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  1. Help me decide on quilting thread
  2. Just inherited a Janome L-392
  3. Stablizing all over fmq?
  4. msq........cutting mat
  5. is a Janome Memory Craft 9000 worth it??
  6. Table top iron cover
  7. organizing paper pantographs
  8. Phillips Fiber Arts 10* wedge ruler
  9. If this is mounted Wrong, please let me know
  10. Sad - Time for a service and repair.
  11. Pinmoors or not
  12. Need helpful hints for a Winding Ways block
  13. Discard UFOs?
  14. how to quilt a shadow box quilt
  15. Kits from Craftsy
  16. Quilt of Valor
  17. Insulbrite Question
  18. How to make a quilting line template
  19. warm & natural bating ? quick!
  20. Quilting flannel without batting
  21. simple quilt labels
  22. light in the valley bargello?
  23. Need suggestions on Manly quilt patterns
  24. Hubby upped the $$ for long arm, and now I'm more afraid to buy ??
  25. Juki machines
  26. Best machine-binding technique?
  27. Beginning binding
  28. Need help with determining square size
  29. Martinelli ?
  30. Paper Piece Storm at Sea cutting out fabric
  31. I messed up....
  32. scrappy wedding ring quilt
  33. Foot pedal stabilizer...
  34. 80 year old Quilt
  35. Big stitches
  36. How wide should a ruffle be if the border on the quilt is 4 inches?
  37. Hinterberg roller length
  38. Folded wreath question
  39. Info needed for making @ 100+ HST
  40. New Hand Quilting Method
  41. Ideas needed ....
  42. I took the plunge...
  43. Favorite ruler/ tool for strip cutting
  44. I know this a really dumb question, but I've not used my machine yet
  45. Looking at Gammill but limited space
  46. Quilt in a day
  47. Pool Noodle
  48. In search of ideas..
  49. New Quilter, New Crown Jewel w/Pearl Frame thread ?
  50. Connecting Threads Chambray fabric????
  51. Please Help Identify This Block
  52. HQ Simply Sixteen with Little foot long arm machine questions
  53. What will you be doing?
  54. remember Quilt Trends magazine?
  55. Rulers for Free motion quilting on sewing machine
  56. Experience with Winline wool batting
  57. Online Fabric Stores
  58. mug rug ideas please - for a fundraiser
  59. Need help finding a picture posted in QB a few weeks ago.
  60. Moda Bella Printable Fabric
  61. Hand Piecing?
  62. Question - a true quilter?
  63. Alphabet font info needed.
  64. Help needed with layout
  65. Need help on quilting blocks
  66. Disappointed in my quilting.
  67. hand written quilt labels
  68. Help! Storage ideas needed
  69. Silk scrapps
  70. Need quilting ideas - Giraffe
  71. Have any of you seen such a thing?
  72. Quilting with Quilter's Choice Professional on Hinterberg frame
  73. Quilt pattern help please
  74. Help me out???
  75. Searching for quilt pattern
  76. Question and advice on quilt-writing
  77. Advice needed for binding on old quilts
  78. Needle threader jammed.
  79. Quilters Dream Poly batting
  80. Re: Large appliques stuffed
  81. Need border advice
  82. Bernina BSR and getting practice!
  83. Looking for #3 DMC pearl cotton....
  84. Fabric Strategy Advice
  85. Beautiful Journey
  86. ideas needed
  87. Best stabilizer
  88. Oops
  89. Wisdom from longarmers?
  90. Light Weight Batting Suggestions
  91. Creative quilt labels?
  92. Orphan blocks background?
  93. No pressure on presser feet
  94. Large appliques "stuffed" does anyone know?
  95. First Quilt Show
  96. I did not my machine did that!
  97. Hexie measurement
  98. Need a Little Help from my Friends--Part II
  99. help with fold and wreath, please
  100. Making a Hand-quilted baby quilt
  101. ?? about Stitch and Tear stabilizer
  102. Grace Frame Question
  103. Has anyone ever used Fleece as Batting?
  104. Which batting size to use for an odd-sized quilt top?
  105. pattern frustrations
  106. Looking for ideas on a Red/White Checkerboard quilt pattern
  107. Quilting with 2-threads again????
  108. Machine sewn binding...
  109. Quilt top stash
  110. Craftsy classes?
  111. I never win BUT !!!! this time I did
  112. batting fuzz transfered to top of quilt
  113. Lemoyne star , which border looks best
  114. fold and stitch wreath
  115. Curved Log Cabin made for fund raiser- Question Update post #18
  116. Knee lifter for Bernina 930 Record Electronic
  117. Squaring up 108" backing
  118. Glue basting
  119. Pressing seam open on a dowel rod?
  120. Pieced Backing Help
  121. Triangle Frenzy size?
  122. Travel Iron
  123. Need a little help from my friends
  124. How to design the corners of a "Piano Key" border?
  125. Oh I wish I had learned quilting before geometry! Help needed.
  126. My childhood quilt
  127. Fair price for Pfaff 1467?
  128. Are there any memory quilts with photo blocks here?
  129. Bindings
  130. Quilt Label
  131. How Would You Quilt This?
  132. Half Diamond for Lonestar
  133. How Strict?
  134. quilting for warm wishes frame block?
  135. More than one project
  136. Aurifil thread
  137. Juki DX2000QVP -- does anyone have any reviews on this machine.
  138. looking for fabric
  139. Needle to Use With King Tut Thread
  140. Problems with Embroidery - Machine
  141. Looking for pattern: Rose Garden
  142. Eq 7
  143. Threaded bobbin?
  144. Suggestions on Quilting Pattern
  145. choosing fabric for next project
  146. Ever NOT been able to 'relate' to a machine??
  147. Fabric for coloring?
  148. Quick quilt need help quilting?
  149. quilting website
  150. Have you ever make a top you just don't like?
  151. Storing fabric
  152. Double sided t-shirt quilt
  153. Do I need to quilt this?
  154. Unquilting
  155. I Think I'm Better at Hand Quilting
  156. Kansas City Quilt Shops?
  157. Does my sampler need some color
  158. How Do You Organize Your Books????
  159. Eileen Wright's Glacier Bay
  160. Preparing Backing Fabric
  161. Help to print off paper pieced pattern
  162. Quilt restorers
  163. Batting
  164. Folded Corner Clipper
  165. Keeping fabric on grain when starching
  166. Need help finding pattern
  167. FMQ question
  168. Pressing vertical seams
  169. Speaking of s/m trouble.....
  170. Opinions on Grace Frams
  171. looking for a post
  172. Still having feed dog issue
  173. Applique help needed....
  174. Tension
  175. keeping my quilt top from puckering
  176. Flynn Improved Multi Function Frame System
  177. Tee shirt quilt top
  178. line tamer ruler
  179. Hand Piecing Supply Suggestions
  180. need ideas
  181. Quilt room overhaul..
  182. What is the name of this block, please!
  183. Flannel Squares sashed with quilting cotton...Good or Bad idea?
  184. HST question
  185. Quilt Appraisal Surprise
  186. Quilting on a small machine.
  187. Yikes! Has this ever happened to you?
  188. Tips on cutting selvage
  189. Pfaff Quilt Expressions 4.2
  190. To rip or to not rip
  191. Any new great products in the last 2 1/2 years come out?
  192. Quilting pattern for outside the box quilt
  193. Rag quilts
  194. Stitch length
  195. cleaning cutting mat
  196. Love It
  197. help
  198. Quilting Ideas
  199. does anyone recognize this quilt/pattern?
  200. Bernina 1080???
  201. I conquered something new today!
  202. Workshops & Quilting Classes
  203. Mix denim and flannel in rag quilt?
  204. More than a bit concerned
  205. computer generated fabric prints
  206. Bobbin storage
  207. Is It Obsession?
  208. Janome Machine Question
  209. help spots on white quilted top
  210. Looking for Pattern
  211. Im not sure of 2 pictures, but I'll post any how & bought a new sewing machine
  212. Am I the only one who doesn't like Bloc Loc rulers?
  213. Square Up Ruler
  214. Inspira Quilt Frame and Pfaff Hobby 1200 GrandQuilter
  215. Hinterberg Original or Grace SR-2
  216. Which batting is the thickest? Am looking for a roll, not packages.
  217. Hanging wall quilts
  218. Need a quick answer
  219. Talking of new machines
  220. Oh, dear. It's a mess!
  221. Quilt Shops Vancouver
  222. What domestic sewing machine has the largest throat?
  223. Virtual Quilting Weekend -- March 3 to March 6, 2016
  224. Going to Paducah what's not to Miss
  225. Long Arm Choice
  226. Should I or Shouldn't I
  227. Handiquilter HQ Simply 16 Sixteen & Little Foot Frame
  228. I just discovered the quilt pieces I have been working on have broken stitches!
  229. lone star question
  230. I think I want a new machine....
  231. Quilter's Cut'n Press II
  232. Math will be the death of me...
  233. Question about mailing quilts ?
  234. Mitered Corner question
  235. piecing thread color
  236. Quilt shops in Oregon
  237. How would you describe an I Spy Quilt?
  238. baby chair sling
  239. Where to different fabric collections
  240. Want opinions of Red Snappers for your long arm
  241. Quilt Shops Near Yuba City, CA
  242. going to Washington DC
  243. Perspective and opinions please
  244. Help Grand daughter is making baby quilt for friend..Shower is Sunday.
  245. Help---Need an idea
  246. Need Ideas
  247. Bobbin Winding - push-pull vs auto-declutch
  248. Fireman logo
  249. Help choose a pattern for these fabrics
  250. Phoenix quilt shops