So do you know some one who owns cutters with dies?
  212. Need a better link to "fabric bowl nappies"
  213. Preparing for binding
  214. Yuma Az Quilt Show
  215. Appliqué question
  216. To add border or not to add border - that is the question. Thanks!
  217. Sunbonnet Sue quilt for Baby, I need help
  218. Best size for Hunter's Star
  219. Tote Pattern
  220. Need help in finding vegetable fabric
  221. Pfaff P3 + Inspira Frame - opinions quickly please
  222. Minky backed rag quilts
  223. "Cotton" Batting - What is it?
  224. Grace SR2 - Reviews?
  225. Which purse interfacing? Any interfacing for grocery type bags?
  226. WAHT? Pinning wrong for three years???
  227. Y Seams
  228. Presser feet - 1/4" guide?
  229. when is it good enough for you?
  230. Triangle Ruler Question
  231. Yellow Brick Road Pattern
  232. Buying Fabric
  233. If you only had room for one table
  234. Recommendation for a Good Sewing/Quilting Chair
  235. My First Quilt Top :)
  236. Quilt pattern for Morris Modernized
  237. There is a new longarm version on the market
  238. Setting Triangles???
  239. Longarm quilting
  240. Question: Birth
  241. Fabric Boxes with French Seams
  242. Quilt shops in San Francisco
  243. A good laugh
  244. How much fabric?
  245. question about piecing larger blocks together
  246. How Did You Quilt Your French Braid?
  247. New Year's Mystery?
  248. New purpose for nail file
  249. Pressing open
  250. Has anyone purchased..A quilters eye 2 for longarm machine?