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  1. Does anyone own the book "I Believe by Art to Heart Nancy Halvorsen"?
  2. Has anyone heard or used this thread?
  3. ideas please
  4. Would like your opinions please
  5. Quilt shops near Salisbury, MD
  6. Solids Frustration :(
  7. elmers glue
  8. aqua rail fence quilt
  9. Pressing quilt seams
  10. Ideas wanted - Christmas ornaments(??) from 2-1/2 strips
  11. I love thrift stores!
  12. Any quilting tips for someone with limited mobility in arms and shoulders?
  13. Marker Removal
  14. need help
  15. What to do with Pre-cut Squares?
  16. Longarm Question - How do you see matching thread?
  17. Help! Applique fusible or freezer paper? see post5 for new image
  18. Long Arm question - controlling fullness
  19. Trip Around the World.
  20. Hand binding to minkee and fleece question
  21. Eleanor Burns-Hard to follow?
  22. Input on Long Arm Quilting machines
  23. 505 Spray Adhesive
  24. nautical paper pieced block patterns
  25. Need your ideas for a small quilt....
  26. Extra Wide Binding question
  27. Anyone ever taken Emptyspools seminars?
  28. made this block --what is it's name ????
  29. Double Star quilt/block
  30. Quilting Quickly magazine
  31. New use for something old!!
  32. Are these blocks doomed?
  33. Mountain View Quilt Shoppe, Billings, MT
  34. Help...need quilt show stands
  35. Question about yo-yos
  36. Polyester vs. Cotton Batting
  37. quilt shop recommendations, SLO to Santa Barbara?
  38. Brother xr1355
  39. Quilting Quickly magazine - digital issue question
  40. What I don't like about variegated thread
  41. Well, I've gone and done it!
  42. Help with Heat n Bond Lite
  43. Virtual Quilt Next Weekend?
  44. I need help with paper piecing
  45. Falling Charms (MSQC) Question
  46. Donation wallhanging
  47. angler 2
  48. fake mitered corner
  49. Quilts on hand for selling?
  50. pattern suggestions please
  51. Janome AcuFil?
  52. Questions from a first time quilter - sweater quilt.
  53. Stupidity and a permanent marker
  54. Cleaning Vintage Blocks
  55. This Board is Money in the Fabric/Notions Bank!
  56. Has anyone retrofit a gammill with Quilt Magician
  57. Bobbin Holders
  58. ??? sizes for square in a square in a square
  59. how should I press the center
  60. need name of magazine
  61. Does anyone use the Quilters Creative Touch Software on their system?
  62. Enlarging Star Spin pattern
  63. How do you decide what to do with your fabric ?
  64. Basting a quilt cost ?
  65. Paper Pieced Backing
  66. Pre-cut Question
  67. Have you used silk batting?
  68. Help with sewing machine belt.
  69. I have lost my mind...
  70. Cat Quilt Block help!!
  71. How do you make your quilt labels?
  72. Can't remember how I made it
  73. How to kill time?
  74. You Called Me What Witch
  75. Buying a new machine, suggestions?
  76. Another question on tying quilts
  77. Yard sale find and question about some fabrics.
  78. Quiltmaker Magazine May/June 2012
  79. Needing Some Ideas!
  80. Took the plunge and bought a new machine!!
  81. Has anyone used the new product called InnFuse by Innovative-Crafts?
  82. bobbin thread popping up on quilt top
  83. Want to retro fit my longarm
  84. I'm not sure if I'm ready to take the I really not a beginner anymore??
  85. starch method of applique
  86. Go rag die
  87. binding for placemats
  88. Need some expert help PLEASE!!!!
  89. sock monkeys
  90. Dupioni Silk--back fabric?
  91. Fabric boxes
  92. Estimating thread useage? What would you do?
  93. Houston International Quilt Show
  94. do you use water soluble on top just for
  95. Help...Bleeding fabric?
  96. Cairns Australia quilt shows???
  97. Do you always use a lining in things like.......
  98. Help any quilting suggestions on this
  99. hand quilting.
  100. Quilt a dear friend - what to say
  101. Applique Iron
  102. Do i rip, or live with it?
  103. wider or thinner cross pieces in my D4P
  104. first time echo stitching...
  105. New Quilt Guild - what makes your meetings successful?
  106. male quilt
  107. Confusion about how to handle bulk of large quilt when machine quilting
  108. Fabric baskets - making fabric ties.
  109. Amie Potter Quilting
  110. Looking for a pattern.... pillow/blanket combo
  111. Fabric quality at chain stores
  112. First time quilter - please help
  113. New applique method?
  114. Source of 2GB flash drives
  115. Design Wall question....
  116. A mysterious Pattern
  117. Where to find a retractable 120" quilters tape
  118. Help with Centering Backing with Front of Quilt
  119. chenille quilt
  120. Varigated thread
  121. Janome Magnolia 7318 question
  122. Tear-away Question
  123. Sewing Table for Bernina 830
  124. Opinons on Arrow Sewing tables
  125. Missing Steam A Seam Lite
  126. Storm at much fabric
  127. Would Appreciate Machine Recommendations
  128. Thank-you for the posts on using Elmer's Washable School glue
  129. Jumbo Magna Hoop
  130. Finally got the Mid Arm working!
  131. Just got home from Pacific International quilt fest...weeee!
  132. Book Containing Tied Quilts written by two British ladies
  133. Quilting with Horizon Link
  134. Scissor Challenge!!!
  135. seam open - how do I repair this, please?
  136. Sewing Machine on sale at Costco
  137. Last minute Quilt along
  138. Shrinkage in Freezer paper
  139. Fusing PUL
  140. Freezer Paper Applique (FPA)
  141. convertible long-arm table?
  142. Can someone please tell me the name of this quilt pattern?
  143. Need help with a kenmore 158.12511
  144. Dylon SOS Color Run
  145. Chanukah is early!
  146. Need D9P Layout Opinions Please!
  147. Which direction?
  148. A question about my new Juki
  149. wonky flying geese - need help
  150. Pfaff power quilter p3 users
  151. Never Done A Quilt, Now I'm Trying One - Need Help!
  152. looking for tutorial or pattern for overnight bag
  153. A very new quilter needs advice
  154. DP9 in 1930's reproduction fabrics
  155. Different sized squares . . . How do I do sashing?
  156. Janome MC 11,000 SE experts. Would you buy the new 15,000?
  157. Stitches per inch...
  158. Would some show me pictures of some quilts using "nontypical" materials -- wool, etc
  159. Someone posted online great Moda Solids price source few weeks ago
  160. Buying fabric for borders
  161. Has anyone ever used the clover mini iron?
  162. What does FMQ mean?
  163. PLEASE HELP - Which stitch would you use???
  164. 2 questions: How do you store your batting? & on batting sizes.
  165. Need help please.
  166. Double batting question
  167. Looking for new small Christmas project ideas.
  168. Purchased glow in the dark thread. Need your input.
  169. What is this technique?
  170. polyester invisible thread
  171. Quilting on the cheap?
  172. thread differances causing tension problems
  173. scrappy quilts
  174. Dear Jane Help
  175. Retired Accuquilt Die - Elephant
  176. Free motion quilting with a vertical bobbin machine versus other
  177. HELP: Waves or Spirals?
  178. new picture for trains and trying to upload pictures
  179. Original Sewing and Quilt Expo
  180. Light-weight fusible grid interfacing
  181. Anyone Know this Company?
  182. good day today
  183. Washing Flannel
  184. Shops in Atlanta Ga.
  185. Help with first quilt
  186. Questions about Janome 6600
  187. Dragon Fly Quilt Ideas
  188. Vivian has arrived!
  189. How to tie this quilt
  190. A little "funny" for the ladies who use comic book boards for organizing fabric!
  191. Help with ruler.
  192. Need very fast QAYG bed quilt ideas, please
  193. Have I re-invented the wheel?
  194. Karen Stone Clamshell
  195. ScanNCut from Brother - Any one tried this yet?
  196. Juki 2000QI question
  197. Shortcuts before basics?.. 4 7/8 inch block
  198. Needle Turn Applique
  199. What is wrong!
  200. Making a finished quilt bigger...can this be done?
  201. formula to resize blocks?
  202. first fabric box
  203. diamond shapes
  204. Antique quilt
  205. Looking for info
  206. Lining up diagonal seams?
  207. Fabric with the Kansas state flag or Kansas state seal
  208. Looking for this pattern
  209. Need help finding a previously recommended site
  210. Mama's Log Cabin and The Sewing Basket--Do You Know If These are Still in Business??
  211. Advice for machine shopping
  212. It's not a bad problem to have...
  213. Quilters vinyl
  214. Looking for D9P layout ideas.
  215. Please Help me find a solution
  216. Washing school glue out problem
  217. Bobbin Backlash on HQ Sweet Sixteen...Help!
  218. When did you stop scribbling?
  219. is there a good needle to use when the back is minky?
  220. Should I change colors
  221. combine straight border with the last border having a mitered corner?
  222. Gorgeous table runner!!!
  223. new quilting room
  224. Is it okay to straight-line quilt in only one direction (diagonally only one dir)?
  225. Help finding Fabric with pink roses
  226. Do any of you have and use.....
  227. fabric bleeding?
  228. Guild for hand quilters
  229. I am so thrilled!
  230. EQ7 Help
  231. Table runner question
  232. Unknown Quilt Pattern
  233. odd directions for block-square in a square in a square, i think
  234. Totally Shocking new Quilt book !!
  235. What's with Kaffe Fassett?
  236. Has anyone ever seen ...
  237. Naming a sewing machine
  238. Block of the Month
  239. Quilt Crinkly Look after Washing
  240. 100% polyester fleece hotel blankets
  241. Reorganization follows super sale.!!!!RIGHT????
  242. Batting question
  243. How do I quilt this?
  244. Facebook retailers
  245. Cotton appliqued onto flannel
  246. Extension Sewing tables
  247. New quilter
  248. Just signed up ...
  249. Truecut ruler & My Comfort Cutter
  250. Pattern name?